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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1611 by

Chapter 1611

“Miss Tate, your son is really filial.” The nurse talked to her in a low voice, “When I came to work the night shift, the word of our nurse station spread. After your surgery, your son will go to the doctor to discuss It’s been half an hour.”

Avery didn’t know about this, but after hearing what the nurse said, she was very curious.

Avery: “What did he talk to the doctor about?”

“Talking about your condition. He cares about you very much.” The nurse said, “It looks like you have a good education. Many boys at this age are not so sensible.”

After Checking temperature and blood pressure, The nurse lefte the ward.

Avery couldn’t sleep anymore. She picked up her phone and saw a message from Elliot: ]I’ve been busy all day today, and I just finished taking a shower. Where are you and your son playing today? Send me some pictures!]

–If Avery had a photo, she would definitely send it to him right away.

She glanced at the time, it was already 1:00 a.m., so she replied: [Were you so busy on the first day? Hasn’t it officially started yet? what are you busy with?]

Elliot: [Why haven’t you slept yet?]

Avery: [I slept and woke up again. Maybe a little bit of bed recognition! Why are you so busy coming home so late?]

Elliot: [Typing is troublesome, we can make a video call.]

Avery: [No, I share a room with my son. He is already asleep.]

Elliot: [You share a room with your son? He’s so old, you two should share a room.]

Avery: [I share a room with him, but one bed per person! What are you thinking about?]

Elliot was silent for a while, because he was too tired, and his mind was blank for a moment.

Avery: [What are you busy with today? It’s only the first day of work, and you’re so tired. Are you going to live in the office next?]

Elliot saw the long string of text she sent and immediately replied: [Wanda made Sofia a legal person of Wonder Technologies. She submitted the listing materials today, and this matter came to light.]

Avery read the message several times, and when she replied to the message, her fingers were shaking: [What does she want to do?]

Elliot: [Wonder Technologies has a problem, she wants Sofia to take the blame. It is also testing me to see if I can help my biological mother. If I help, and finally Wonder Technologies successfully goes public, Wanda’s net worth will be multiplied countless times.]

Avery: [She is still as disgusting and vicious as ever. She has never changed. I know that her nature is like this, and it will not change.]

If it’s on the phone, she’s definitely starting to growl now.

Elliot: [Don’t be angry, I won’t fall into her trap. Send me the pictures you took with your son during the day today.]

Avery: [During the day, the phone was out of power, so I didn’t take pictures. And my son doesn’t like taking pictures.]

Elliot was stunned for a moment. He knows that his son doesn’t like to take pictures, but Avery loves to take pictures.

Elliot: [Then send me your photo.]

Avery: [My phone was out of power, so I didn’t take pictures.]

Elliot: [Didn’t take a picture?]

Avery: [Why do you have to look at my photos? We used to be together every day, haven’t you been tired of seeing it?]

When she sent this message, she felt very guilty. She was afraid that Elliot was thinking about it and came here.

Elliot: [I’m afraid you don’t miss me at all.]

Avery couldn’t help but raise the corner of her mouth: [Of course I miss you, but I’ll go home in a few days. It’s very late, you should go to bed earlier. If there is any change about Wanda and Wonder Technologies, you can tell me at any time.]

After the message was sent, she added: [It is better to send a message.]

Elliot: [Got it. sleep too! Where are you going to play tomorrow?]

Avery: [It hasn’t been decided yet! I will discuss it with my son when we have breakfast tomorrow.]

Elliot: [Did you have no plans at all? It’s not like your style of doing things.]

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