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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1566 by

Chapter 1566

The other party immediately replied: [Five million. This number is not much for you, is it? As long as you call the money tonight, I promise to destroy all the photos.]

Avery looked at the word ‘Five million’ and thought it was ridiculous.

–Is the photo of Elliot and Rebecca worth so much money?

Avery wanted to grit her teeth and said to the person on the phone, go and expose it. Expose now. Not to mention that Elliot and Rebecca were photographed going to the hotel for a tryst, even if she took a picture of the two of them on the bed, she wouldn’t be afraid.

Elliot was not afraid, what was there to be afraid of.

Avery just felt disgusted, and she was afraid that the child would be disgusted.

In the end, it was still getting older, and the temperament was more calm than before, and it was more able to bear the pain that was unbearable before, or it was too much, and people were a little numb.

Avery copied the bank card number sent by the other party, opened her own bank app, and transferred five million.

After receiving the money, the other party sent a message: [Miss Tate, I didn’t expect you to be so refreshing. I didn’t expect you and your husband to be so good looking. But still, I wish you a Happy New Year]

Avery clenched the phone tightly, and the expression on her face couldn’t be concealed.

“Avery, what’s wrong with you?” Adrian asked, looking at her cold expression.

“Someone wishing me a happy new year,” Avery explained, putting the phone down, “the one I hate.”

Adrian: “Oh… the hater, just ignore it.”

“Um.” Avery took it from the table and picked up the glass and took a sip.

Time will soon come to the countdown to New Years Eve.

On the TV, the host and everyone on the scene counted down together: “Ten, nine, eight, seven…”

“Adrian, what do you wish for in the new year?” Avery looked at Adrian.

Adrian: ” I hope I can become smarter and smarter and can take care of myself.”

Avery: “You can definitely do it. I believe in you.”

“Avery, thank you. What is your wish?” Adrian asked rhetorically.

Avery thought for a moment, then the corners of her mouth rose: “I hope my three children are healthy and happy.”



“No one said that you can only make one wish, but you can make many.” Adrian reminded her, “You can also wish that you and your husband are also healthy…”

“If you wish too much, it won’t work.” Avery smiled and said, “The most important thing is that the child is healthy and happy.”

Adrian: “Okay! Then Am I being too greedy? My wish is so big.”

Avery: “Don’t be greedy. God has already accepted your wish. We will celebrate New Year’s Eve together at the end of the year.”

Adrian: “Okay!”

Avery returned to the bedroom and Elliot gave it to her. Left a bedside lamp.

He was fast asleep, breathing evenly and looked really tired.

Avery walked to the bed and turned off the light before she went to bed. The room suddenly fell into darkness.

She lay down on the bed with her back to Elliot.

–Elliot went out to see Rebecca, but he didn’t tell her in advance. Today is New Year’s Eve, a day to reunite with family. On such an important day, he secretly went out to meet Rebecca.

For Avery, this was a spiritual betrayal.

–If Elliot can sneak to see Rebecca once, there will be a second time, a third time…

–It’s the same thing as physical betrayal.

–Is Elliot not letting go of Rebecca or the child in Rebecca’s womb? Or, both?

–After all, if Elliot doesn’t have feelings for Rebecca, how can he have feelings for the child in Rebecca’s belly?

Suddenly a deep rift arose in her heart.

No wonder people say that after being together for a long time, it is easy to lose freshness and passion. She thought that she and Elliot would be exempt from the commonplace, but unexpectedly, they were also common people.

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  1. How could Elliot be so foolish and let his guard down? Has he forgotten he’s a public figure? Did he think he was invincible or what. This is definitely not how the writer portrayed Elliot in the beginning of the novel.

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