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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1628 by

Chapter 1628

“Avery, have you been in the bathroom?” Elliot strode up to her and grabbed her arm, “Layla said she couldn’t find you anywhere, she was about to cry.”

Avery saw his worried appearance that it re-established his love for her.

“My stomach is not feeling well. Where’s my daughter?” Avery was in the bathroom just now, completely forgetting the time.

“Layla sprained her foot when she was looking for you, and she’s staying in her room now.” Elliot took Avery to see her daughter and also questioned, “Why is your stomach suddenly uncomfortable?”

“I suspect that I have eaten spicy food at noon. My stomach may not be able to handle it.” Avery casually said, “Is Layla’s foot injury serious?”

“The doctor has seen it and said it’s fine.” Elliot said, and asked, “Would you like to take some medicine?”

“No. I’ll just eat lightly at night. Okay.” Avery was thinking about her daughter, “Why didn’t she call me when she was looking for me?”

“You didn’t bring your cell phone.” Elliot took out her cell phone from his pocket, “Daughter is looking for you everywhere with your cell phone. It’s because you didn’t bring your mobile phone that your daughter was in a hurry.”

Avery blamed herself even more: “I originally went to the lobby to chat with Gwen and Adrian, but I ended up having a stomachache, so I went to the bathroom.”

The two came to the guest room .

Layla’s ankle was rubbed with medicine, and the room smelled of medicine.

“Layla, mom didn’t know you were looking for me. Does your foot hurt? Mom’ll take a look.” Avery strode up to her daughter, squatted down, and looked at her daughter’s injury.

“Mom, I don’t have that much pain anymore.” Layla’s eyes were red and she was crying, “I thought you were taken by the bad guys.”

“How could Mom be taken by the bad guys? There are so many security guards in the banquet hall, the bad guys can’t come in.” Avery saw that her daughter’s feet were a little red, but not swollen, so she felt a little relieved.

“Layla, your mom was in the bathroom just now, and her stomach is not feeling well.” Elliot looked at his daughter’s pitiful appearance and was very distressed.

But for some reason, looking at Layla’s face, he couldn’t help thinking of the newborn child.

That kid looked a lot like Layla when she was a kid.

This also broke the assumption that the color Doppler photos sent by Rebecca were PS.

“Mom, take your phone wherever you go! That way I can call you when I can’t find you.” Layla frowned and muttered.

“Well, your mom will definitely bring her cell phone in the future. Are you sleepy? Will mom sleep with you?” Avery was a little tired, but she couldn’t fall asleep.

She wanted to lie still.

After the mother and daughter lay down, Elliot exited the room.

Avery’s hand gently patted her daughter’s back.

After a while, Layla’s voice came softly: “Mom, I can’t sleep.”

Avery: “Baby, why can’t you sleep?”

“I don’t know, I just can’t sleep.” Layla rolled over and said while looking at Avery, “Mom, I don’t want to marry in the future. Aunt Shea originally lived at my father’s house, but she will live at Uncle Wesley’s house in the future. I don’t want to live in someone else’s house in the future.”

Avery couldn’t help laughing: ” Aunty Shea and your Uncle Wesley live alone outside.”

“I don’t want to be separated from you. I want to be with you forever.” Layla pouted and looked aggrieved.

“Of course you want to live with us now. Whether or not you want to marry in the future will be discussed when you grow up? Mom and dad will definitely listen to you.” Avery’s voice was as gentle as the wind.

Layla was relieved.

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