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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1570 by

Chapter 1570

Avery suffered so much grievance, Mike must scolded Elliot severely.

Otherwise pissed off.

Moreover, he has to figure out what Elliot’s attitude towards Rebecca is!

If Elliot intends to get entangled with Rebecca, he must persuade Avery to divorce.

The phone was dialed and was quickly connected.

“Avery said he went to the grave with you, where are you now?” Elliot’s voice was the same as usual, calm, without ups and downs.

“Avery told you to take me to the grave?” Mike was startled.

“You didn’t go with her?” Elliot was also shocked.

Mike scolded, “Hehe, Elliot, it’s not the point of going to the grave now. The point is, you f*cking met with Rebecca last night and were found out. What do you want to do? If you don’t want to live with Avery Now, divorce her. Don’t hang her and mess around outside again.”

“What did Avery tell you?” Elliot didn’t expect his suspicions to come true, “I went to see Rebecca last night and I didn’t have time to tell Avery.”

When Elliot was about to tell Avery last night, she was called by Adrian to the kitchen. Then he fell asleep because he was so sleepy.

When Avery woke up in the morning, she was no longer at home.

Elliot didn’t deliberately hide it. His fault, at most, was that he didn’t tell her the truth when he went out.

After all, there were so many people in the family at that time that it was not convenient to speak directly.

Mike sneered, “You’ve been discovered now, so there’s no time to talk about the reasons. Elliot, you are really disappointing. If you can’t let go of Rebecca and can’t end your relationship with Avery, don’t talk to Avery. Together! You are like this, not only tarnishing your feelings, but also hurting your three children even more.”

“I can’t let go of Rebecca.” Elliot retorted him.

Mike scolded, “Then why did you run to see Rebecca? Yesterday on New Year’s Eve, you went to see Rebecca secretly. Who are you trying to disgust? If I were Avery, I would never run out in anger! What a bummer!”

“Mike, there are some things I dare not say to Avery.” Elliot decided to respond to Mike’s question after a moment of silence, “I have no feelings for Rebecca, otherwise, I would not have left Yonroeville. However, I was also at fault. My fault was that I had feelings for the child in her womb.”

Mike gritted his teeth: “You and Avery already have three children, isn’t it enough that your father’s love is overflowing? That child of Rebecca, give up the three children in your country? You either have no brain or lie. You just have feelings for Rebecca.”

“I would rather admit that I have a brain hole than that I have feelings for Rebecca. “

Elliot’s answer made Mike sigh heavily: “Then what the h-e-l-l do you want to do? Take Rebecca’s child? Let Avery won’t live in peace? Do you mean that?”

Elliot: “Do you think there is such a thing? Is it possible?”

Mike sneered, “Why is it impossible? I think it’s possible for you to do something outrageous. If you go and tell Avery, you are for the child in Rebecca’s womb, so you are with Rebecca. Rebecca is confused, guess what Avery will react to.”

Elliot: “So I dare not tell her.”

Mike scolded loudly, “Sc*mbag, Avery’s remarriage with you will definitely be her life is the stupidest thing ever.”

Mike’s roar was deafening.

Avery was woken up by his roar in the guest room. She clearly heard what Mike just said.

Elliot turned out to be for the child in Rebecca’s womb, so he went to see Rebecca last night.

Elliot actually had feelings for the child in Rebecca’s womb!

Avery was stunned, as if she had suffered a head-on blow.

The child in Rebecca’s womb is also his child, how could Avery forget it? How could he really give up his own flesh and blood.

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