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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1569 by

Chapter 1569

So Elliot came back a little late last night. He got the photo back, it was in the car and he didn’t take it out.

He walked towards the garage and pulled out the photo.

He took the photo and went to the study.

He turned on the light, carefully looked at the baby in the color Doppler ultrasound, and picked up the family portrait of their family on the desk.

Even if he compared Layla’s current photo with this little baby, he could still see that it was very similar.

He put the photo down and put one hand on his forehead.

The peaceful life of his dreams seemed to be stamped with a comical seal.

The other side.

Avery came to Mike’s residence after visiting her mother’s grave.

After Avery and Elliot were reconciled, Mike moved out of the Starry River Villa. Only when Avery or Elliot were not at home did he occasionally go back to live.

“What’s wrong?” Mike poured her a glass of water, “I still have milk here, but it’s ice. You’re a little pale. It’s better to drink some hot water.”

“Water is fine.” Avery took the glass and took a sip, “Mike, I…”

Avery opened her mouth, but hesitated.

“I know, you quarreled with Elliot. You wrote it on your face.” Mike stood in front of her with his hands on his hips.

When Avery came in after ringing the doorbell, Mike glanced at her and knew it.

If Avery hadn’t quarreled with Elliot, she wouldn’t come to him today on the first day of the new year.

“No quarrel.” Avery took another sip of water, “The child is so old, what’s there to be arguing about.”

“Tough mouth.” Mike sat down beside her and looked at her face, “Let me guess. Elliot quarreled with Hayden?”

Avery: “No. Hayden is too old, so stop arguing with him.”

“Tsk tsk, our Hayden is really good.” Mike said, and continued to speculate, “Elliot looks indifferent, so he shouldn’t be cheating, could he… … cheated?”

Avery coughed sharply: “Didn’t you say that he looks cold?”

“But you will be angry only if he cheats.” Mike took it from the fruit bowl A banana, peeled, and swallowed in two bites, “Who has he cheated on?”

Avery was gloomy: “Elliot went to see Rebecca last night.”

“Rebecca came to Aryadelle?” Mike was shocked, “What does this woman want to do?! Elliot ran to see her, and what did he want to do?”

“I don’t know. Elliot didn’t tell me.” Avery put down the water glass in frustration, “If he told me, I wouldn’t stop him and let him go to see Rebecca.”

“Avery, stay awake, if he tells you, you will definitely stop him. You won’t let him go to see Rebecca.” Mike corrected her words.

Avery opened her eyes and looked at him dazedly, as if to say: So I am such a person.

Avery thought about it carefully, and Mike was right.

If Elliot told Avery last night that he was going to see Rebecca, she would definitely not let him go out, not only would she not let him out, but she would also quarrel with him.

“No wonder Elliot didn’t tell me…” Avery murmured, the strength in her body seemed to be drained.

She was leaning back on the sofa, feeling a little tired.

She hardly slept last night. Now that she knew why Elliot hid him. her heart seems to be untied, so she really wanted to sleep well.

“Go to sleep in your room.” Mike pulled her arm, “Don’t catch a cold here. Otherwise, Elliot will come to trouble me.”

Avery got up from the sofa mechanically: “Is Rebecca seven months old now? Her belly must be very big. She didn’t hesitate to come here. Could it be possible that she told Elliot in advance?”

“Do you think What are you doing? Go to bed first.” Mike couldn’t answer her question, and he didn’t want to sow discord.

It’s really sad that something like this happened during the New Year.

Mike helped Avery to the guest room, and after Avery lay down, Mike covered her with a quilt.

After closing her eyes, she fell asleep quickly.

Mike came out of the room, found his mobile phone, and dialed Elliot’s number.

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