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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1604 by

Chapter 1604

Elliot zoomed in on the picture, and after seeing what was going on, he frowned.

He dialed Wesley.

Wesley took it in seconds.

Elliot scolded angrily, “Wesley, you are like a despicable villain now! I always thought you wouldn’t do such an unprofessional thing, but I didn’t expect…”

Wesley interrupted him, “You’re right. You can scold me, but don’t blame Shea.”

Elliot’s breathing became heavier and his teeth were clenched.

“Today is Valentine’s Day, Shea wanted to get the certificate today, so I agreed to her.” Wesley explained the reason for their actions, “We came to the Civil Affairs Bureau to line up at six this morning.”

Elliot’s anger was swallowed back in his stomach.

Everyone has the right to pursue happiness.

Shea also has.

If this matter was really brought up by Shea, what’s the use of Elliot blaming Wesley.

“Wesley, did my brother call you?” Shea’s voice came from the other side of the phone.

Elliot was in a fit of anger now, and in order to prevent himself from saying more exaggerated words, he hung up the phone.

He needed to calm down.

In the past few days, Shea had been with Wesley. They went skiing and didn’t come back until last night.

And because it was too late last night, she didn’t come back and went directly to Wesley’s house.

Shea had Wesley, and now Elliot was no longer needed.

Avery had reminded him a long time ago to face up to this emotion.

Mrs. Scarlet came over and asked, “Sir, what happened to Shea and Wesley?”

Mrs. Scarlet heard Elliot calling out Wesley’s name just now, so she pricked up her ears and listened.

“They got the marriage certificate.” Elliot said the result, “They didn’t tell me in advance, they went to get the certificate today.”

When Mrs. Scarlet heard the words, her face changed slightly: “Shea is really ignorant. It’s too willful! How can she hide important things from us?”

Elliot questioned, “Are you sure Shea didn’t tell you in advance? I think you have packed her luggage.”

Mrs. Scarlet quickly explained: “She didn’t tell me to get a certificate from Wesley. I don’t think you objected to her going to Wesley’s house during the New Year, so I don’t think you would object to their marriage. Shea told me more than once that she wanted to marry Wesley. This is the first time I saw it. She is so persistent about one thing.”

Elliot believed this explanation.

Elliot: “Today is Valentine’s Day, so they chose to get the certificate today.”

“It’s quite romantic.” Mrs. Scarlet laughed dumbly, “Sir, since they have already received the certificate, don’t be angry. With you here, Wesley Don’t dare to bully Shea. Besides, with Wesley taking care of Shea, you can relax too.”

Ellot: “I never felt that Shea was a burden.”

Mrs. Scarlet explained, “I didn’t mean that. I think Shea is a burden. Shea and Wesley may be happier together. It’s like you are happiest when you are with Avery and your three children.”

After Mrs. Scarlet said this, Elliot’s anger disappeared halfway.

Although Elliot can take care of Shea, he has Avery and three children, so the energy allocated to Shea is definitely not as much as before.

Shea may feel more secure with Wesley.

At 10:00 a.m., Elliot came to the company. This was the first time he has returned to the company after he transferred his shares last year and quit Sterling Group.

Everyone knows that Elliot will come to the company today, so he came earlier.

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