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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1576 by

Chapter 1576

At 4:00 in the afternoon, Avery woke up.

Everyone looked at her as she came downstairs.

She was a little flattered.

“Why are you all looking at me?” Avery touched her face.

When she woke up, her face was a little red.

In the afternoon, she slept well, so she is in good spirits now, and she is not as distracted as before.

No matter what, her life will go on.

And now so many friends came to the house, she was very happy to see them.

“Avery! I brought you a gift.” Gwen brought the gift she bought to her in front of her, “I got a good place in the preliminary round, and my agent gave me an extra bonus. For this, I bought it for you at a jewelry store near the airport.”

Avery opened the box, and inside were several bracelets of different thicknesses with decorative beads of different colors.

These bracelets look great on the wrist together.

“Gwen, thank you, I like it very much.” Avery smiled brightly.

Elliot, Ben Schaffer, and Hayden looked at the smile on her face together.

“Let’s have a drink tonight.” Mike came over, stood beside Elliot, and put his hand on his shoulder, “Do you dare to drink with me?”

Elliot knew why Mike asked him to drink.

He wanted to vent his anger for Avery.

“You drink less, or you will all get drunk. There can’t be so many people here.” Avery didn’t stop her clearly.

Mike: “Isn’t there a driver at Elliot’s house? We are drunk and let the driver deliver it.”

Avery: “There is only one driver working during the Spring Festival.”

“Oh, okay, drink less.” Mike took Elliot to the dining room.

Seeing this, Ben Schaffer immediately followed, “How can I be without me drinking!”

If Ben Schaffer didn’t come to help, Elliot would definitely be half-killed by Mike.

Gwen didn’t know that Avery and Elliot were in conflict, so he was puzzled: “Avery, why didn’t you stop them? Where can someone start drinking during the day? If they drink it at night, they will definitely get drunk.”

Immediately It was 5: p.m., and although it wasn’t completely dark, it would soon be dark.

Avery sat on the sofa and ate fruit: “Let them drink if they want.”

“Ben Schaffer and Mike have no problem drinking, but isn’t my second brother seriously ill?” Gwen was worried about Elliot’s body.

Although Elliot has not officially recognized her sister, he accepted the gift from her today and agreed to let her live in his house.

Gwen was happy and grateful.

A feeling of finally being at home came spontaneously.

“His body has recovered.” Avery peeled a longan and put it in her mouth, “Don’t worry about them, if something goes wrong, you can send him to the hospital.”

Gwen felt that Avery seemed to have changed, but she looked at her. Her eyebrows were raised slightly, and she looked like a cloudless wind, but it didn’t seem to have changed.

She used to be very strict with Elliot, but now she is much more relaxed towards him.

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