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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1541 by

Chapter 1541

“Then hang it at the door of Wesley’s house.” Shea blushed slightly and whispered, “I will marry Wesley in the future, and his home will be my home.”

Avery pulled Shea to the sofa and sat down: “Shea, you seem to have recovered a lot now than a while ago. Maybe next spring, your brother will promise you two to be together.”

Shea: “I weigh 80 pounds now. Wesley said that my height and weight must be normal to reach 90 pounds.”

Avery: “Well, you are still very thin now. But you can’t overeating, or it will backfire.”

After listening carefully, Shea nodded: “Avery, I want to hold a wedding on the lawn.”

Avery: “Yes! A lawn wedding can also be very romantic.”

The two began to chat about various details of the wedding.

Wesley saw that they were chatting so happily that he couldn’t bear to interrupt.

The eight characters haven’t even been mentioned yet, but they make it seem like they are about to hold a wedding.

“Hayden, are you still getting used to it when you return to Aryadelle?” Wesley saw Hayden sitting alone, so he walked over to chat with him.

“This is my hometown.” Hayden said.

Wesley: “Well, you and your father.”

“Uncle Wesley, do you know about my father and Rebecca?”

“Well.” Wesley understood what he was thinking, “You Focus on studying, they will handle their affairs themselves.”

Hayden did not answer this sentence. If Elliot makes his mother unhappy one day, he will definitely not sit idly by.

“Uncle Wesley, you are married to Aunt Shea, so be nice to her.” Hayden said suddenly.

Wesley: “Yes.”

“You can’t make her angry. You have to listen to her.” Hayden continued to demand.

Wesley didn’t reply to him like he did just now: “If her request and choice are wrong, I can’t listen to her.”

Hayden: “You can listen to her first, and then slowly reason with her. Don’t quarrel with her, Don’t accuse her.”

Wesley nodded: “I think you will be a good man in the future. You will be very good to your wife.”

Hayden’s face turned red with a ‘swish’, “I won’t get married in the future.”

Wesley: “Why? “

Hayden: “I don’t know why, I just don’t want to.”

Wesley: “That’s because you haven’t met a girl who makes your heart beat faster. When you do, you’ll change your mind. I thought I would end up alone until Shea entered my life. It was like opening a new world. She is so simple, pure, innocent, and cute…”

Hayden was so numb that he ran away and went to the kitchen.

Sandra thought that Hayden was hungry, so she quickly cooked a large bowl of dumplings for Hayden.

Time flies, and in a week, it will be the New Year of Aryadelle.

Elliot’s legs have returned to normal.

Avery was worried, and accompanied him to the hospital for a review. After taking a film, the doctor said that he was recovering well.

Except for not exercising vigorously, daily activities are no problem.

After coming out of the hospital, the driver asked them where they were going.

Their eyes met inadvertently.

Elliot understood what he was thinking, so he said to the driver, “Go home first.”

Avery had been waiting for his leg to recover, and then went to Bridgedale together to visit Xander’s family.

When Elliot got home, Avery simply packed their luggage, and then rushed to the airport with Elliot.

After more than ten hours of flight, the plane landed at the capital airport of Bridgedale.

They came out of the airport, took their luggage to the villa and put them away, and then went to the dealer.

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