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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1612 by

Chapter 1612

Avery: [After I’m with you, I don’t have so many opinions anymore. Every time I go out to play, don’t I listen to you?]

Elliot:[ Next time I will take you out.]

Avery: [Good! Next time we go out as a family.]

Elliot: [Well, go to sleep! Send me pictures tomorrow.]

Avery: [Good.]

After sending the message to Elliot, her heart suddenly calmed down.

Not long after putting down the phone, she fell asleep in a daze.

The next morning, the doctor came for rounds.

“How do you feel?” the doctor asked.

“I feel fine.” Avery said truthfully, “I have to go out for a walk today.”

The doctor said, “You have less than 24 hours of surgery! At least 24 hours of observation.”

“I’ll go out at noon, okay?” Avery asked, “If I don’t have any abnormality by noon, I will take my son out for a walk. If I don’t go far, I will go shopping near the hospital.”

The doctor glanced at Hayden and nodded: “It should be your first time to come to Cafjell? There is a lake behind the hospital, and the scenery is not bad. You can go and have a look. You can stay in the hotel tonight, but you must come to the hospital for re-examination tomorrow.”

Avery: “Well.”

At noon, Avery and Hayden came out of the hospital, When she was looking for lunch at a nearby restaurant, Elliot’s message came.

Let her post pictures.

She has no makeup and her face is not very good, so she turned on the beauty camera.

After taking a random photo, she sent it over.

Elliot was eating lunch at this time, and when he saw the beautiful photo sent by Avery, the food in his mouth choked directly into his esophagus.

He put down the phone and coughed violently.

Ben Schaffer immediately poured him a glass of water: “What’s wrong? So excited?”

Elliot covered his mouth and nose with a tissue, then picked up the phone again and glanced at the photo again.

Ben Schaffer followed and looked at the screen of his mobile phone.

“My God! Who is this? This awl can stab people to death.” Ben Schaffer complained and glanced at the name on the dialog box: ‘wife’

Ben Schaffer was speechless: “Avery what is this doing? Is it a spoof photo?”

Elliot held up the water glass, took a sip of water, and was shocked: “It should have been taken with a beauty camera.”

“Other people take a photo with a beauty camera, and the photo can be turned into a ‘photo cheat’, she took it with a beauty camera. The photo has turned into a ‘ghost movie’! Hahahaha!” Ben Schaffer laughed ruthlessly, “You also take a picture with your beauty camera and send it to her.”

“Avery didn’t say she wanted to see my photo.” Elliot put down the phone, “She Being with Hayden, she doesn’t miss me at all. Last night, I took the initiative to send her a message.”

“Why don’t you guys make a video call?” Ben Schaffer felt that sending a message was a bit of a waste of his fingers.

“Avery doesn’t allow video calls or calls. She said Hayden doesn’t want to see me.” When Elliot said this, he lost his appetite.

“It hurts Avery to say that. It’s one thing that Hayden likes you or not. Avery should find a way to win over the relationship between your father and son. It’s not that Hayden doesn’t want to see you, so Avery takes Hayden away from you.” Ben Schaffer said, “I remember that Avery was very protective of you, why has it changed now?”

Elliot: “Is there any?”

33 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1612 by”

  1. I’m relieved that Avery went to the hospital but I was hoping that the examination will show that she was pregnant before. So proud of Hayden but did they really have to go far n hide this from Elliot? I’m not happy about that at all. I hope all goes well but Elliot deserves to know the truth.

    1. Dolly, I totally agree with you.
      How could any wife keep something as serious as brain surgery away from her husband? There’s no point in being married if all you do is lie and keep secrets. Truly feel sorry for Elliot, his whole life all people do is say they love him but then turn around and lie to him.
      I really thought the truth about Avery being pregnant would have come out now to, disappointing how much time has gone on and she still doesn’t know.

      1. I ageee with you both. When avery has already forgiven him about Rebecca then why hide things from him. She has already seen that whenever she has hidden things from Elliot lot of problems occurred which could have been avoided. But the writer is interested in moving the book in circles. In instead of trying to coax Hayden to talk to Elliot she keeps making an excuse. What sort of marital relationship is this. N hiding something like a brain surgery is too much. Doesn’t she care that if in worst case something terrible happens to her how would Elliot or her kids and friends feel.

    2. You are right, would Avery be happy if Elliot hid such a thing from her? It’s so unfortunate that she has learnt nothing from keeping secrets that brought in another wife.

  2. Why did Avery not tell Elliot? I’m sad the author makes people so bad and untrustworthy.
    I think that he makes these stories so complicated.

  3. This is not good. She doing the surgery without telling her husband. The same way it was not good he went to see Rebecca before telling her. She put her son Haden before her marriage. Which is very bad.

    1. I’m ready for some romance back between Avery and Elliott. I’m tired of the lies and revenge they play on each other. Didn’t she learn anything from the last time she kept a secret from him?? Then she worked so hard to get him back. For what? Another secret.

  4. Like moths driven to a flame, Avery and Elliott are always destined to make decisions that lead to heartache. Right now Hayden irks me, he has never given Elliott a chance and the 3 Musketeers and Avery never try to help him establish a loving and understanding relationship with Elliott. So sad. Avery how can you love someone and disrespect him at the same time. Love is about trust and faith in each other to stick together through thick and thin. Its about taking that love and building a family. There are too many other people involved. Mike and Hayden, Eric and Layla and Robert and Mrs. Cooper. They are not the parents but they seem to steer the kids vision and beliefs. This is definitely a dysfunctional family and I think there will be more heartache and sorrow to come. Honestly I feel sorrow for Elliott now. Yes he made some bad choices, but so did Avery but the fact that she doesn’t support and trust him and he takes the blame for everything saddens me. He has become a shell of a man whose adult life is filled with sorrow and abandonment as his childhood was. Author please give them some hope and joy and reconciliation. With the constant bad issues going on how long can people survive and keep their sanity.

    1. I agree Elliott doesn’t deserve to be treated like this he should be able to be with his wife. What happened was an accident they make it seem like spousal abuse. It’s ridicules now. He apologized and that should be enough. They can’t remember how desperate she was to get him back. Come on author this is getting ridicules now

      1. Yes it is! Past ridiculous, I’m not understanding how she’s allowing them to think that Elliot harmed her on purpose, especially Mike! He’s the one who got it started with overstepping his boundaries again as usual and she never checks him, that’s a problem within itself. Mike does too much sharing with Hayden and Eric and Gwen work my nerves, now all of the sudden everything is beneath her and she’s the one who snuck into Ben’s bed now he disgusts her and Hayden’s young ass making all these ADULT moves and decisions for adults! Come on now make it make sense!!! I’m starting, no I’ve been not liking Avery 100’s of chapters ago, I’m getting real sick and tired of this author and these characters except for Elliot, and what type of woman would keep a man from his own child? Wrap it up already!

        1. I agree with you! As smart as Avery is supposed to be, it’s stupid of her to take a child into an adult situation. Her husband comes first. Come on Avery use your brains

      2. I’m so over this book now. I’m so over Avery and Hayden. She rather takes her son instead of her husband. She went to find Elliott just to treat him like this. They should of just let him be with Rebecca. She was upset when he lied about Rebbeca but turned around and do the same to him.

        1. exactly, both of them are terrible. But imo, Avery is a lot worse.. So stubborn, ignorant, and a hypocrite

    2. MJ, perfectly said. I totally agree with everything you said. Lying to Elliot about something as serious as having brain surgery is horrible but what really bothers me is what mother would ever stoop so low and take her 9 year old son to a different city and have surgery without telling anyone? What if she had complications or died? Even though Hayden is supposed to be a very intelligent child that still doesn’t make it ok to put such a heavy burden on him if she didn’t survive. No child that age would comprehend what to do. Honestly Avery is not mature enough to raise kids. It’s sad how all Hayden and Layla have been taught by Avery is that it’s ok to lie and keep secrets. Not surprised they were already lying to her when they were 4 years old and first came into the story.

  5. I get that Avery didn’t tell Elliot about the Hemorrhage and having to get it drained seeing as it was because of him hitting her that it happened, and she didn’t want him feeling at fault. I just wish there was some way around having to lie to him.
    He is going to eventually find out about this, and it is going to hurt him even more when he does, especially if her condition gets worse and continues.
    Once you have a brain bleed you are more prone to them. So sad!

  6. Right now I don’t know what to say, even though I don’t like Rebecca but I think she won’t disrespect Elliot neither will she allow anyone to disrespect him the way Avery does. Though Rebecca didn’t stop Lorenzo from beating Elliot to a pulp her thought was that she will use that opportunity to nurse Elliot from there build up their relationship. But as for Avery I don’t know what’s on her mind. Her friends and children come first before her husband and she claims she loves her husband, that’s ridiculous. She doesn’t rebuke Layla calling her father names as for Hayden he’s almighty his word is her command. Her 3 musketeers can insult and ridicule her husband to her hearing she doesn’t frown nor give a damn about it rather she’ll defend them. As for Eric and Mike I know why they don’t like Elliot. Mike isn’t happy because since they returned from Bridgedale Elliot came into the scene and Avery’s attention have shifted from him to Elliot. He even had to move out from Avery’s house. Then Eric is envious of Elliot because he wanted to have a relationship with Avery and she turned him down, so he hates Elliot the more. As for Tammy I think she’s jealous of Avery but Avery thinks she’s her best friend. Tammy used to love Elliot that he was her type of man until she came to know that he was the man Avery got married to.
    Avery is too full of herself. How desperate she was to bring Elliot back when he left her only to treat him this way. What is there to tell him about her condition after all he didn’t do it on purpose. Why go that far for treatment? What if there’s a complication? What will she say or do? Why so much secrets between husband and wife?

  7. One day someone said this novel has over 4000 chapters, just wondering how or where they found this out. I spend lots of time looking for the original has anyone found it yet? I found a sight in which I have found many stories that are much like this one. But I can’t find this particular one.

  8. This writer is taking everyone by nerves. Can someone please tell me what’s the end of this story in the Chinese novel. If it’s not happy I don’t want to read it. It’s like both have done so much for each other and still they can’t have a happy life. Someone please tell me what’s the end of this story and how many more chapters are left

  9. I feel sorry for elliot. Everyone not love him unconditionally. Hayden hate him. Layla with eric. Shea with weasly. Robert didnt know anything yet. Chad with mike. Ben chase gwen. Avery🙄🙄🙄 I think rebecca treat him more ok that his own wife. Even avery come to rescue him but she not truly faith to him. His children not appreciate him. I better root if elliot go to rebecca n his newborn bby if avery n their children not treat him well.. Just my bad opinion..😈

  10. Ok seriously if this story can’t process, ie: stop lying I’m done. The story started cool but is now repeating over n over. Add that to the horrible translation, horrific Grammer, it’s becoming too much. Too bad as it was a great story to start, but now you can predict everything because it never evolves. Lame

    1. Kp starting reading thus novel what im thought about this story about english novel now it become chinese novel😅😆

  11. I agree with most of the comments. It is getting rather tiresome with Avery lying so much to Elliott. I am just ready for the story to end and hope it ends well

  12. I really enjoyed this novel when I first started reading it. Clever twists and turns, a little suspense, drama, excitement and then happiness. Now the author is just dragging it out. Same old storyline, betrayal and lies, with a different scenario. It is very tiresome and has completely ruined the characters it worked so hard to build up in the first half of the novel. The book is now bordering on childish and idiotic. I will probably read it thru to see how the author ends this book and these characters- but I will never start another book from this author- not after this one. I use to look forward to the new chapters- now it almost makes me cringe.

    1. To make me calm my emotion i rarely start reading at the beginning because how the story start is very good 🥰🥰

  13. Too much hide and seek for couple that claimed to be in love. Avery is actually not behaving like a good wife, she prefers making the kids and her friends happy. It is not good at all.

  14. I’ve enjoyed this novel but it’s getting tiresome. If storyline doesn’t change i can’t see going on. It gets more ridiculous. Who would want a child to be there instead of the man she loves for such matters.

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