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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1623 by

Chapter 1623

Avery walked quickly to them and took Layla’s hand.

“Layla, mom has something to tell your dad, you go inside the house! Your brother is inside.”

Layla: “I’m not looking for my brother. I’m looking for my two aunts…”

“Well, they are inside, you go in!” Avery watched her daughter enter the house, and then her eyes fell on Elliot’s face.

It was a fine day today, and the sun fell on Elliot’s shoulders like shards of gold. If Avery hadn’t heard about his quarrel with Ben Schaffer, her mood would be brighter than this sunshine.

“Why did you and Ben Schaffer quarrel?” Avery took Elliot’s big palm and walked towards the less crowded place.

This garden was very large, and the roads in it extended in all directions, which was especially suitable for strolling.

“He’s in a bad mood.” Elliot clenched her hand tightly and replied, “I had a casual chat with him about work, but because we disagreed, he lost his temper and left.”

“Shea wedding today, you guys were talking about work here? Did you think I’m so perfunctory?” Avery retorted, “Tell me the truth.”

Without thinking, he decided to tell a white lie, “What I told was the truth. He told about Gwen.”

“Oh…even if you can’t be a couple, you don’t need to be enemies, right?” Avery was a little puzzled, “Why is Ben Schaffer so disgusted? Did he not participate when Gwen was there?”

“Don’t worry about them.” Elliot said calmly and changed the topic, “Do you want to take a picture? I’ll take it for you? My daughter said that I took her beautiful.”

“That is Because my daughter is beautiful, anyone who takes pictures of her can make her beautiful, and it has nothing to do with your photography skills.” Avery told the truth mercilessly, “Unless you make me beautiful, I can only praise you. The technology is good.”

Avery handed the phone to Elliot and asked him to help take pictures.

“Elliot, I don’t think there’s any need for you and Ben Schaffer to be unhappy about Gwen. The friendship between the two of you for so many years is not so fragile, right?” Avery found a peony bush and stopped beside him.

Elliot turned on the camera function of his mobile phone and said lightly: “I didn’t quarrel with him, I suspect that he just didn’t want to see Gwen, so he deliberately quarreled with me, so that he had a reason to leave here.”

“Oh, then go back and persuade him and let him think about it.” Avery tried to touch the petals with her fingers, “Is this posture okay?”

“Yes.” Elliot looked at her under the camera and said, “Look at the me here.”

“I’m going to pretend to look at the flowers. It will be more artistic in this way.” Avery gave him a lesson, “If I look at you, it will be too blunt. When I look at flowers, there will be a feeling that the photos are taken by others. How dare you say that you are good at taking pictures. What?”

Elliot blushed: “Then you smile.”

“Forget it, I’ll look at you. It’s more funny to see you.” Avery couldn’t help laughing.

“Cann’t you hit me? Give me some confidence. I’m learning now, and maybe I will become a professional photographer in my later years.” Elliot pressed the shutter and took a few pictures of her smiley.

No matter how he looked at it, he felt that Avery’s smiling face was prettier than the peony blooming next to her.

“I’ll take a look.” Avery walked up to him, took the phone, and looked at the photos he took. “It’s not bad, mainly because I’m naturally beautiful.”

“You just can’t bear to praise me.” Elliot said helplessly.

“You’re awesome. You don’t have to wait for your old age, your level will definitely improve by leaps and bounds, comparable to a professional.” Avery complimented him countless times, then leaned into his arms, “Let’s take a photo! It’s been a long time since I took a photo with you. Now it’s time.”

After taking a photo for a while, the two saw that it was almost time for the wedding ceremony, so they walked towards the venue for the ceremony.

Their eyes unexpectedly saw Ben Schaffer, and expressions of surprise appeared on their faces.

Ben Schaffer saw their eyes and looked back at them boldly.

Avery forced Elliot to walk towards Ben Schaffer, trying to ease their relationship.

Avery: “Brother Schaffer, today is a day of great joy, no matter what unhappy things you have with Elliot…”

“I just went out to smoke a cigarette, what am I unhappy about.” Ben Schaffer explained Here, he asked Elliot coldly, “You spoke ill of me behind your back just now, didn’t you? Everyone thought I was left.”

Avery couldn’t help laughing: “Elliot didn’t say you were left. It was Brother Wesley who thought you were left and was a little worried.”

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  1. Here you go again with the lying. Author, please let’s move along with this storyline. I’m already getting sick and tired of it. Why can’t for once let those 2 put their heads together and figure it out? Rebecca is stupid and pretty much telling on herself.

  2. Can there be so much insincerity between couples? I don’t know what the writer is up to making this couple to be lying to one another. This is so ridiculous!!

  3. Bom! Alguém conhece o livro original? Estou coriosa de o ver e ler, mesmo que tenha de eu mesma fazer a tradução. Aqui o que me parece é que não é um livro, mas um guião de série de TV. O tipo de redacção de texto e indicações leva-me a crer que não é o texto original do livro. Alguém teve acesso ao guião e o traduziu. Publicou em plataformas para obter vantagens. Como agarrou um grande número de pessoas interessadas na leitura Alguém tem feito estas publicações livres. Só isso explica o facto de isto se arrastar infinitamente. Um texto para o audiovisual tem obrigatoriamente de se arrastar para agarrar o público até ao fim.

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