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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1634 by

Chapter 1634

Ben Schaffer recovered from the shock.

“Rebecca, Layla looks like Avery, not Elliot.”

“I’ve seen photos of Layla, and I think Layla also looks like Elliot otherwise, how would you explain it? Elliot’s child and I look like Layla?” Rebecca argued with him.

Ben Schaffer was speechless when Rebecca questioned him.

He didn’t know how to answer, and he couldn’t explain it.

“The doctor said that the child may become more and more like me when he grows up.” Rebecca continued, seeing that he did not speak, “I don’t want her to look like me. I hope she can look like Elliot.”

“Rebecca, the name I gave your child… Why don’t you change it?” Ben Schaffer’s eyes fell on Rebecca, “I came here this time not only to visit the child, but also to tell you Elliot’s thoughts.”

Rebecca quietly waited for him to say the following words.

“Elliot won’t recognize this child. He don’t want this child to have his surname. So you can change the child’s surname to Jobin.” Ben Schaffer looked at her, “Hazel Jobin, it sounds very nice.”

Rebecca’s eyes were slightly red: ” Do you have to change it?”

Ben Schaffer said, “I suggest you to change it. If you choose to give this child the surname Foster, believe me, Elliot will only hate her more. If her surname is yours, Elliot may not hate her so much. Because of this incident a few days ago, he was very unhappy. I showed him the pictures of the child, and he also knew that the child looked like Layla, but this will not change the fact that he will be loyal to Avery and his marriage. “

Rebecca felt like she had been beaten by frost, and her whole body wilted.

“He won’t come here to see me and the child… If I take the child to Aryadelle to find him.”

“Don’t do this.” Ben Schaffer continued to persuade her, “At least not now. Until his relationship with Avery changes, he will never see you and Haze. If you insist on doing your best, only you and your children will be hurt. “

“I see.” Rebecca had tears in her eyes, “Ben Schaffer, when are you going to leave?”

“I don’t know. But I won’t stay here for long.” Ben Schaffer replied.

“Can you stay here for a few more days? Spend more time with Haze? I feel like you’re gone this time, and you’ll never come again.” Rebecca choked, “Maybe I gave birth to Haze, just one Wrong.”

Seeing her so pessimistic and painful, Ben Schaffer couldn’t bear it and said, “I’ll stay for three days at most.”

“Thank you. Can you stay at my house? After my father died, I was the only one at home. I often feel like a dream.” Rebecca and the child now lived in the house where Kyrie lived before.

Ben Schaffer looked around.

In this house, in addition to Rebecca and Haze, there were several nanny and bodyguards. He’s not too embarrassed to live here. In addition, he came here to see Haze, so living here makes it more convenient to see Haze.

Ben: “That’s bothering me.”

“Why bother? It would be great if you could come to see Haze every year.” Rebecca said gratefully.

“As long as you don’t mess around, I can come to see you every year.” Ben Schaffer’s eyes fell on Haze’s face and couldn’t help but praise, “Haze is so cute. As cute as Layla.”



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  1. They are all stupid, however, if you had no idea that the baby could come from the womb of a dr without her knowing , you would NEVER suspect that. So they aren’t stupid , they are not master criminal so the thought probably never even crossed their mind. Even Avery didn’t know she was pregnant

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