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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1607 by

Chapter 1607

Avery said: “It’s hard to say. But don’t be so pessimistic. Mom will just be more careful in the future.”


After Elliot sent the red envelopes to the employees, it was past twelve noon.

Ben Schaffer called him to have lunch together.

He held the phone, as if he hadn’t heard Ben Schaffer’s words.

“What are you looking at? Did your wife send you a message?” Ben Schaffer asked, looking at Elliot’s phone screen.

Avery did send a message to Elliot.

When they arrived in Cafjell, they sent Elliot a message of safety.

Also posted two photos of them in Cafjell.

In the photo, Avery was smiling, while Hayden looked away with a sullen face.

The text message Avery sent made him unhappy.

Avery texted: [I keep sending you messages, my son is not happy. So I probably won’t be texting you very often. I came out to play with my son, so his happiness should be put first. Let’s talk when I get back.]

What Avery means is that she wants to cut off contact with her son during the few days she is traveling with her son?

This made Elliot very unhappy.

She just doesn’t take him out to play, and even disconnect from him.

“Hayden’s stinky face looks just like you. You sometimes lose your temper, just like Hayden’s expression.” Ben Schaffer’s eyes fell on the photo of Hayden and Avery, “Elliot, I suspect that your son was sent by God to Punish your bad temper.”

Elliot put away the phone: “My bad temper was cured by Avery and hayden is here to collect debts.”

Ben Schaffer: “Hahaha! Let’s go eat first! Hayden has been busy. He hasn’t had a good rest in his studies, so let him have a good time for a few days!”

Elliot: “Well.”

In the Afternoon.

Elliot obtained various information photos submitted by Wonder Technologies to the Aryadelle Securities Regulatory Commission. When he was looking at the materials, Ben Schaffer was talking to someone on the phone beside him.

Ben Schaffer was too lazy to read those dense texts, and it was more convenient to ask acquaintances of the ASRC directly on the phone.

“They are more eager to go public this time, and they are relatively low-key. Our boss speaks directly, and we must do a good job of reviewing. In addition, their company changed the legal person…” The person on the other end of the phone said.

“Changed the legal person? When did they change the legal person?” When Ben Schaffer asked this sentence, Elliot’s eyes turned to him.

“In the information I gave you, it was written that the legal person was Wanda, but now she has become a woman named Sofia. This woman is older than Wanda, and I don’t know why.”

Ben Schaffer heard this and walked quickly towards Elliot.

Elliot found the changed legal person in the company information: Sofia.

With a ‘bang’, Elliot patted the phone on the table.

“Elliot, Sofia is mostly used. Sofia is a person who has not attended school for a few days. She doesn’t understand anything. How could she understand what a legal person means.” Ben Schaffer analyzed, “Wonder Technologies definitely has a big problem. If the legal person is not replaced, it is estimated that there is no way to pass the security review. Now Wanda has replaced the legal person with your biological mother, so that you want to cover the successful listing of Wonder Technologies?”

“Wanda is dreaming.” Elliot scolded coldly, ” No matter who she replaces the legal person with, it is impossible for me to let her plan succeed.”

“Now the Securities Regulatory Commission is conducting a security review of Wonder Technologies, let’s wait for the results. I think Sofia probably doesn’t know anything, otherwise you are now Call her to ask?” Ben Schaffer pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

Elliot gritted his teeth and picked up the phone.

Ben Schaffer felt dry: “I’m going to buy two cups of coffee.”

After Ben Schaffer left, Elliot dialed Sofia’s number.

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