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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1558 by

Chapter 1558

They bought tickets for 11 o’clock tonight.

They could have bought a ticket for tomorrow, but Avery missed the child and wanted to go back earlier.

Arriving at the airport, the accompanying bodyguards go to check-in.

Avery and Elliot rested in the VIP lounge.

She rested her head on Elliot’s shoulder and whispered, “I’m a little dizzy.”

“Go to sleep first if you’re sleepy. I’ll call you later when we board the plane.” Elliot looked at her sideways.

Avery has closed her eyes.

“Is it cold?” Elliot reached out and shook her hand.

Her hands were warm, but she said, “It’s a little cold.”

Elliot raised his hand and touched the temperature of her forehead: “Do you have a fever? The temperature is a little high.”

Avery heard this, reached out and touched her forehead, Elliot touched his forehead and said, “It seems that the temperature is a little higher than yours. But I’m a little dizzy…”

“You wait for me here, I’ll find a thermometer to take your temperature.” After speaking, Elliot strode towards the service desk.

Soon, he came back with a thermometer.

Avery took the thermometer and put it under her armpit.

A waiter came over with hot water and put it in front of them.

“Thank you.” Avery picked up the water glass and wanted to drink some hot water.

“When did you start to get dizzy? If we knew you were not feeling well, we didn’t need to go to them to eat.” Elliot touched Avery’s forehead again, and was more certain that she had a fever.

“It was fine when I ate just now, but only when I came to the airport by car, I feel dizzy.” After taking a sip of hot water, Avery put down the water glass, “Keep away from me, be careful that I infect you with a cold.”

“I never catch a cold.” Elliot said, “Avery, you are still too weak.”

“You’re someone who has just recovered from a serious illness, so you have the nerve to say that I’m weak?” Avery bickered with him, “I don’t like the weather here. If I was in Aryadelle, I wouldn’t catch a cold.”

Elliot: “Would you like to wait for your cold to heal? Or Go back to Aryadelle now?”

“No. I’ll take some medicine and I’ll sleep on the plane, and go back to Aryadelle.” Avery was in good spirits, “Even if I have a fever, it’s not a high fever. It shouldn’t exceed thirty-nine degrees.”

After five minutes, she took out the thermometer.

The temperature was exactly thirty-nine degrees.

Elliot took the thermometer and returned it to the service desk.

At the same time, Elliot took the antipyretic and cold medicine from the front desk.

When Avery boarded the plane, her temperature wasn’t as high, but she was more sleepy than before.

After getting on the plane, she lay down and went straight to sleep.

The flight attendant knew she had a fever, so she brought a blanket and antipyretic stickers.

“After Ms. Tate’s fever subsides, cover her with a blanket.” The flight attendant reminded Elliot.

Elliot: “Thank you.”

The flight attendant: “You’re welcome. Let us know if you need anything.”

Avery slept directly to her destination. She woke up as the plane taxied.

“Avery, you slept for 10 hours. How do you feel now?” Elliot sighed.

Her fever has subsided, and she was a little confused because she slept for too long.

Avery: “Are we in Aryadelle?”

Elliot: “Yes.”

“I’m so thirsty.” Avery pursed her dry lips.

Elliot immediately opened the thermos cup and gave her water.

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