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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1632 by

Chapter 1632

Avery was startled by these remarks.

“Elliot, I never thought of asking you to kill that child. Whether it was before or now, I have never had such an idea. I will not let you kill.” Avery held him tightly with both hands.

“I know you won’t force me like this…” Elliot’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, looking at her with scarlet eyes, “Avery, I’m willing to do anything for you, because I know you love me a long time ago better than anything else.”

“Of course. Elliot, I couldn’t think of it this morning. I always knew in my heart that she would give birth to a child, raise her child, and come to you. I will accept it tomorrow. All this, I shouldn’t be angry again and again for this.” Avery whispered.

Elliot: “Avery, thank you for forgiving me.”

Avery said firmly, “Elliot, don’t thank you. Because you are forgiving me as well. No one can separate us, I want to be with you in my life, and I will die. I want to be buried with you.”

“Me too.” Elliot said emotionally, wrapping her arms tightly in his arms.


11 o’clock at night.

Haze let out a sheep-like cry.

Rebecca woke up from a light sleep.

“Miss, go to sleep, I’ll make her milk powder.” The nanny in charge of taking care of Haze said softly.

Rebecca reached out and rubbed her eyes: “Come on! I want to take good care of Haze. Whether I can see Elliot again in the future depends on this little guy.”

Rebecca got out of bed and took the bottle from the table and was cleaning.

The nanny: “Miss, you are so burdened for this child. Elliot can’t see it. Even if he does, he won’t feel sorry for you.”

Rebecca froze for a moment.

After sterilizing the bottle, she skillfully prepares the milk for the child.

“I have never been loved by Elliot, so I have never felt what true love is like. The reason why I hope he can come back to me is because this is the only good man I can possibly catch.” Rebecca said willingly, “Only a good man like Elliot is worthy of me.”

The nanny sighed: “What about Lorenzo? Lorenzo is also very good. These days when you gave birth, he has been taking care of you and your child with all his heart. “

Rebecca said disdainfully, “He’s far from good enough. If it wasn’t for everything our Jobin family gave him, he would be just an orphan. He doesn’t deserve to be compared with Elliot.”

The nanny: “But Elliot’s background is not good. I heard that he is not the real young master of the Foster family. His biological parents are just low-class people.”

These words deeply stimulated Rebecca.

“His biological parents are lowly, what does it have to do with him?” Rebecca hugged Haze, while nursing the child and refuting the nanny, “He entered the Foster family at a very young age and received the best education since he was a child. The noble temperament on his body can be seen at a glance. He is different from ordinary people.”

The nanny said, “Okay, miss, since you say so, then you should let Lorenzo give up! Otherwise, he has been fantasizing…I talked to him and he said he doesn’t mind taking care of Haze with you.”

Rebecca sarcastically said, “Hehe, he doesn’t mind me, I mind him. But I Reject him directly. Dad is gone, I need him to help me with things. He’d better stay by my side all his life and be a cow and a horse for me. Although he is not a good husband, he is definitely a good man.”

Nanny: ” Miss, if you let Lorenzo know about your thoughts, he will definitely be sad.”

“If you don’t tell me, I won’t tell him, how would he know. I’ll definitely give him a little sweetness occasionally…” After watching the child finish the milk, Rebecca handed Haze to the nanny, “It’s up to you to bring it. I can’t make myself a yellow-faced woman because of this little thing.”

The nanny took Haze and planned to take her out.

“I still have hope.” Rebecca couldn’t help showing off, “Ben Schaffer said to come to see me for a while.”

The nanny said unexpectedly, “Really? That must be Elliot who asked him to come, right?”

“Yes, I thought so too. Although I asked him, he said no. If Elliot hadn’t asked him to come, why would he have come all the way to see me and Haze? So we have to take care of Haze. She is my only bargaining chip.” Rebecca said.

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  1. Lorenzo is going to tell Elliot the true identity of the baby when he truly finds out how Rebecca feels about him.

    1. I hope so Erica R… Lorenzo is such a lovely man but Rebecca is worse than a sl*t . She doesn’t even deserve Lorenzo. She’s unworthy!

  2. How can Rebecca be coveting another woman’s husband? So she thinks that Elliot will abandon 3 children and run to her and her child because her child is made of gold. Let’s see how that will happen. The child is her bargaining chip she said. Hmmmmmmm!

  3. I hope so Erica R… Lorenzo is such a lovely man but Rebecca is worse than a sl*t . She doesn’t even deserve Lorenzo. She’s unworthy!

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