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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1546 by

Chapter 1546

Elliot took back the phone, “I don’t dare to tell Avery about this. I want to wait.”

“Wait for what?” Ben Schaffer was a little drunk, but suddenly sober.

Elliot said, “Wait until this child grows up a bit, and see if her appearance will change.How could Rebecca’s and I’s child grow up to look like Layla?”

“Yes! I’m also wondering. How similar Layla and Avery look, anyone with eyes can see at a glance. You and Rebecca’s daughter may be like you, maybe Rebecca but it’s impossible to look like Avery.” When it comes to excitement, Ben Schaffer can’t help but slap the table.

Elliot confessed, “Don’t tell Avery about this. Don’t tell anyone. I promised Avery that I would never go to Yonroeville again, nor would I take the initiative to contact Rebecca. If I keep my promise, Then I shouldn’t even mention Rebecca and that child.” The more Elliot drank, the more sober he became.

Every time he thinks of the child like Layla, he feels very distressed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be tight-lipped.” Ben Schaffer put the bottle aside and poured a glass of warm water and said, “Suddenly I don’t want to drink anymore.”

Elliot: “Why?”

Ben Schaffer said helplessly, “If I’m drunk, who will comfort you? And I’m drunk, how can I go back later? Besides, I look at you, I’m afraid I’m drinking too much. Maybe I’ll call Avery later and ask her to pick you up.”

Elliot Immediately put down the glass: “She should be sleeping. We got off the plane today and went to Xander’s house. She didn’t sleep on the plane.”

Ben: “If I were her, I would feel very guilty.”

Elliot: “Xander’s parents didn’t blame her.”

Of course you can’t blame her. Who knows what happened to Xander’s death.” Ben Schaffer quickly turned the topic back to the child, “You said just now that you can’t go to Yonroeville in the future, then what about when Rebecca gave birth?”

Elliot didn’t answer his question, just glanced at him. “Well, I can’t go, Avery will definitely be angry if I go.”

Ben Schaffer shrugged, “If you want to see that child, I can go in your place. I’ll go secretly and not let anyone know. When I pass, I’ll show you the baby and do a paternity test for you, how about it?”

Elliot: “It’s too early to think about this issue.”

“It’s not too early. In a few months, Rebecca will give birth. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, who knows if the child really looks like Layla?” Ben Schaffer wanted to solve this mystery, “Or when you come to Bridgedale, I’ll pick up Rebecca and the child to come to Bridgedale with him and you can meet.”

Elliot felt that this proposal was absurd, “If I really want to see that child so much, I can take Avery to see it openly.”

Ben Schaffer teased, “Don’t talk about it, you don’t even dare to tell Avery what to talk about taking Avery to see Rebecca give birth to a child. Do you think Avery can be stimulated by this? No matter how much she says, do you think she really doesn’t mind? Even if she only hears the words Rebecca, I guess she is nauseated and want to vomit.”

Elliot’s thin lips pursed into a line, “According to what you said, wait until the child continues to grow up and see if it will change.”

Seeing his gloomy face, Ben Schaffer couldn’t bear it, and persuaded, “Don’t worry, you and Rebecca’s child will only be the same. It will be like you and Rebecca, but it is impossible to be like Avery.”

Elliot: “Well.”

Ben: “If it is really like Avery, it is a mutation.” Ben Schaffer smiled unkindly.

Elliot: “Variation? Is there such a thing?”

“I’m talking nonsense. How can I understand this?” Ben Schaffer touched his chin and said, “When Rebecca has a baby, I’ll go to Yonroeville to see. I’ll go and see it in your name, I’ll see it myself.”

“Whatever you want.” Elliot couldn’t control him.

“You said I’ll call Gwen later and ask her to pick me up, will she ignore me?” Ben Schaffer suddenly wanted to drink again.

“I don’t know.” Elliot gave him an idea, “You can try. If she ignores you, I can take you back to my house.”

“Okay, then I’ll try.” Ben Schaffer picked up the wine bottle with great interest, poured a little wine, “I’ll drink less and pretend to be drunk later. If I’m really drunk, I won’t know anything.”

Half an hour later——

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