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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1622 by

Chapter 1622

Ben Schaffer stayed where he was, watching Elliot walk away coldly, followed closely, turned and walked towards the exit.

After Ben Schaffer left, Wesley found Elliot.

“Ben Schaffer is left.” Wesley didn’t understand what happened.

Ben Schaffer’s face was ugly, and Wesley asked why he left, but didn’t speak.

“Don’t worry about him.” Elliot’s face was no better than Ben Schaffer’s.

Wesley saw everything in his eyes and knew that the two of them must have quarreled.

“Would you like to come in and sit?” Wesley asked when he saw that he was standing outside alone and was a little lonely.

“Don’t worry about me.” Elliot wanted to be quiet.

Wesley walked away and entered the room.

Gwen was holding Robert for a group photo. Even if Robert didn’t like being hugged by someone he didn’t know well, he wouldn’t cry, he would only frown and look unhappy.

Now the little guy is used as a mascot, and everyone takes turns to take pictures.

Wesley walked up to Shea and told her that the ceremony would not begin in an hour, so that if she was tired, she could lie down and rest for a while.

Shea shook her head, indicating that she was not tired.

Wesley immediately walked up to Avery and whispered, “Elliot and Ben Schaffer had a quarrel. Ben Schaffer left, and Elliot looked very unhappy. I told Elliot to come in, but he didn’t come in.”

Today is Wesley’s wedding Of course, Wesley didn’t want to see the guests quarreling.

Avery said in surprise: “They are in conflict?”

Wesley: “Well. They didn’t quarrel loudly. It was Ben Schaffer who left, and I found out.”

Gwen heard their conversation, immediately put Robert down, and strode over and asked, “Ben Schaffer quarreled with my brother?”

Wesley nodded: “Ben Schaffer has already left.”

Gwen said angrily, “Today is the day when you and Shea are overjoyed, why did he choose to quarrel with my brother today? Does he have a bad mind?”

Avery saw that Gwen was a little excited, and immediately said: “Gwen, don’t be angry, I will go to your brother and ask.”

Avery said on, going out.

Robert immediately trotted to keep up, hugging Avery’s leg.

The little guy is a little follower. Now he walks more steadily and runs fast.

“Robert, the sun is shining outside, so go to the godmother’s place.” Tammy came over and pulled Robert back.

If Robert went out, Avery and Elliot couldn’t talk about things.

“Godmother gave you something delicious.” Tammy took out a packet of snacks from her bag like magic.

Robert immediately smiled and drove away.

Avery strode outside.

Just happened to bump into Layla holding Elliot’s hand and walking towards him.

Layla wanted to take pictures with Shea, so she pulled Elliot over and asked him to help take pictures.

When Elliot was with his daughter, he naturally didn’t dare to show any real unpleasant emotions.

3 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1622 by”

  1. Ben doesn’t have any common sense. In a situation where they were couldn’t Ben have waited to show Elliot the photo after the wedding? Why must he show him the photo at that moment? I think all these their friends aren’t happy seeing them together both Elliot’s and Avery’s friends are against their being together.

    1. have to agree but alot of this is Avery’s doing from earlier on from before they were together and she talked so badly about Elliot to them… it’s like I told my daughter, keep your business off social media because they may root for you at that moment but will turn on you the next…

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