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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1619 by

Chapter 1619

Wesley said helplessly, “There must be someone who can control Shea. she is not afraid of me.”

Tammy said rudely , “Wesley, with your temper, I guess no one will be afraid of you. You are the man with the best temper I have ever seen.”

Wesley said ashamed: “My parents are very afraid of me. Because I often don’t listen to them.”

They came to the garden that Tammy said.

Before entering the garden, They saw a large sea of ​​flowers through the wooden fence.

Shea’s eyes were immediately attracted.

After Wesley bought the tickets, he entered the garden under the leadership of the garden owner.

“Can a wedding be held here?” Avery saw that Shea seemed to like it here, so she asked the garden owner directly.

“Yes. Several couples had an outdoor wedding with us last month. Do you want to watch the video?” The owner of the garden said.

Avery: “Okay, let’s see it.”

The owner of the garden turned on his phone, found the video, and showed it to them.

“It’s so beautiful!” Shea couldn’t help but marvel when she saw other people’s wedding videos.

Avery asked the garden owner: “How is the fee calculated?”

“It depends on how many guests you have and what kind of services you need. We can provide wedding services, and you can also contact the wedding company outside, and the corresponding charges will be charged. The standards are different.” The garden owner said, “May is the peak wedding season. If you are sure to be in our garden, you need to book as soon as possible.”

Avery nodded and looked at Wesley and Shea: “Let’s go inside and take a look!”

They walked into the depths of the garden, and the colorful flowers inside were dazzling, making people’s mood fly instantly.

“Just here!” Shea grabbed Wesley’s hand, her eyes bright.


After choosing the location, start choosing the time.

Avery suggested, “Why don’t you choose two days during the May Day holiday? Everyone will have time, and the wedding will be more lively.”

Wesley: “Yes. Let’s go on May 1st and 2nd!”

Before paying the deposit, the owner of the garden asked them if they wanted wedding services.

Avery discussed with them, “Why don’t I go back and discuss with Elliot! He definitely wants to find the best wedding company for Shea.”

Wesley shook her head: “I will bear all the expenses for my wedding with Shea. We will decide our own wedding. Just use the wedding service here. I just watched the video, and it feels pretty good.”

Shea nodded in agreement.

“Okay! I respect your opinions.” Avery smiled.

After watching the venue, Shea was sleepy, so Avery asked Wesley to send him to Tammy’s house.

The car stopped at Tammy’s house.

Avery and Tammy watched Wesley’s car drive away.

“Avery, I just thought of a question, but I’m too embarrassed to say it. Now it’s just the two of us…” Tammy said and was hesitating a little, “Rebecca’s due date should be around four May?”

Avery was stunned for a moment, calculated the time in her heart, and nodded, “If you don’t mention her, I’ll almost forget about it.”

Tammy: “Blame me…”

“It’s okay. Elliot promised me that he wouldn’t want that child.” Avery said so, and her heart was still uncontrollably heavy.

23 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1619 by”

  1. So Eric takes Layla to Yonreville. Avery was a little unhappy but if Elliott had done the same think he would have been in the doghouse. Avery and Hayden and Eric need to grow up. Rebecca has hinted that the child looked like Layla and that situations change. She has given Eric clues that she will not give up, but will Eric be a true friend and confide this to Avery. Probably not……So the crap in Yonreville and the baby has not been solved. Am I correct in believing that Rebecca is now in her 7th month. So Avery the stupid doctor still has not figured out that she lost a child. Even Wesley did a physical on Avery and he found nothing unusual. Are these people really doctors? Avery’s lies continue, how much more of a mental beating can Elliott take from his wife and kids and yet be subservient to them and obey them (especially Avery). She has done nothing to make him feel loved and needed. Wanda the evil one escapes scot free again. Man this author needs to get a more refreshing story line one that makes sense and resolves issues instead of recycling more intrigues. As a reader I find the author is predictable and frankly these intrigues and schemes are getting boring and more ridiculous. Sorry just my opinion. As for the translator I appreciate all your hard work in translating this and other novels. I thoroughly enjoy Bye my Irresistible love and A cue for Love.

    1. MJ, I agree with everything you said again! I have the same frustrations and confusion that you have. So much of the story just doesn’t make sense, especially when the author jumps from one drama to the next without putting closure on the first. I still can’t understand how the author expects us to believe that Avery had an embryo removed and never knew?? Especially when it’s impossible for her not to know. Even stranger how no one has ever mentioned how the time line of how far along the baby is doesn’t add up….
      It’s obvious Avery was pregnant before Elliot went to Yonroeville, so why hasn’t anyone questioned it? Even if Elliot thinks Kyrie did it when he was in a coma anyone with a brain would know that the baby was conceived before that. Avery has already been pregnant a couple of times so why hasn’t she thought wait a minute there’s no way it could be Elliot’s child when we were together during that time??? Definitely a red flag there! Ridiculous how a few chapters back when Elliot told Avery he only went to see Rebecca because the baby looked like Layla she didn’t instantly realize that it’s impossible for it to look like Layla? Why didn’t she question it and ask to see the pictures?
      It’s so predictable, you literally don’t even have to think to know that there’s going to be a new drama to break them up. Unbelievable after 10 years there’s no character growth at all. It’s like Avery is a 15 year old child who doesn’t know about love, commitment or how to act like a married woman who has kids………

      1. I think Avery should find the ultrasound and see that it looks like her daughter then she can question it. But instead she will probably just beat up Elliott for having it.

    2. Can you give us just a little more captures a day I like to read after work and this is my first ever book I’ve read and I love it

    3. I too agree with you. Everything that can go wrong goes strong. Story has become very predictable and stupid. Limit to pessimism of a book

    4. Couldn’t agree more….writer needs to stop trying to write science fiction and stick to love and just a some drama. Not Star Wars type of Fiction

  2. Eric went to do a show for a celebrity in Yonreville. Rebecca happened to be at the show and singled him out to chit-chat. But he told her upfront that she lost so give up. She is so determined she told him she will not declare defeat.

  3. Oops I guess I read into it wrongly that Eric took Layla. Anyway its going to be interesting what the outcome will be.

    1. I don’t understand why some days we got close to 20 chapters and some days it is barely 10. I wish it was more consistency on the translator part, but I do appreciate their work.

  4. I feel so much angst reading. It’s frustrating how Avery chooses to keep everything to herself. She keeps saying she loves Elliot so much and wants to spend her life with him and she kept crying regretting her choice of not telling Elliot earlier which caused the tragedy in Yonroville. But why is she making the same mistake all over again? Didn’t she say going blind is not that scary? Is she in the right mind? She won’t be able to care for her children who she loves so much fully without her eyesight nor will she be able to even see their faces ever again. She loves them so much and she can do that easily just to save Elliot’s face and not make him feel guilty? The book keeps mentioning how wise and smart Avery is. I just don’t see it.

    I feel the word trust here is used too much without any meaning. In Elliot’s case, he feels guilty and scared to anger Avery and Hayden so he chooses to “trust” their words and not force Avery to go to the hospital. He follows her words and accepts everything she said because he’s scared she will leave him. While Avery doesn’t show she trusts Elliot in many scenarios. She often makes assumptions and decisions for him hence she doesn’t talk to him and keep secrets. I feel she thinks little of Elliot’s love for this is to happen. If she truly trusts Elliot, he will be the first person she talks to and trusts that he will recover from the guilt. Is it pride that keeps her from telling Elliot of her surgery because when he is guilty, he will not want to separate from her even more and she will think that is not because he loves her but because he feels guilty? I don’t know, it’s frustrating. What kind of relationship is this.

    The drama is too old. The writer needs to close the drama soon and move on. Especially the baby issue soon because it really doesn’t make sense. I believe implanting an embryo is a very delicate process. She knows this key info and who did the embryo transfer. Why did it not occur to Avery to investigate further when she heard that the baby looks like Elliot? I feel like if only Avery shares what she knows and finds strange with Elliot they both can work it out together. Elliot can hire someone in Yonroville to check maybe Ali his bodyguard when he was there.

    How many painful chapters are there? I just want to know the ending. It’s too painful to read now. I will die of anger if this continues 😭

    1. She ran to him for his surgery and now nothing from her. Either she loves him or she doesn’t but pick one. I don’t like the abuse in the relationship

  5. The characters have been incredibly dumbed down.
    They used to be the strong, hungry wolves, now they’re just the sheep…

    1. I think so, no end in site for all these stories. Hayden to accept his father. Shea to have baby, Gwen to marry Ben. Rebecca to have a baby. Wanda to be found and convicted or Sofia to suffer even though innocent . Very sad. Cole and Henry to come out of hiding. Baby to be discovered belongs to Elliot and Avery. All other little things the author can find to throw in. He expects us to believe Avery can go to hospital and hide it from Elliot to protect him. Let him deal with it. He’s not a child.
      It’s so frustrating this story.

  6. I agree with all the above with the exception of Hayden. He has a right to never forgive Elliot . Less than 2 years ago he almost choked him to death. If it were one of my children I wouldn’t expect him to forgive and forget. No matter how hard the guy tried. In fact if my husband did that to my kid, I would leave him and never look back

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