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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1592 by

Chapter 1592

Hayden was waiting outside the clinic. Because doctors were getting off work soon, there were fewer and fewer patients.

When Avery came out, there was no one around.

Hayden asked, “Mom, do you still need an examination? If you still have an examination, let’s go back first and come back in the afternoon.”

“I’m done.” Avery didn’t want him to run around with her to get tired.

“I’ll accompany you.” Hayden said stubbornly.

Avery asked, “Okay! Shall we go out to eat? Mom invites you to a big meal.”

Hayden: “It’s fine.”

Avery: “Then let’s eat outside!”

Avery took Hayden to a high-end restaurant in the city center.

“I don’t know how Layla and Robert are at your uncle Eric’s house.” Avery thought of the other two children, “Let’s make a video call for them.”

Hayden: “Okay.”

Hayden walked to Avery’s side and sat down on the sofa.

Hayden has grown very tall now, it would be a little strange if he and Avery sat next to each other to eat together. So he was sitting opposite Avery just now.

Avery dialed the video call to Eric, and the video call was quickly connected.

“Avery, have you eaten?” Eric asked.

His main task today was to take care of the children. His parents and babysitter were in charge of cooking.

“I’m eating outside with Hayden. How about you?” Avery turned the camera to Hayden’s side.

“We’re ready to eat too. Show you our lunch.” Eric pointed the camera at the table.

Inadvertently, the camera caught Layla playing with a boy with toys.

“Eric, who is that boy in your family?” Avery asked with a smile.

Eric said, “It’s my cousin. His parents didn’t have time to take care of him, so he was at my house during the New Year. He is three years older than Hayden.”

Avery asked, “No wonder he looks so tall! Where is Robert?”

Eric: “Robert drank milk and fell asleep. He was tired from playing in the morning.”

Avery: “Where’s your dog?”

“In the kitchen.” Eric said, “Elliot’s bodyguard is guarding Robert’s room. Don’t let my dog ​​get close to Robert at all.”

“Hahaha!” Avery couldn’t help laughing, “He doesn’t like animals, and your dog is indeed a bit big.”

“Well, my dog ​​follows me, has a gentler character. If you don’t bite, Layla can testify.” Eric defended his dog.

Avery: “I trust you.”

Eric sat down in the dining chair, “You and Hayden are outside, why don’t you come to my house. Why don’t you two come over in the afternoon? or you two come now, my mother made a big table od dishes. The dishes she made are very delicious.”

“We have already ordered. I’ll go to your house next time to eat rice.” Avery said, seeing the waiter approaching, and immediately said to Eric in the video call, “I’m serving the food here, let’s hang up first.”

Hayden returned to the opposite sofa and sat down.

“Mom, Layla played with that boy, and didn’t tell us about the video call. Uncle Eric’s voice was not small, she must have heard it.” Hayden was chilled because his sister didn’t respond.

Avery laughed dumbly: “Your sister may be playing with her new friend.”

“Why does Robert sleep all day. Yesterday he slept at Uncle Mike’s house and slept for a long time.” Hayden continued to complain.

Avery: “That’s what a baby is like. When he was younger, he slept more.”

“Mom, you only had brain surgery in the second half of last year.” Hayden suddenly remembered this incident, “Now that Elliot beat you so badly, are you going to have another surgery?”

7 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1592 by”

  1. I’m kind of sick and tired of the kids in grown people’s business. I’m also tired of Hayden and Elliot’s conflict.

    1. I’ve been sick and tired of Hayden and Mike, hell Avery too! Once again with all the sneaking around behind each others back, enough already. Eric oversteps his boundaries too, and why do all these people have their kids all the damn time? Maybe 🤔 if they went to work and watched their own kids they wouldn’t have time for all of the drama. I wish they would hurry up and wrap it up already.

      1. concordo com você, esse livro ja passou da hora de terminar, daqui a pouco estão velhinhos e os conflitos serão entre Hayden e a irmã filha de Rebeca, e Hayden e Eliot nunca vão se reconciliar?

  2. Somehow i do understand Mike and Eric, they have always been by Avery’s side. They protect her and the kids, Elliot is hardly there. It does not give them a reason to ill treat Elliot especially infront of kids. I thought Avery will be admitted already. Why are they in a restaurant? She must be joking

  3. It’s just a novel .the kids makes the novel more interesting with their input.most novel with kids that’s always the “genius son sells his mom to dad”. If ur’ll think averys kids r bad he is worse .I love it

  4. I would give this book a 3/10 it’s too annoying to read. I just really hate stopping half way. And why are they saying Elliot beat Avery even if it was a mistake. Avery and the stupid mike didn’t make it clear to them that it’s mike’s fault she’s in this condition. Mike should feel guilty because Avery took a blow for him.but no Elliot is the bad guy. Elliot has been wronged from the beginning of this book and they’re still treating him bad. I wish I can just stop reading this book but my brain want to always know what happens in the next chapter💔

  5. Elliot had change so much and they don’t give him credit. He loves Avery and the kids in his own way. I wish they would appreciate him more.

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