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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1572 by

Chapter 1572

After Avery was woken up, she never fell asleep. She was very depressed.

When Elliot saw Avery come out, he immediately strode towards her and took her into his arms.

“Avery, I’m sorry.” Elliot hugged her tightly and apologized to her.

Avery’s eyes were scarlet, and out of the corner of her eyes she caught a glimpse of Mike’s figure.

No matter what Elliot say to her, it’s not good at all.

Avery pushed Elliot and wanted to talk to him elsewhere, but Elliot hugged her tightly and didn’t let go.

“Go to the room and talk.” Avery looked at his handsome face with remorse and whispered.

Elliot took a deep breath, grabbed her arm, and led her into the room.

The two entered the room and closed the door.

Mike frowned, let out a gloomy sigh, and walked to the door of the guest room, wanting to eavesdrop.

It’s a pity that the two of them didn’t make a lot of noise in the room, and Mike couldn’t hear anything.

Mike turned on his phone, sent a message to Chad, and complained wildly: [Your boss is such a big sc*mbag! Do not agree to argue.]

Chad: [Are you sick? New Year’s Eve, do you want me to scold you?]

Mike: [Ha ha ha! I knew you were indiscriminate, you must protect your boss first.]

Chad: [You tell me, why did my boss provoke you? Could it be that you went to eat and was kicked out by him? ]

Mike: [What are you farting! Just based on my friendship with Avery, do you think he dares to treat me with such disrespect?]

Chad: [Then you are sick! When I finish my New Year’s greetings today, I will take you to see a doctor tomorrow!]

Mike: [You may not know what the big news is! I really don’t want to tell you, I’m dying of curiosity]
Chad: [? ? ?]

Mike: [Your boss is probably going to kneel down to admit his mistake. Are you saying I’m going to buy a washboard or a durian now?]

Chad was worried when he read the news, so he dialed Mike’s number.

Without thinking, Mike hung up the phone. Then send him a message immediately: [I’m eavesdropping on them outside the door]

Chad: [Oh…have you overheard anything?]

Chad: [Wait! Are they both at their house or yours now?]

Mike: [At my house! Your boss ran Avery away from home angrily. You said that your boss is not a scmbag! In my heart, he is the second biggest scmbag besides my ex!]

Chad: [What the h-e-l-l happened? If you don’t tell me again, we’ll break up. My patience can only count to five.]

Chad: [5,4,3]

Mike: [Shit! Slow the fuck up!]

Chad: [2]

Mike: [Rebecca!]

Chad: [What happened to Rebecca? Isn’t she in Yonroeville?]

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