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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1580 by

Chapter 1580

Elliot drinks as much as he likes to drink, and sees whoever he likes to go out.

Avery needed to calm down for a while and thought about her future direction.

“Avery, let’s not do this.” Elliot frowned, very dissatisfied with what she just said.

“You go take a shower first. If you have anything to say, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.” Avery didn’t want to talk to him about it.

Avery has a headache now, and Elliot drank too much. Even if Elliot is a little more awake now, he is definitely not rational.

No matter what the two of them talk about now, there will be no result.

Elliot sat beside the bed and didn’t answer her.

He wanted to talk to her, but seeing that she had closed her eyes, he had to give up.

He drank too much tonight, and although his reason was sober, his body was still dominated by alcohol. He was terribly dizzy.

After Avery was breathing evenly, Elliot lay down beside her.

After lying down, his heart was always uneasy, so after hesitating for a few seconds, he stretched out his arms and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Avery was already asleep, but his arm stretched over and hugged her tightly.

If Elliot wasn’t drunk, he wouldn’t have hugged her so hard.

In addition to waking her up, this kind of force made her uncomfortable.

Avery opened her eyes and stared at the hazy yellow light reflected in the window, stunned.

After an unknown amount of time, there was a murmur behind him: “Avery…don’t leave me…don’t go…”

Elliot had a nightmare. His body was hot, and Avery felt like she was about to melt.

She tried to take his arm away from her waist.

Elliot held her like this, and Avery couldn’t sleep at all. But she tried, and she couldn’t move him at all.

Fortunately, She slept in the afternoon. Except for the pain on the head, there is no other discomfort.

Avery simply picked up the phone and passed the time.

Tammy sent her a photo of tonight’s dinner: [the chicken soup was stewed by my mother-in-law herself. The pie was made by my mother-in-law herself. My mother-in-law treated me today, that’s called an intimacy… How can people have two faces?]

Avery replied: [Some people have more than two faces. There may be countless faces.]

Tammy: [Are you talking about my mother-in-law or someone else?]

Avery: [Talk about this phenomenon.]

Tammy: [I’m really not used to it today. Although my mother-in-law called me a few years ago to show her goodwill, she saw me today and treated me better than her own daughter. My mom has never been so sticky to me.]

Avery: [Since the old man is courting you, you should also take a step back. It’s better to be peaceful than noisy.]

Tammy: [She is waiting for me to give birth to my second child.]

Avery: [You give birth to this baby safely first, and the second child is not in a hurry. The big deal is that if you don’t want to give birth in the future, you can’t get pregnant.]

Tammy: [I told Jun the same. He said never let his parents know about this idea.]

Avery: [Well. In many cases, difficulties can be resolved slowly.]

Tammy: [Avery, I am so satisfied now! I am now waiting for my baby to be born so I can live a life like yours.]

Tammy has always envied Avery.

Their children are well-behaved and sensible, and Elliot loves her very much.

Although the relationship between the two of them has twists and turns, the end result is good. And they are still very young, and there will be decades to come to each other.

Avery looked at the message she sent and was happy for her.

Looking at the phone screen, Avery suddenly fell silent. She should have replied to Tammy, but after typing a few words, she deleted it.

Tammy was happy now, she didn’t need to tell her unhappy things to influence others.

50 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1580 by”

  1. Okay this is not good. I have been nervous, anxious, mad as all get out, afraid. Through all the pages of this book. But this set of chapters made me cry. Tells me my personal depression is getting worse.. sure hope this mess changes fast

    1. Avery and Elliot will define you get divorced the second time and after 18 years Avery will find a girl that looks just like her being mothered by Rebecca and think back to 18years ago why Elliot was so curious about the child

      1. I want him to explain he went to see if the child looked like Layla and if so how and ask Avery for her help now

      2. It is going on and on in circles!!!! I have not read a novel in years! Why did I have to get sucked into a novel that the writer is not even finished writing. And what is written is not fully translated?? My bad luck!!!!

        1. I know! I feel the same way. This is ridiculous, I would have never started this book if I would have known that it was incomplete and drags on in circles, and the fact that the book is being poorly translated in all honesty I was a getting a bit confused and taken aback from the language,I didn’t understand what a lot of things meant, just guesstimating. Wrap it up already. Please.

          1. I found the book and was going to order it but it’s in French. And I believe this person translating is doing the best they can because they aren’t English either… that’s my thoughts …
            The book is complete and I’m frustrated because I’m having a hard time with ‘time’ with them only doing a few chapters at a time. And the chapters aren’t very long either..
            I’m sure whoever is translating this is doing other books also- I only wish they’d finish this one first. It
            Has been drug out….And they don’t realize that due to all these factors -many of us won’t be reading books anymore in this way……Hang in there…we’re all in the same boat …. Frustrated…

        2. Exactly same here. First time reading a novel and man is it long. But it’s kinda so well written that I cry now and then a bit lol. I guess that’s really saying something !

    2. The book has somehow managed to influence one’s personal mood and the writer is doing a very horrible job by bringing too many sad scenes

  2. I am disturbed a bit and frazzled by the last batch of chapters…. But I am very happy for the additions and truly hope that this mess works out.
    I knew Elliot was going to tell Avery that night after meeting Rebecca where he had been!!! Thats what I thought he was saying…I just met with Rebecca. I knew he would not let this go much further!
    I think Avery wouldn’t be so angry and upset if Elliot would have told her the 1 reason why he did meet with Rebecca… He told Mike, why not Avery? ARG!! I dont care that Mike thinks he could is being fooled and made fun him…. He isn’t being fooled! And I think Avery should know that the child looks like Layla. If she did, I think as a doctor and a mother she would 100% not blame Elliot for wanting to figure out why/how this can be possible. I would think she would be just as curious and then put the pieces together!
    I kinda feel for Elliot in this situation… I know that Avery feels wronged, but, she also knew that Rebecca was pregnant when they came back. And Elliot was completely honest with her about it having to be done without his knowledge. The only reason he is so curious is because it looks like Layla and Avery. I didn’t expect him to let this go, I just hope that she doesn’t do anything rash…. And she seriously needs to get her head scanned! Dude what kind of a doctor are you? Any hit to the head a doctor would tell you to get a scan done especially after you just had brain surgery!
    Sorry so long 😕… Had a lot to read and comment about.

    1. It’s true! What kind of doctor doesn’t get her brain checked after having some of the symptoms she’s been having and being hit on the head!!!! Please!!!

      1. That tumor hasn’t been removed, the writer should have gotten a doctor to help her analyze the whole stuff.

    2. I understand, I totally feel the same way. What doctor that just had brain surgery and got hit in the head on top of blacking out and headaches come on now let’s be realistic and as far as the baby she was aware of the fact that the child could be Elliott’s and he should take care of his responsibility what kind of woman is she for not wanting that, she hasn’t figured out anything else from Xanders files. How stupid is Rebecca to keep forcing the fact that Layla looks like their baby when You stole the embryo to begin with, make it make sense. Wrap it up already, they’re really dragging this out.

  3. I can’t help laughing because I’m very nervous, depressed about the situation between Elliott and Avery. I’m having panic attacks. I’m extremely sad. I want them to stay together and be stronger and be trusting each other. Can that problem with this baby be solved already? I can’t take the suspense, it’s killing me. Why can’t Elliott force Avery to go to the hospital for a check up? I guess I’ve joined the crowd of worryers for this couple. Please🙏 help them solve this problem. Keep them together no matter what.

  4. I hope Avery is not well and go and have a scan to check what’s going on. I’m more worried about Avery’s health now. Rebecca is scheming and wants to disrupt Elliot and Avery’s marriage.
    The author is determined to throw them in every ditch.
    Next time Cole &Wanda will team up, (I hope not)
    It’s really frustrating. That every time they reconcile some evil surfaces.
    Thank you translator. Much appreciated.

  5. Elliot was set up. He should have told her immediately when he received the call from Rebecca. Let them both go to see her or they decided together what the next move should be. He should not have gone on there own.

    1. Elliot – is he really that stupid? He should’ve known he’d be seen or set up. Thought he was a smart businessman?
      For someone who’d done so well in business he’s not very smart. But neither is Avery as even as a surgeon she won’t take care of herself…..?
      Very frustrating because I’d have finished this already and moved on to another but it’s dragging out…

  6. Like the time passed four years in a chapter now 18 years will pass and avery will receive an email.
    But i hope hyden hacks xanders laptop and finds out truth

  7. I hope Elliot will show Avery baby’s pictures instead of keeping it from her, from there they can figure out something. But I still don’t understand why Avery a mother and a doctor couldn’t feel that something happened to her body. Removing an embryo from the womb is a major procedure, how she didn’t feel anything still baffled me. This can’t happen in real life. I did just a smear test and took me 3 days or so to feel comfortable how much more such a major procedure that was carried out on her. Avery always pushing away going for check up in the hospital makes me feel she might die and Elliot will end up with Rebecca.

    1. Gracious, everything you said is so true.
      And speaking from experience I truly don’t understand or agree that Avery didn’t know she had an embryo removed, yes without a doubt a woman would know! Even though it’s just a story I’m very confused why we would be made to believe something as outrageous as that . We should at least be given facts……

      1. I agree. Anyone would know. The author believes we should just take his word. Everyone though it’s a novel there should be a degree of normalcy. Some of the things he expects us to believe are unbelievable even a child would not agree with him.

  8. Agree with you LJSO. I am having a very disturbing feeling that this novel will end on a sad note. Either Elliott or Avery may die or the children will suffer lifelong psychological problems. Man both Mike and Hayden are skilled hackers and supposedly smart why do they not delve into Xanders emails etc. Mike is a hot head who sows even more discord because of his anger and Hayden is a child. Why did the author make him cold and indifferent and angry with his father? I have invested so much time in this novel and don’t want to give up but I have to say my disgust and frustration with the author grows more everyday. I am reading 5 other books and there are intrigues and schemes in them also. None are as macabre letting evil and schemes constantly triumph. The lead characters have become weak and suffer thus letting their children suffer. Kudos to the translator but wow this author really must hate love and happy peaceful endings. I will say it again the authors attitude seems to be that love is all about pain and suffering and it makes you weak and stupid.

    1. MJ, wow you said it perfect!!!
      There’s no way after almost 10 years and everything Hayden and Layla (and let’s not forget about all the bad things they’ve been told about their dad) have been through that they will grow up without psychological problems 😔
      I’m the same as you, I want so badly to finish this story but honestly after reading so many great stories where there’s EQUAL amounts of drama and happiness it kinda makes you wonder if it’s worth reading about nothing but pain and suffering??
      And I’m so confused how Elliot has turned into a weak man? The old him would NEVER let evil people control him. And how can Avery, supposedly a top surgeon just neglect her symptoms? Terribly disappointed with the direction that this once GREAT story is taking 😔

      1. Totally agree! The author is into science fiction for sure! The erasing Elliott’s memory? the removing the embryo and her not feeling anything? Let’s not forget they slept together right after the procedure???? No bleeding? No discomfort? The anger Hyden has? I don’t believe a 9 year old can act like a 40 year old man regardless of how much of a genius he is. Crazy!!! Science fiction for sure!

    2. You read my thoughts and put it to words, I totally agree with everything You have said. Thank You 🙏 I’m also currently reading other books and I must say that by far this book has had the worst highs and lows and the direction, narrative, and language has changed tremendously since the beginning. Auntie, Uncle, second brother, first sister, come on now Brother Wesley, since when!

  9. I’m really having a hard time understanding why the author continuously is so cruel to Elliot, Avery and the kids?? When you go back and read the story again it’s devastating to see how in 10 years Elliot and Avery have only spent a couple of months together (and it’s only happened a couple of times) before they are tragically torn apart. It’s disturbing how innocent kids childhood has been destroyed beyond repair. Kids should never be drugged through the parents problems. I’m confused how at almost 1600 chapters Elliot and Avery aren’t an unbreakable couple who stands beside each other and fights for their happiness together?? With no lies, secrets etc. There’s so many different directions this story could have took hundreds of chapters ago and still ended up being a good one. The title of this story should have been “the never ending pain and suffering of Elliot, Avery and their kids”
    A good twist to this cruel story would be if instead of once again blaming Elliot for hurting Avery, let Hayden feel like “well Elliot had to have a baby with Rebecca because I killed Cristian” so he then decides to investigate how Rebecca ended up pregnant with Elliot’s child. Wouldn’t that be great?
    I truly don’t understand why the author loves to put them through hell over and over again, but let’s all of the evil ones live a good life…….???
    There’s only so much pain, suffering and sadness one story can handle before there’s nothing left to look forwards to. And it’s obvious Elliot and Avery’s pain and suffering has been played to death 😔

    1. Yes and sadly we have wasted our time this far, it’s hard to stop reading, I heard from another site that the author was still not done with this noble!! 😭 “The sad and depressing lives of Avery and Elliott “ Hayden is so smart but can never try to understand why his father does anything. He’s only blindly defending his mother and blames everything on his father. He forgot Who saved his life and was beaten in front of him, when he also saw him kneeling to beg for his slide to be spared…., the brilliant child can’t see anything good about his father. DEPRESSING AND RIDICULOUS!!!

  10. Sometimes Avery jumps to the wrong conclusion. She left him first time cos of a picture of a female, Shea who was his sister then, Elliot didn’t want to have a child then due to all the abuse and all, she decides to tell the kids, he will kill them….in helping Aiden, she did somethings, I know it’s hard, but they both should know it’s best to communicate and speak up

  11. More chapters please I pray Avery is ok I wish she would find out about the baby Rebecca is carrying
    Ty great novel always in suspense

  12. Let say Elliot wanted the child from Rebecca why Avery is bitter. She’s a mother too. What if the situation switch?
    Ok author your characters are grownups not teenagers, have more sense🤔

    Thanks for translating! ❤️

    1. Novel is from a country that “ex” is almost forbidden. So no way Avery could share her husband with the “ex” or other wife. His love had to be for her children only. Sad but so true even in this day and age.

  13. After everything Avery went through to get Elliot back in Yonroeville, it makes no sense that she would easily concede to Rebecca. Now that their family is back together, the author seems quick to split them up again. This is so ridiculous.

  14. Wth? Are you serious? The book isn’t even finished? Or is it finished but translator just decided to translate little by little? Sooooo, how often does this get updated?

  15. I don’t understand why in the first place what mother puts their kids in an adult conversation to bad mouth the other parent plus why do they talk to the kids about adult conversation things that they tell these kids they shouldn’t know it’s crazy because hyden been catching buses and cabs by himself since he was six years old what six years old travel alone and know how to get around to different places hell I’m grown as hell and still need gps to get around and I agree with you what women doesn’t know something different about her body she should have been bleeding or something pain afterwards and for the life of me Mike and Eric and Tammy needs to mind their dam business I will give my friend advice but I never tell them to leave their mate unless it’s abuse this Novel is so depressing I want to get to the end the author must’ve had a lot of bad relationship that’s why the Novel can’t see anything good with this marriage and for goodness sake Elliot foster and Hayden should have gotten closer by now I don’t understand Avery should have never told them bad stuff about him and another thing now she might want to leave him because of Rebecca hell she knew he was with her at first why go get him away from her but your ready to throw away what y’all have you should have let him stayed with her you messed up his.plan some time I really wish Elliot foster would just go on with his life and leave Avery she has caused him so much pain that I don’t even like her just like she sent that money instead of talking to him about it to many times she went behind his back she’s not as smart as him she just got in the game when she met him this Novel is crazy 😧🤣 I want to stop reading it but I’m stuck wanting to know how the end turns out crazy For Goodness sake please let us have the book 📚📖 so we can read it and don’t have to wait until the next post sign definitely depressed 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 please happy ending.let hyden know what it feels like to have a father the whole family is crazy 😧

    1. It’s psychologically affecting the children, Hayden’s said he’s not getting married after witnessing the parents battle field every day. So writer is not helping much. This gay stuff this is d second novel I’m reading about it, maybe from same writer.
      Thanks so much for your update, really appreciate your efforts.

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