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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1554 by

Chapter 1554

Regarding the cause of Xander’s death, Avery was definitely not as light as she appeared on the face.

If it wasn’t that she didn’t want to have any more contact with Rebecca, she would definitely go to Yonroeville to find out what happened to Xander.

Elliot felt the grievance in her heart from the words ‘life is so self-contained’.

But he couldn’t do anything about it. He could neither make Rebecca and the child disappear, nor could he get the truth of Xander’s death from Rebecca’s mouth.

Avery won’t let him go to Yonroeville, nor let him contact Rebecca.

The only thing Elliot can do now is to accompany Avery and the children well and stop making them sad.


It’s 12 p.m.

Jun accompanied Tammy to the hospital for an obstetric examination. After the obstetric examination, they went directly to Lynch’s house.

Jun lived here on weekdays and went back to Hertz’s house to accompany his parents on weekends.

His mother was hospitalized with high blood pressure last time, and was later discharged, but her blood pressure was still high.

He knew why his mother was unhappy, so he tried to use the weekend to make up for his parents’ debt.

Today is Saturday, and he told his parents in advance that he would accompany Tammy for an obstetric examination today, and he would go back in the evening.

Unexpectedly, his car drove to the door of the front yard of Lynch’s house, and he saw his father’s car parked in the yard.

“My parents are here.” Jun’s heart was tense, and he said with a guilty conscience.

“It’s coming! It’s coming! What are you doing in such a panic?” Tammy unfastened her seat belt, pushed the door open and got out of the car.

“Tammy, ​​my parents didn’t tell me they were coming to your house today.” Jun didn’t feel flustered, “I always think they came to your house suddenly, there must be a conspiracy.”

“What are you afraid of, this is my house, you Parents still dare to mess around in my house?” Tammy walked over to the driver’s seat and pulled Jun down.

The two entered the living room and saw at a glance that the four elders were divided into two factions, each occupying one side, and there was a great potential for negotiation.

Jun immediately walked up to his parents with a smile on his face: “Dad, Mom, why are you here? Why didn’t you tell me? If Tammy’s parents are not at home, you are not here for nothing.”

Jun said, and sat down beside his mother.

Tammy sat down beside her parents.

The confrontation has not only not disappeared, but has intensified.

Tammy just glanced at her mother-in-law lightly, and then she felt a bad and strong aura from her mother-in-law’s face.

Tammy is almost three months pregnant now. After becoming a mother, her mentality has changed significantly.

She used to think that her mother-in-law was a little possessive towards Jun, but now she understands her mother-in-law’s mood a little bit.

It’s just that understanding comes from understanding. Jun belongs to her, and this will not change.

Moreover, she has also made psychological preparations that if she has a son, the son will get married and run with his daughter-in-law in the future.

“My dad and I are here to find you.” Mrs. Hertz smirked to maintain a decent appearance, “Didn’t you say you’re depressed? So I asked your dad to contact a foreign psychiatrist. We plan to take you abroad for treatment.”

Jun: “…”

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