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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1536 by

Chapter 1536

Sofia hung up the phone with a guilty conscience, and even turned off the phone.

Avery looked at everything, and asked in a calm tone, “Why don’t you answer the phone?”

Sofia picked up the water glass in front of her and took a sip: “I’m not familiar with this person.”

Sofia knew that Avery and Wanda were enemies with their relationship.

Sofia has been very entangled these days.

Because Avery treats her very well, and shows a willingness to help her.

In fact, as long as the future life can go on, Sofia doesn’t have to have a villa and ten million.

Of course, sometimes she also thinks that she has a villa and 10 million, so she doesn’t need Elliot as a son.

After all, Elliot’s personality is too indifferent, and it is definitely impossible to treat him well in the future.

From the last time She met the two. after that Elliot didn’t even give her a call, and she couldn’t help but contact Avery, and that was the reason for this meeting.

Avery said, “Auntie, I know this person. I didn’t expect her to contact you so soon. She should know that you are Elliot’s biological mother, so she contacted you. This is the first time she called you. When was it? Have you met? What did she tell you?”

Facing Avery’s series of torture, Sofia was flustered.

This time, she took the initiative to contact Avery, but she did not tell Wanda.

If Wanda knew that she was meeting Avery now, it would be impossible to call.

“I’ve seen… I can’t understand her.” Sofia hesitated, with an embarrassed expression.

Avery didn’t force her, and said slowly: “She is my enemy, She killed my mother.”

“Why did she do this?” Sofia was shocked.

Avery: “Because her daughter died. I didn’t kill her daughter, but she insisted that the murderer was me.”

Sofia: “So…”

“Auntie, no matter what Wanda asks you or tells you, you will Don’t believe it. If she gave you a lot of money, you should pay her back as soon as possible. If you are short of money, Elliot and I can give it to you. You must not take her. Because she gave you a dollar and she must be trying to get it from you. Take one hundred dollars, or even more.”

Sofia nodded: “I didn’t take her money.”

Avery explained the consequences, “That’s good. Wanda definitely wants to use you to deal with Elliot…if Elliot knows If you join forces with Wanda, he will never forgive you. You don’t want to turn against your own son, do you? Besides, we can give you the benefits Wanda can give you.”

Sofia listened Hearing Avery’s words, he was very moved and ashamed.

Sofia sighed, “Of course I don’t want to turn against Elliot, but… I don’t know how Elliot treats me…I know I’m not qualified to ask him anything, but he is my own son after all, and I definitely want to be at peace with him. Avery, you have children, you should be able to understand my feelings, right?”

Avery: “Auntie, besides Elliot, you also Other children?”

This question made Sofia panic even more. She has children, but she dares not speak.

Having said that, it’s revealing.

She pretended to be a ‘rich man’, and she took Wanda’s money to buy clothes and stay in a hotel early in the morning, which made her ashamed to say it.

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  2. I wish avery and elliot realize that the baby rebecca is carrying is belong to them and ben and gwen soon come into relation

    1. So do I. It’s so aggravating I want to read this story forever to see if they live happy after all the crap they’ve endured.

  3. I’m so tired of the Auntie and Uncle mess, I’m also tired of the language it definitely didn’t start of this way it’s becoming a bit annoying! How many more chapters!!! Hayden still works my nerves, he’s too grown and too cold for a child, realistically no 9 year old child is making moves and decisions for grown people, in what world?

    1. I totally agree with you! This Aunt and Uncle, Brother, sister business is annoying. Also Avery is the parent , but let’s a 9 year old control everyone’s life. Regardless if he’s a genius. He’s still a child.

    2. I also get aggravated but kinda like it, only because it keeps me on my toes with the help that you don’t know how it will turn out. I feel that because Ben was so aggressive in the beginning with Gwen that she had the help of Hayden’s hard situations to help her understand not to fall for just anybody willing to play a role when they want to. Eventually he’ll come around to his dad but it will take time due to him being through so much & with him also being just like his dad his personality is that way.

  4. Thank you for your hard work translating!!! Really appreciate all that you’re doing!!
    Excited for what is next! I really believe that Avery and Elliot will figure this mess out together and hopefully they can get their daughter back somehow.

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      1. Live also works 😂😂 I agree! Thanks to the translator for the chapters, it must take up a lot of your time.

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  7. I really hope they can be skeptic on the features of Rebecca’s child. Rebecca likely assumes that Layla takes her looks after Elliot, when in fact it’s Avery’s.

  8. My wild imagination at work again, but here is what I think. Hayden has seen the pictures of the ultrasound and Elliot as well, both are supposed to be super smart right. Well now is the time for them to have a bonding moment and talk about how much the fetus looks like Layla and Avery. They should work together and put Hayden’s hacking skills to good use and somehow discover either Xavier’s email or hospital records on Avery! They could hack cameras or something to figure this out.
    But then lies the problem of what to do! Obviously they can’t do anything now to get the baby. So I suppose Elliot will have to fake being with Rebecca after the baby is born and steal the baby and kill Rebecca! ¯\_(⊙_ʖ⊙)_/¯
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