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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1581 by

Chapter 1581

After chatting casually with Tammy, Avery opened Chad’s dialog box and messaged: [Chad, Mike drank too much tonight. When will you be able to go back?]

Chad replied in seconds: [I will go back tomorrow morning. If he drinks too much, he usually falls asleep, so you don’t have to worry about it.]

Avery: [Well, happy new year!]

Chad looked at the blessing she sent, and wanted to say Happy New Year, but couldn’t type these words.

After a while, he replied: [Avery, will you divorce my boss? I know that it is not good to say this during the New Year, but from what I know about you, I think you will definitely not wrong yourself.]

Avery: [I didn’t think so.]

Chad: [Then think about it carefully, and be careful again and again. If you insist on divorce, you will definitely not get child custody, and your company.]

Chad was not threatening her, but reminding her.

Avery: [I will consider it carefully.]

Chad: [Avery, no matter what happens to you and my boss, we will always be friends, okay?]

Avery: [Of course. And I’m not determined to divorce him either. He apologized to me today, saying he wouldn’t recognize that kid. I’ll talk to him in a few days.]

Chad breathed a sigh of relief.

Avery had a terrible headache, so she put down her phone and closed her eyes to rest.

After Elliot was completely asleep, Avery took his hand from her waist and got out of bed gently. The wound on her head was so painful that she had to deal with it.

If it still hurts so much tomorrow, she has to go to the hospital.

Elliot hit it too hard.

Avery found the medicine box, and after treating the wound casually, put the medicine box back in place.

The mood suddenly became very heavy.

She suspected that she was sick. Maybe it’s a new disease, or maybe the last surgery wasn’t done well, leading to complications.

Something was wrong with her eyes.

Normal people would not experience the symptoms of a sudden darkening in front of their eyes when they had enough rest.

Her eyes had never had any problems before. She had been studying for so many years, and she was not even short-sighted. Because her condition was not serious now, and she was going to celebrate the Spring Festival, she planned to go to the hospital for examination after the year.

As a result, she received the punch tonight, and she suspected that it might make her condition worse.

If it really got worse… Thinking of this, her heartbeat suddenly quickened.

Now because of the estrangement with Elliot, she still didn’t know whether the marriage should continue, so she was unlikely to tell him about her condition.

If her condition worsened because of his punch, she would be even less likely to tell him.

She didn’t want him to feel guilty about it.

After sitting in the living room for a while, there was a sudden sound of hurried footsteps behind him.

Avery immediately looked back –

Elliot appearing at the entrance of the stairs with a flustered face.

“Avery! Do you want to leave?” Elliot asked angrily.

Elliot woke up just now and found that she was not in bed, so frightened that his body was cold and his soul was out of his body.

“I came down for a drink.” Avery got up from the sofa and walked towards him. “Where am I going? What are you thinking about? I said that after the New Year, I’ll talk about other things, then I won’t go now.”

After listening to her answer, Elliot suddenly relaxed.

“Didn’t I ask you to take a bath? It just so happens that you are awake now, go take a bath. There is a smell of alcohol in the room, and I can’t sleep.” Avery strode in front of him, her tone disgusting.

Elliot grabbed her arm and explained, “I was dizzy at the time.”

Avery: “I’m not dizzy now?”

“It’s better.” Elliot followed her steps and went upstairs, “Avery, don’t leave me. You Understand my heart?”

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