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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1641 by

Chapter 1641

Elliot hasn’t ended the video call yet.

Rebecca was even more certain that Elliot had feelings for Haze and had deep feelings.

This bond of flesh and blood couldn’t be stopped by anyone.

“Elliot, I didn’t mean it just now. I won’t lose control like this in the future. I will take good care of Haze and bring her up.” Rebecca assured him.

“It’s very late, put her to bed!” After Elliot finished speaking, he hung up the video call. He clutched the phone tightly, in a mess.

Before looking at the photos alone, it was not so intuitive and strong impact. When he saw Haze in the video, her frowns and movements attracted his attention and easily tugged at his heartstrings.

If it wasn’t for reason to stop him, when he saw Haze crying just now, he would have wanted to fly to her side immediately and carry her back.

There was a knock on the office door, pulling his sanity back to reality.

Chad pushed the door open and put a cup of coffee on his table, “Boss, are you okay?”

“Shea is pregnant.” Elliot picked up the coffee cup and took a sip, “I don’t want to kill it, I have to give birth.”

Chad’s face changed greatly: “Why is Shea like this? Wesley also… How can he be so careless?”

Elliot gritted his teeth: “Wesley followed her in everything!”

“…Yes. If Wesley treated her badly, how could shea be willing to leave your side.” Chad Sighing, “What should I do? I can’t really let her give birth to the baby, right?”

“She won’t listen to me.” Elliot felt a throbbing pain in his heart at the thought of Shea crying and asking him to treat her as a normal person. ” Avery is persuading her.”

“Then let Avery persuade her.! I’m afraid she can’t bear your temper.” Chad said here, the conversation changed, “Brother Ben is going to Yonroeville?”

“Well.” Elliot’s expression darkened, “Ben is very Sympathy for Rebecca and that child.”

“It’s understandable that he sympathizes with that child, but why should he sympathize with Rebecca?” Chad was greatly puzzled, “Isn’t Brother Ben so unclear?”

Elliot did not expect Ben Schaffer will do this.

“Then how do you explain that he lives in Rebecca’s house? Is there no hotel in Yonroeville?”

Chad was surprised: “He lives in Rebecca’s house?! He is crazy, what the h-e-l-l is he thinking? Shouldn’t he think that Gwen doesn’t look down on him and is ordered by Avery? Otherwise, why would he stand on Rebecca’s side?”

Elliot: “It’s not as complicated as you think. He advised Rebecca not to come to me and persuaded Rebecca to change the child’s surname.”

“Oh…it scared me to death. I thought he was going to be with Rebecca and against us!” Chad breathed a sigh of relief.

Elliot: “It’s not.”

“Well. It should be late at night on his side. I’ll call him when it’s dawn on his side and ask him to come back as soon as possible. Otherwise, I’m really worried about what Rebecca will do to him.” Chad said.

Elliot: “Rebecca needs Ben to help her, so he won’t be in danger.”

Chad coughed lightly: “I’m worried that Rebecca will use a beauty trick on Brother Ben.”

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  1. Your translations are good but I with that the he and her and she and him was better you often mix up the two you call Avery him or he when it should Always be she or her.

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