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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1646 by

Chapter 1646

Avery put down his mobile phone and went back to the bed to lie down.

Her mind was in chaos. She didn’t expect that Elliot promised her that he would not want the child, but in private, his best friend was trying to find a way to have the child.

It’s just a pity that Rebecca refused to give the child to Ben Schaffer.

She doesn’t know if Elliot wants a child and Rebecca will give it. In her heart, like a needle pierced, there was a dense pain.

She thought that she and Elliot had overcome all difficulties. In the future, if the husband and wife are of one mind, no difficulty will be able to stop them.

Unexpectedly, everything good is just an illusion. The two of them have different dreams in the same bed.

Avery fell asleep.

She opened her eyes and looked out the window. She didn’t know how long it took. The dark night like thick ink seemed to be mixed with water, and it melted and faded little by little until it turned white.

Her eyes were sore, and the pain in her heart did not ease in the slightest. She closed her eyes and forced herself to fall asleep as quickly as possible.

At 7:00 in the morning, Elliot woke up.

His conditioned reflex glanced at Avery. She slept soundly, and she was probably too tired yesterday.

Elliot picked up the phone and saw the message from Ben Schaffer.

Ben Schaffer: [I tested Rebecca just now, and I asked her if she could take Haze with me, so that she could start a new life in the future, my good fellow, she was blown away!]

Half an hour after this message, Ben Schaffer sent several more messages.

Ben Schaffer: [When I asked her to be with Lorenzo, not only did she not listen, but she felt that I had insulted her. She just kicked me out of her house. I am now ready to go to the airport and go home]

Ben Schaffer: [By the way, I forgot to tell you that after I came here, I originally booked a hotel, but Rebecca kept me at her house so that I could see Haze. You never know how cute Haze is! If I didn’t say that this child was born by Rebecca, I would have thought it was your and Avery’s child. Really f*cking like Layla! I took a lot of photos of Haze, and I will show you when I return home.]

The latter two messages were sent later, so Avery didn’t see them.

After Elliot read the message he sent, he glanced at Avery.

Ben Schaffer said that Haze is like his and Avery’s child, if this child is really his and Avery’s child… that’s great!

Then there will be no contradiction.

It is a pity that God did not wish.

Elliot got out of bed and went to wash. When he went downstairs to finish breakfast and came up again, Avery was still sleeping. And slept very deeply.

He reached out and touched her cheek, which was soft, warm, and nice to the touch.

Her body temperature was normal and her breathing was normal, just didn’t know why she was still sleeping.

–She usually wakes up with him.

–Did she not sleep last night?

After Elliot changed his clothes, he sat down beside the bed, not in a hurry to go out.

About half an hour later, Avery turned over, Elliot glanced at the time, it was almost 9 o’clock.

So Elliot tried calling her out.

Avery heard the sound and opened her eyes immediately.

Elliot said, “Avery, didn’t you sleep last night? Did you wake up at night?”

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