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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1563 by

Chapter 1563

Gwen called Avery.

Avery picked up the phone immediately.

Gwen’s excited voice came: “Avery! I ranked second in the preliminary round. I was second.”

Avery’s heart beat with excitement: “You are awesome. I knew you could do it.”

“I’m so happy! I originally set my goal to be in the top ten and successfully enter the semi-finals, so I’m satisfied. I didn’t expect that I was second in the preliminary round. It’s only a little bit lower than the first place.”

Avery: “Gwen, you really amazing. If your second brother knows this news, he will definitely be happy for you.”

“I also hope he can impress me. I will continue to work hard in the future.” Gwen said, Ben Schaffer’s voice came, “Gwen, are you calling Avery?”

Gwen: “You know it but you are still asking.”

“Let’s talk when we go back. I have already booked a flight back to Aryadelle, let’s go home.” Ben Schaffer said.

Fireworks bloomed in the air, and the night was suddenly decorated with colorful lights.

Avery looked at the dazzling light in the sky, and his thoughts were pulled far away.

In the living room, Robert was awakened by Layla’s cheerful scream.

Mrs. Cooper hugged Robert and walked to Avery: “Robert didn’t blink. This was the first time Robert has seen fireworks.”

Avery looked at her son’s wide eyes in shock, and couldn’t help but laugh: “Baby, aren’t the fireworks so beautiful?”

Robert stretched his arms out, wanting to go out.

Mrs. Cooper looked at Avery’s face.

“Take him out and see. It should be fine after a while.” Avery finished and walked out with Mrs. Cooper.

The fireworks were on for about half an hour.

When the night returns to tranquility, Shea leads Layla, Adrian leads Hayden, and prepares to go back to the living room.

“Mom, I’m going to set off fireworks tomorrow.” Layla said to Avery.

Avery: “Okay! Let’s go buy fireworks tomorrow.”

Layla: “Our yard is too small, but Dad’s yard is big enough. So many fireworks, if they are placed in our yard, there is not enough space to put them.”

“Then I’ll stay at my father’s house tomorrow.” Avery said, adding, “But you have to discuss it with your brother first. Mom and Dad will listen to you.”

Layla immediately grabbed Hayden’s arm and discussed with him in a low voice.

Regent Hotel.

After Rebecca waited for Elliot in the hotel lobby, she was moved and happy tears.

Rebecca was wearing a loose long coat, which couldn’t hide her bulging belly.

“Elliot, thank you for coming to see me and the baby. There are too many photos of the baby, so I put them in the room.” Rebecca grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the elevator.

“I asked the doctor why our children look like Layla. The doctor said that the child should be like you. Layla should be like you.” Rebecca explained to Elliot why the child resembled Layla.

Foster family.

After the children put off the fireworks, they went back to the room and went to sleep, and Mrs. Cooper carried Robert back to the room.

After watching TV in the living room for a while, Shea couldn’t hold it anymore, so she went to rest.

“Adrian, are you sleepy? If you are sleepy, go to bed. There was a whole day of noise at home, and you didn’t take a nap.” Avery wanted to wait for Elliot to come back.

Avery glanced at the time. It has been 40 minutes since Elliot went out.

She didn’t know when Elliot will come back.

Adrian said warmly, “Avery, I’ll accompany you. Are you waiting for your husband? Why didn’t he come back so late? Do you want to call him?”

36 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1563 by”

  1. If Elliot and Avery would just communicate. Avery may be able to figure out why Xander gave her two treatments of anesthesia, before the one surgery. He need to inform her that Rebecca is contacting him and the baby pictures are looking exactly like Layla. After all, Avery is a genius. When she finds out. I hope she doesn’t think Elliot is having an affair with Rebecca.
    Also, whatever is going to happen with Avery and her ailment. I wish we quickly find out. She may also figure this out, as well.
    Elliot going to that hotel without any body guards. There is no telling what Rebecca have up her sleeve. I pray this is not dragged out.

    1. The author makes it seems, as if, Elliot is being pulled in by the baby looking like Layla. Well, he should be able to tell Avery. The secrets is what brings the complications. They both have not learned, yet.
      It is very disappointing.

  2. So… When your wife from another country asks you to come and see her, and she is carrying your child but technically not your child with her, and instead, its your child with your other wife… yea, confusing right… only in books!

  3. Elliot is crossing the line with Rebecca.
    There is no way the baby can look like Layla without genetics from Avery.
    When are they going to do the blood tests?
    Thank you
    Please post more.

  4. Can’t we have some peace reading this book? The drama is just unnecessary and too much. Let Avery and Elliot live together in peace for the sake of the children. What’s there is Elliot just tell Avery straight up that Rebecca keep contacting him and saying the child look like Layla. This is not how husband and wife live in real life

    1. Perfect, at this point I don’t think we’ll ever have peace reading this story.
      And you’re right a loving husband and wife would never act like this in real life. But for some reason the author has made Elliot a weak, stupid idiot of a man who would rather give up his loving wife and biological children (who he claims to love more than anything) to go to a hotel (without telling Avery) to meet with a woman he doesn’t love just because of a baby who “looks like his wife so he has a soft spot for it 🤦🏻‍♀️“ meanwhile he obviously knows that meeting Rebecca at a hotel is going to be plastered all over the headlines tomorrow morning. Not to mention why on earth would he allow Rebecca to grab his arm and lead him to the elevator…..
      Plus let’s not forget how he just told Hayden that he promised Avery he would never see Rebecca or her baby ever. Wow the author sure has made Elliot’s character one extremely weak and stupid man. Sure miss the old Elliot who was powerful and dealt with evil people. Too bad he’s not smart or mature enough to tell his wife what’s going on and work with her to figure out the truth.

  5. As much as I originally liked this story it has just turned into another round of deceit and misunderstanding. Instead of resolving an issue the author has now thrown Elliotts mother who is manipulated by Wanda into the loop. How can there be peace? I guess the authors intent is to keep us on the edge of our seats. With all the intrigues and issues any normal person would have gone crazy or died. Elliott and Avery have become stupid. Avery is a doctor who is ignoring her symptoms (maybe the tumor has returned) I also hope Elliott does not believe in Rebecca’s lies. ( the genetic and scientific facts should be proof that Avery is the mother of Rebecca’s child. ) But Rebecca says the child looks like Elliott duh if he falls for this explanation he is really dumb. I felt a little sorry that Xander died but now I am disgusted by his behavior and how his decision can ruin Avery and Elliott. This was not a true friend he believed his actions were for Averys good. The one thing that many of these novels have in common is that the evil that is done is “for their own good”

    1. MJ, very well said. I agree with everything you said.
      I to don’t understand why Elliot and Avery have become so DUMB??? I always thought they were intelligent people but lately………..

  6. I was hoping that Elliot will take Avery along with him to see Rebecca from there Rebecca will know her place, but Elliot doing lying to Avery is just a way of ruining their relationship and if it happens again it’ll be irreparable.

    1. I was hoping they would go together too then they could ask her about Xander death. She not that smart with lies

  7. I thank Rebbaca is good to kidnap him and take him to her country. Elliott didn’t take bodyguards so he can just disappear and no one will be any wiser

  8. She is now in HIS country! Keep her here. He needs to bring his dark side back. Like he was in the beginning of this never ending book!

    1. DoubleD, Yes he does need to bring his dark side back! We need the old Elliot! Sadly I think the author has made him a very stupid and weak man…..
      I’m shocked how much he has let Rebecca walk all over him and control him. Doesn’t make sense considering Kyrie is dead so he has nothing to worry about.
      Terrible how he claims he loves Avery but he forced her to have an abortion meanwhile he says he doesn’t like Rebecca or the child but he’s never sent his bodyguards to deal with her……. hmmm honestly doesn’t make sense?! Ridiculous how he didn’t even care to find out how she ended up pregnant with his child. Even stranger how he’s never questioned how Rebecca is farther along then the timeline he was in Yonroeville…….

  9. Very disappointing chapter. When I started reading this I thought it was a great romance story with a little bit of drama, but instead I’m not sure what it is, horror story? Let the evil ones win or let’s watch the leads go through unrealistic pain and suffering? Honestly this was my favorite story ever (and I’ve read a lot) until Elliot went to Yoeronville. Since Elliot had surgery, married Rebecca, and “supposedly is having a baby with her” it’s almost unbearable to read anymore. I understand that drama is good to have in a story but honestly it should have equal amounts of happiness to. I’ve never seen a story that after almost 1600 chapters the leads aren’t together as a unbreakable couple who stands beside each other and fights for their happiness together. (the author should have broke them up permanently or made them a couple who believes in each other and never lies to the other one) The pain and suffering Elliot,Avery and the kids have/are still going through is disturbing! Those poor kids are way to old to still be going through hell. How are they supposed to grow up and lead a happy life? It’s not right how the author hasn’t even reconciled Elliot and Hayden, Gheez there’s no way Hayden has a chance to become an adult without physiological problems. It’s horrifying how the author sent Elliot off to see Rebecca instead of finally bonding with the kids while watching fireworks. The story has become so predictable as soon as Elliot answered Rebecca’s call, then went to see her without telling Avery it was obvious that Avery and him will break up again. Honestly Elliot and Avery’s pain and suffering has been played to death. It’s getting close to 1600 chapters and the author has Elliot and Avery acting like teenage kids who know nothing about love or commitment. Meanwhile they’ve been together for years have kids that are almost 10 years old but they still can’t be honest with each other? What’s the point of being married if you can’t be honest with your spouse? Why did Elliot’s character change so much? How did he go from a man who didn’t let anyone walk all over him, especially control him to a weak man who doesn’t care about finding out the truth about anything anymore? Disgusting how he didn’t instantly look into how Rebecca ended up pregnant with his child or what happened to Avery with being put under twice. Hopefully for once Elliot and Avery can stay together and fight the evil ones together. At this point if they break up again there’s no reason to continue this story. Because if that happens then they obviously don’t have enough love or respect for each other. Looking forward to seeing them live a happy life together and let the drama follow other characters for once.

    1. Thats why i keep reading at the beginning n stop after they married 2nd. After that its all nonsense. Haha i thought of the author is different person because of the how the story is obviously different from the beginning..still i want to know untill the end😅

      1. Arinzone, I’ve continued to do that too. I keep re-reading the beginning. The story from Yonroeville is stupid and lacks substance. The author has dumb downed our protagonists. Very bad move!!!

  10. This is the best example of a soap opera trying to extend the story. Whatever they come up even if the story doesn’t make any sense or ruined the greatness of the previous story.
    They made all the characters weak and childish from protagonist to antagonist, the plot turns from great to lame.
    I wish the story ended back when A&E got married the 2nd time around.

    Anyway, I really appreciate the translator.

    1. Zoe, I agree with everything you said. Sorry about my rant earlier 😬, honestly I’m so confused right now with the direction of the story. I felt like the author had a good opportunity to reunite Elliot and the kids, bring some trust, maybe start a memory for Hayden of his dad really trying to prove his love for the family etc…but instead once again it’s turned into a disaster waiting to happen. Even though it’s just a story I don’t understand why the author would continuously destroy innocent kids childhood? It’s devastating to see how big the kids are getting but still they have never been given the security of their dad being able to love and protect them like a loving dad would. I truly believe there’s only so much pain, suffering, and the evil people always winning one story can have before it becomes unbearable to read. I need be more like you and not forget to thank the translator. 😊 Honestly my comments are 💯 percent directed to the author. I realize the translator is just doing their job 😊

    2. The story has been watered down. Author could have ended when the applause was high and do a sequel or another book on them but its alright. We are here.

  11. Next tragic event! Yay!!! Makes me lonely. I know I’m reading as leisure but it actually affects my mood. When is the happy ending?

  12. Jennifer Valdez

    This is one of the novels that irritates me a lot but still reading…🤦‍♀️ I kinda like torturing myself…

  13. I can truly relate to these sentiments. It is just a matter of luck if Elliot agrees with Rebecca’s twisted lies. He already know the fact that Layla takes her looks from Avery. Such a disappointment if he falls for the trap of a venomous woman.

  14. This is now totally annoying. Elliot is now ver stupid. All secrets, the bodyguard knows the truth… if they could could all talk. Eish 🙈🙈

  15. Elliot knows Layla takes after Avery… Thats why he was so determined to get the baby photos from that app! He has her dopler ultrasounds on his phone… I wonder if maybe he will confront Rebecca and since she is in his territory he will not let her leave until she gives him answers. Avery did mention that the only way to get answers about Xanders death would be for Elliot to ask her… Maybe he agreed to meet her to get answers. Hoping for the best!

    1. Jackie Daniel

      Netta I hope this is the case. It’s getting crazier and crazier, which leaves me wanting more but making my emotions go haywire 🤷🏽‍♀️

  16. So frustrating reading the story. The dishonesty from Elliot. He has become too soft for my liking. It’s Rebecca saying it’s normal for the baby to look like Layla because Layla looks like him, knowing very well that Layla looks like Avery🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️. It would be very dumb of Elliot to believe that.
    I’m frustrated by the story but I keep coming back for more, I just love torturing myself😭. Just here to vent🤡🙈

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