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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1587 by

Chapter 1587

Mrs. Scarlet explained, “Avery, you’re right. Elliot is too good. Since kindergarten, he has been smarter and more sensible than other children. He is the pride of his wife. Jaxson Foster was also very proud of it. The atmosphere was also much better than before. After Jaxson Foster’s death, Elliot was also grown up, can Elliot accept his real life experience? Certainly not. This kind of peace that has come so hard, Madam is afraid of being broken. I understand her mood.”

Avery also understood. Just like she knew that it would be very cruel to separate Elliot and the child from Yonroeville, but she had to separate them.

–What qualifications does Avery have to say that Mrs. Foster is cold-blooded and ruthless?

In the evening, Mrs. Cooper came back with three children.

Hayden and Layla brought Avery a lot of delicious snacks and specialties.

Mrs. Cooper said, “Chad brought these specialties from his hometown. Chad made today’s lunch and dinner. Seriously, Chad’s cooking skills are really good. Pretty.”

Avery: “He’s really good at cooking. Where’s Mike?”

Mrs. Cooper smiled, “Mike helped him today. We went over in the morning, and Chad entertained us. Mike was sleeping. Then Robert fell and cried loudly and woke him up. Have you eaten?”

“I did.” Avery glanced at the stairs, “Elliot’s still sleeping.”

“Why is Mr. Foster still sleeping? Do you want to wake him up? If he continue to sleep, he won’t be able to fall asleep later at night.” Mrs. Cooper reminded.

“I’ll go up and have a look.” Avery went up to take a look before dinner. Seeing that Elliot was sleeping soundly, so she didn’t wake him up.

But it was getting dark now, and Avery couldn’t let Elliot sleep any more.

She pushed open the bedroom door.

On the bed, Elliot heard a slight noise and opened his eyes.

Elliot slept well, and now a little sound can be heard very clearly.

Avery saw that Elliot was awake, so she turned on the headlights in the room.

Elliot looked out the window. Outside the window, the twilight was getting darker, and his eyes suddenly dimmed. He slept for so long.

“What are you thinking?” Avery stood in front of him and looked at him, “You’ve slept for so long, you must be hungry now, right?”

Elliot felt it carefully and took a breath: “My head hurts a little.”

Avery: “The wound still hurts. Pain after sleeping for a long time?”

“All.” Elliot lifted the quilt, “It’s a little hot.”

Avery: “The children are back. Go eat! I’ve already eaten.”

“Not very hungry.” Elliot looked at her, then The topic before going to bed, “Didn’t you tell me to answer your questions when I wake up?”

Avery: “Are you sure you’re awake now? Don’t you mean headache? When you don’t have a headache…”

“I’m awake, and my head doesn’t hurt anymore.” Elliot held her hand and said word by word, “I never liked Rebecca from beginning to end, nor did I have feelings for her. That child has compassion, not only because Rebecca told me that the child looks like Layla, but also because I have become a ‘father’ and have a more compassionate heart.”

His thoughts are clear and his expressions are powerful, Avery believed what Elliot said came from the heart.

Elliot added, “I realize now that I have pity for that child and it hurt you and our three children so much. So I won’t face it directly. It’s up to you to decide what to do for me. I trust you I’ll handle it rationally.”

Elliot’s putting a high hat on her.

How could Avery possibly handle this rationally?

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