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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1560 by

Chapter 1560

Her body was tense, she closed her eyes and opened them again.

Brightness reappears.

But just now, it suddenly became dark, and she couldn’t see anything. It was definitely not an illusion.

She reached out and rubbed her eyes, carefully feeling the condition of her eyes.

Eyes were a little bit up.

She didn’t know if it’s a psychological effect, but now she felt a little pain in her head, and her vision was not as clear as usual.

She sat blankly by the bed, forgetting to pick up the phone that fell on the ground.



After Ben Schaffer swiped his card to pay the bill, he took a shopping bag and glanced at Gwen.

Gwen held her cell phone, not knowing who she was messaging. She frowned and was completely forgetting herself.

“Who are you talking to? I’ve settled the bill. Let’s go out first.” Ben Schaffer glanced at the screen of her phone.

Gwen immediately took the phone away: “I’m talking ill of you to Avery.”

“Oh, I know what you’re talking about.” Ben Schaffer saw through her thoughts, “However, Avery probably didn’t talk to you about me. What a bad word.”

Ggwen: “Avery didn’t reply to me.”

“She should have just arrived home. Please let her have a good rest.” Ben Schaffer pulled her out of the store, “Let’s go see women’s clothing next.”

“Wow! You’re actually wearing women’s clothes? I can’t tell, you’re actually a big boss in women’s clothes.” Gwen was shocked.

Ben Schaffer had a headache after hearing her words.

Ben: “If I go to buy milk powder someday, do you think I can have a baby?”

Gwen: “No! There is milk powder for the elderly on the market.”

Ben Schaffer: “…”

The next day.

Spring Festival in Aryadelle.

Because the Starry River Villa was relatively small, the Spring Festival was celebrated at Foster’s villa.

Early in the morning, Elliot and Avery took their three children back to Foster’s villa.

Avery asked, “Elliot, are you going to pick up your mother, or let the driver pick it up? Be more lively, let’s not be so stingy.”

Elliot said, “Let the driver pick her up. I met her last time, she didn’t tell me anything. I think she’s still hiding something from us.”

Avery smiled and said, “It’s just that she took the benefits of Wanda and didn’t dare to tell you. I already told her to let her go back. Let’s not talk about unhappy things. Let’s go make dumplings.”

Elliot looked embarrassed: “I don’t know how to make dumplings.”

“Then go take the children.” After saying that, Avery walked towards the kitchen.

At this moment, the bodyguards posted couplets outside the villa and hung red lanterns.

Layla followed the bodyguards to watch the fun.

Hayden was not interested in everything here, so he sat on the sofa and used his mobile phone.

Robert wanted to go out with Layla just now, but Layla refused.

So he could only follow his brother eagerly and watch him play games.

Elliot walked to Robert’s side and picked him up: “Robert, will Dad play with you?”

Robert immediately pushed him without thinking, not wanting to play with him.

Like magic, Elliot took out a big red envelope from his pocket.

Robert’s eyes were immediately attracted, and he reached out to get the red envelope.

“You give this red envelope to brother, and Dad will give you another one, okay?” Elliot wanted to give Hayden the New Year’s money, but he was afraid of giving it directly, and Hayden didn’t want it. So he wanted to borrow Robert’s hand to give Hayden the New Year’s money.

Robert understood what his father said, and immediately handed the red envelope to his brother.

Of course Hayden didn’t want the red envelope from Elliot.

But Robert’s cute little face, coupled with the voice that became thick after a fever, called his brother, and his heart suddenly softened.

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  1. Avery still didn’t go to the hospital even after having a blackout, this is the case with doctors they think they know it all, they don’t take care of themselves.

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