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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1584 by

The wound was a bit scary at first glance.

“I rubbed the medicine last night, and the medicine was dark, so it’s a bit scary to look at the wound.” Avery returned the phone to Elliot, “Today is not as painful as yesterday.”

“Let’s go to the hospital.” Elliot insisted, “It’s not convenient for you to apply the medicine yourself at home.”

“I don’t think it’s inconvenient.” Avery found a random reason, “My mother said that during the New Year, it is best not to go to the hospital.”

Elliot: “…”

Doctor: “???”

If Elliot remembers correctly, Avery is also a doctor. How could she say such superstitious words?

Whenever She’s sick, she has to go to the hospital.

But Elliot obviously didn’t question her words.

“Did you bring medicine?” Elliot asked the family doctor.

The family doctor immediately took out the medicine he brought.

“Help her deal with it again.” Elliot said.

“Yeah.” After the family doctor responded, he said to Avery, “Miss Tate, I can come to rub the medicine for you every day. You should not wash your hair these days, and it is best not to travel far. When the Spring Festival is over, you will be the best. But it’s good to go to the hospital for a check. By the way, how did you get injured?”

This question instantly brought the atmosphere to freezing point.

Elliot’s Adam’s apple rolled and was about to speak, but Avery answered first, “I accidentally fell.”

“Oh! Then you fell very hard. Did you fall in the bathroom?” The doctor took the iodine and came out and sterilized her, “Don’t underestimate the sequelae of wrestling, I have seen people who fell into hemiplegia, and I have also seen wrestling and broken legs, and it took several months to rest…”

“Didn’t the elder tell you about the taboos during the New Year?” Avery answered lightly, “It’s best not to say unlucky words during the New Year.”

Doctor: “…”

Elliot looked at her calm appearance and asked, “Is it really not painful anymore?”

Avery glared at him and said: “I said it didn’t hurt as much as yesterday, but I didn’t say it didn’t hurt at all.”

The doctor followed up and asked, “Miss Tate, are you injured anywhere other than the head injury?”

Avery: “No.”

The doctor was stunned for a moment: “Ah, then you fell very well. You just knocked on the cabinet.”

Avery: “Yeah.”

Elliot looked at her and lied, knowing that she was doing it for himself Save face.

But the more she did this, the more guilty Elliot felt.

“It was I who drank too much last night and got into a fight with someone, and accidentally injured her.” Elliot told the truth.

Doctor: “…” The doctor shook his hands, regretting that he was talking too much.

If Elliot knew it earlier, he wouldn’t ask the bottom line.

“That…Mr. Foster, you were fighting with someone, are you not injured?” The doctor glanced at him, “It seems to be fine.”

Elliot: “I was punched hard. I also have pain.”

After the doctor treated Avery’s wound, he immediately glanced at the place where Elliot was beaten.

His injury is a little lighter than Avery, but he also needs medicine.

Avery didn’t look at his injury because she was very hungry. She walked towards the dining room.

Mrs. Scarlet immediately brought breakfast to the table.

The doctor glanced at her, and then whispered to Elliot: “Is Miss Tate angry with you?”

Elliot: “Did you see it?”

“It’s quite obvious. Miss Tate used to care about you. But she gave herself medicine, but she didn’t give you medicine. If you left it before, you wouldn’t need me for this injury on your head. I’ll deal with it for you.” The doctor explained it bluntly and rationally.

What the doctor said was too reasonable, and Elliot didn’t know how to refute it for a while.

At dining room.

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