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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1565 by

Chapter 1565

A total of six artists chorus, followed by countless dancers.

The scene was very lively and the melody was very festive.

Avery and Elliot sat down on the sofa, and both of them looked at the TV screen at the same time.

Elliot said proactively, “Ben Schaffer called me. He said that Gwen won the second place in the preliminary competition.”

Avery: “I know. Gwen called me.”

Elliot: “They will go back to Aryadelle tomorrow.”

“Well.” this topic made Avery forget to ask who Elliot went to see just now, “Let Gwen continue to stay in the hotel then? It’s not good?”

“Do you want Gwen to stay at my house?” Elliot asked.

Avery: “It’s okay to stay at my house. It’s the Spring Festival, everyone is back home to reunite with their families, but we let Gwen come back to stay in the hotel. I think it’s too indifferent.”

“Listen to you. You can live wherever you arrange for her.” Elliot compromised, looking at her clear eyes with deep eyes. After hesitating again and again, he said again, “I just…”

“Avery, come and see if the dumplings are cooked.” Adrian sound came from the kitchen.

Avery immediately got up from the sofa and strode towards the kitchen.

Elliot got up very early today and was very sleepy now. He walked to the kitchen and said to Avery, “Avery, I’ll go back to the room to wash first.”

“Okay! Go!” Avery was holding a bowl, and in the bowl was a steaming dumpling, in the sweltering heat Under the steam, her eyes gleamed faintly.

After Elliot returned to the room, Avery and Adrian filled dumplings and went to the living room to eat while watching TV.

20 minutes later, the two finished eating dumplings.

Avery took the bowl into the dishwasher and came out of the kitchen.

Avery: “Adrian, go back to your room to sleep. I’m going to bed too. It’s very late now.”

Adrian scratched his head: “I want to wait for the New Year’s Eve.”

Avery glanced at the time, and it was just over an hour before the New Year.

“I’ll wait for New Year’s Eve with you.” Avery sat down beside him, “Actually, I’m not that sleepy.”

A sketch was playing on the TV.

In order to make herself not so sleepy, she took a serious look.

After some time, Avery’s phone screen lit up.

She picked up her phone and saw that it was 11 o’clock at night. Elliot should have fallen asleep.

She clicked on the message from the unfamiliar number, and saw a candid photo.

In the photo, Rebecca has a big belly, holding Elliot’s arm, and was about to enter the elevator.

In the photo, Elliot was wearing the new coat he wore today.

–He said he was going to see a friend, but it turned out to be Rebecca.

–The faint scent of perfume on his body naturally came from Rebecca.

–Didn’t he say he’d never meet Rebecca again?

–No, what he promised was that he would never go to Yonroeville again.

–He didn’t say that Rebecca came to Aryadelle to see her.

[Miss Tate, we photographed your husband having a tryst with a woman with a big belly for nearly an hour tonight. If you don’t want this news to be in the headlines, then you need to pay a buyout fee. I still have a lot of these photos in my hand, and if I release any of them, it will definitely make it impossible for your family to celebrate the New Year.]

Avery read the text message sent by the other party, and her heart sank into a cold pool.

She wanted to say, let the photos go out, because it wasn’t her who was secretly photographed anyway.

But thinking about how big this incident would affect the child, she could only endure her unhappiness and sent a message to ask: [How much do you want?]

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  1. I wonder exactly what Elliot was going to say when he began to say, “I just” and then Adrian called for Avery in the kitchen. Was he going to tell her about where he just was….. Hum!

  2. It is an annoying writer. I mean, for two smart people, Avery and Elliot can’t learn the damage secrets cause? It’s kind of ridiculous.

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