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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1630 by

Chapter 1630

“Avery changed her face with me because I named my child ‘Foster’. I guess she won’t consider me a friend in the future.” Ben said. Avery’s angry face appeared in Ben Schaffer’s mind.

Elliot couldn’t take this sentence. When he came out of Ben Schaffer’s room, his body was as uncomfortable as a fire.

It feels like everything is wrong.

The hurt never stops. Apart from this time, there will be countless times in the future…

“Elliot! What are you doing here?” Mike came out of the bathroom and saw Elliot’s lost soul, puzzled, “Shea is married, are you reluctant? Can’t you? Are you so sentimental?”

Elliot pushed his arm away: “Avery looked bad just now, tell me that her stomach is uncomfortable, she is lying to me. If I tell you, it is because I am reluctant to cry. Shea is getting married, and I’m lying to you.”

The relaxed expression on Mike’s face dissipated, and he asked solemnly: “What happened to the two of you? Today is the day when Shea and Wesley are overjoyed, can you not be so disappointing? Aren’t you afraid that you will ruin Shea’s wedding and make Shea unhappy in the future?”

Elliot frowned: “What nonsense are you talking about? No matter what happens to Avery and I, Shea will definitely be happy. Yes!”

Mike realized his crow’s mouth, and immediately patted his mouth: “I’m talking nonsense! Didn’t I want you not to lose that face? What about Avery? At lunch, she was fine. “

“She pretended.” Elliot didn’t take Mike as an outsider, “She’s acting is getting better and better.”

“Oh, isn’t she afraid of affecting everyone’s mood? I don’t even act like you.” Mike teased him, “Tell me, what happened to the two of you?”

“We’re both fine.” Elliot walked to the bar and took a glass of champagne, “If I have anything to do with her, I will only have that matter.”

Elliot didn’t say it clearly, but Mike understood.

“Rebecca is here? Or did she find Avery?” Mike also took a glass of champagne and gently shook the liquid in the glass.

“Rebecca didn’t look for me or Avery, she went to Ben Schaffer.” Elliot took a sip of wine and said in a low voice, “She gave birth.”

“Oh.” Mike’s face was ashen, and his voice became colder. “Do you really want that child?”

“Can you have some brains?” Elliot scolded coldly.

“Since you don’t want that child, and you don’t want that child to affect your relationship with Avery, why don’t you get rid of that child?” Mike’s voice turned cold and evil, “Rebecca is not a good person, You are not a good person either, you either kill that child or Rebecca, and then send that child to a place where no one can find it, so that you will have no worries.”

Elliot was shocked by his remarks and was speechless.

“Why are you staring at me like that? Elliot, don’t you think I’m vicious?” Mike sneered, “Because that child is your own flesh and blood, so you have the heart to keep this shame and keep her. It will hurt Avery and your three children for a lifetime! You are such a good husband and father!”

“It was a mistake for you to let this child be born.” Seeing that Elliot was speechless for a long time, Mike continued, “Of course Now that you are determined to change, there is still a chance! If you can’t bear to do it, do you want me to find someone to do it?”

“Don’t be impulsive!” Elliot put the wine glass on the marble table again, “Did you know that what are you talking about? Are you drinking too much?! Let’s talk when you wake up!”

“I’m not f*cking drunk! I’m not drunk!” Mike touched the bottle of champagne in front of him with a wine glass. The glass made a crisp sound, “After drinking this bottle, I won’t get drunk!”

Mike’s voice was too loud, which successfully attracted Chad.

“What are you yelling at? So loud!” Chad dragged Mike away from Elliot’s close range, “Drinking a little wine and going crazy! Shame on you.”

Mike threw the wine glass on the bar and pushed Chad away: “I didn’t Drunk! I can’t get used to Elliot’s coward! He’s not a man. He’s not a thing. I think he’s been upset for a long time! I…”

Mike’s shouting attracted many guests to watch.

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  1. This Mike is really something! Must he always insult Elliot in front of people whether they are visitors or friends? If Elliot kills that child then Xander’s email eventually surfaced he’ll be guilty for the rest of his life.
    The way they talk about killing is like they don’t have value for human life.

    1. Gracious, you’re absolutely right! It’s disgusting how they don’t think about human life at all. Mike needs to be punched in the head and then Avery NEEDS to tell him to shut up and mind his own business.

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