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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1571 by

Chapter 1571

If she stopped him and prevented him from seeing Rebecca and Rebecca’s children, it would be dehumanizing and inhumane.

“Mike, the child in Rebecca’s womb looks a lot like Layla.” Elliot explained the reason, “I can show you the photos, but don’t tell Avery. I’m afraid she will be sad.”

“Hehehe! I don’t see it. You have made things like this now, of course you have to find an excuse to cleanse yourself. It’s just that you made a mistake, I’m on Avery’s side. If you don’t make a clean break with Rebecca and that child, Avery will break with you sooner or later. You can’t have both fish and bear’s paws.”

Hearing Mike’s rebuke, Elliot swallowed what he said to his mouth.

Even Mike had such a big reaction. If Avery knew about it, it would definitely not be less than his reaction.

Because Elliot didn’t speak, Mike’s reason returned to his body a little: “You said that the child looks like Layla? Are you sure you are not joking? How can you and Rebecca’s child resemble Layla?”

“Rebecca showed me the child’s color Doppler.” Elliot explained.

Mike: “Oh! She showed you a color Doppler photo like Layla’s… Don’t you know that the photo can be Photoshopped? How can you be sure that the photo she shows you is real? You use your daily schedule. Think carefully, how can you and Rebecca children be like Layla?”

Elliot was silent.

“This is the funniest joke I’ve heard recently. You’re being played around by Rebecca. I know Layla is beautiful and talented, and you like her very much, but you can’t think that Layla is just because of that. You can copy and paste at will.” Mike laughed.

Elliot was like a dick.

Mike was right.

–Why can’t color Doppler photos be faked?

–Even the paternity test sent by Rebecca might be fake.

–Before a child is born, everything is empty.

He can’t believe it unless the child is born and he really sees the child like Layla.

“Mike, is Avery at your house now?” Elliot asked hoarsely.

“What are you doing? She’s sleeping now. Judging from her appearance, she probably didn’t sleep last night.” Mike didn’t want Elliot to come over to disturb her.

But Elliot couldn’t control his emotions. He wanted to see her right away, explain to her, apologize to her.

After Mike finished talking on the phone, he walked to the door of the guest room, opened the door lightly, and glanced inside.

Avery turned her back to the door and couldn’t see his face clearly.

But Mike thought she should have fallen asleep. Because he stood at the door and watched for a while, she lay quietly, motionless.

He closed the door of the guest room and returned to the living room, making tea while waiting for Elliot.

Elliot didn’t say he was coming on the phone just now, but Mike felt that Elliot would definitely come.

Sure enough, within half an hour, Elliot appeared at his door.

Mike opened the door for him, and said strangely: “Is Rebecca still in Aryadelle now?”

“She’s left.” Elliot strode into the living room, “Which room is Avery in?”

“I said she was resting, do you want to wake her up?” Mike hurried forward and pulled him back.

At this time, Avery pushed open the door of the guest room and walked out.

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