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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1625 by

Chapter 1625

“Don’t belittle yourself. Your meaning to him is different from other people’s.” Avery thought of a suitable metaphor when she said this, “You two are not brothers, you are better than brothers.”

Avery’s gentle eyebrows and friendly voice made Ben Schaffer feel a little uneasy.

“You’re right. I have a strong relationship with him. So I can tell you for sure that he has only you in his heart from beginning to end, and he only wants to grow old with you in the future.”

Avery didn’t understand why Elliot suddenly said these words. His words reminded her of Rebecca.

Today is May 1st, Rebecca’s child, even if the child hasn’t been born yet, should be born soon.

Seeing Avery’s darkened eyes, Ben Schaffer asked with a guilty conscience, “What are you thinking?”

“I don’t know if Rebecca has given birth.” Her voice was as low as a mosquito.

But Ben Schaffer heard it really. As if possessed by a demon, he naturally took her words: “Rebecca gave birth to a child and it’s a girl.”

Avery didn’t expect to get this definite answer from Ben Schaffer’s mouth.

All of a sudden, the wandering thoughts all returned to their places. She looked at Ben Schaffer in shock and asked, “How do you know? Was it Elliot who told you?”

Ben Schaffer knew that he had missed the point, and quickly corrected: “No. Elliot has absolutely no contact with Rebecca. Otherwise. Rebecca won’t find me either.”

“Rebecca asked you to say that the child was born?” Avery looked at Ben Schaffer without blinking, “What else did she say?”

Ben Schaffer saw not far away, Elliot came over with Robert in one hand and Layla in the other, and immediately responded to Avery: “Elliot is here. Let’s not talk about this for now, he is not happy.”

Avery immediately sat upright.

“Mom! I want to tell you a secret.” Layla quickly ran to Avery, looked at Ben Schaffer, and said this.

Ben Schaffer felt that the secret that Layla was going to tell was related to him, so he leaned forward deliberately, pricked up his ears, and wanted to eavesdrop.

“Uncle Ben, don’t eavesdrop!” Layla held Avery’s neck with both hands and spoke to Ben Schaffer.

Ben Schaffer leaned back in the chair, “I don’t listen. Tell your mother a secret!”

Layla leaned into Avery’s ear and said a word in a super low voice.

Avery blushed in embarrassment: “Baby, your voice is too low, mom didn’t hear what you said.”

Layla hummed and increased the volume: “Aunty Tammy told Aunty Shea to let her When you lose your bouquet later, throw it to Uncle ben.”

Avery heard what Layla said this time.

Ben Schaffer also heard clearly.

He is now arguing with Gwen, and his anger has not subsided. So this d*mn bouquet, he didn’t want it.

The wedding ceremony was over soon, and it was time to lose the bouquet.

Because there are not many guests, and most of them are married people, there are not many people grabbing flowers.

Before throwing a bouquet of flowers, Shea glanced at Ben Schaffer very directly, trying to determine the direction.

After she was optimistic about the direction, she accurately threw the bouquet towards Ben Schaffer.

Ben Schaffer didn’t even think about it, and immediately avoided it.

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