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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1637 by

Chapter 1637

“Brother Wesley, what’s going on? Why is Shea pregnant?” Avery stood in front of Elliot and asked Wesley.

“Avery, it was me… I did it on purpose.” Shea cried with red eyes and her voice was intermittent, “I want children… I see you have children, I am very envious. ……So I…”

Shea said here, crying out of breath, and the words that followed were stuck in her mouth and couldn’t come out.

Wesley stretched out his hand to pat her on the back, and by the way continued her words: “She didn’t know where to learn the method, but she punctured the condom.”

Avery was silent.

Shea actually did such a bold thing. She clearly knew that she was weak and it was best not to have children.

Elliot reminded her, and Avery also reminded her.

And when they reminded her, their attitude was very serious.

Shea promised well at the time, but behind the scenes, she did such a thing!

“Where did you learn it?” Elliot clenched his fists and roared furiously, “Who taught you to do this?!”

“No… no one taught… I have it on my phone. Look…” Shea hugged Wesley’s arm and looked at Elliot with a look of fear, “Brother, I’m sorry…I’m not obedient again…but I’m really sorry. I want to give birth to a child for Wesley…”

“No!” Elliot interrupted her, “Before the child is formed, hurry up and destroy it. This will do the least damage to you.”

Shea tears, Immediately burst the embankment.

Wesley wiped her tears with a tissue and comforted her: “Shea, listen to your brother. This time it’s my fault. When you knock the child off, I’ll tie it up.”

Elliot accused, “You shouldn’t have a relationship with her at all. I didn’t agree with the two of you at the beginning, because I was worried about this! Wesley, you can’t take care of Shea at all!”

Facing Elliot’s accusation, Wesley was Silent.

For Shea to be pregnant, he felt guilty and deserved death and was to blame.

“Elliot, don’t blame Brother Wesley. Brother Wesley definitely doesn’t want Shea to get pregnant.” Avery immediately spoke to ease the atmosphere when she saw the conflict intensifying.

“If he doesn’t want Shea to get pregnant, in addition to not having s-e-x with Shea, he can get sterilized before having s-e-x! But he didn’t do that! Even if he wears a condom, there is a risk of unintended pregnancy. I really see it. He doesn’t have the sincerity to take good care of Shea.” Elliot looked at Avery and raised his doubts.

“Elliot, just let Shea kill the child. Don’t make such a big fire. You scared Shea.” Avery glanced at Shea.

Shea crying eyes were swollen. Avery hasn’t seen her so sad in a long time.

“Okay, I’m not angry.” Elliot rolled his Adam’s apple up and down, and looked at Shea with sharp eyes, “Shea, I’ll take you to the hospital. After the operation, you can go home with me. This matter is nothing to do with it.”

Hearing the words, Shea immediately hugged Wesley’s body, unwilling to go to the hospital with Elliot, and unwilling to separate from Wesley.

Wesley didn’t have the confidence to confront Elliot. He really didn’t take good care of Shea, so it was the best choice for Shea to return to Elliot.

Wesley: “Shea, listen to your brother.”

“Don’t… Wesley, you’re not wrong… I don’t want my brother to blame you.” Shea cried, got off the sofa and walked to Avery, “Avery, please help me and Wesley! I don’t want to kill the child, and I don’t want to be separated from Wesley. I love Wesley, and Wesley also loves me.”

“Shea, don’t cry.” Avery took a tissue to wipe her tears gently, and said softly, word by word, “Your body is not suitable for having children. You may not be able to have children by then, and you will lose your life. Don’t gamble. There is only one life, and if you lose the bet, you will have nothing.”

Shea thought about these words seriously and said, “In the end, she made up her mind and said, “I still want to give birth to this baby. Avery, can I live according to my own ideas like a normal person… If I die accidentally, I won’t regret it either.”

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