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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1534 by

Chapter 1534

Gwen’s eyes widened, the light in her eyes scattered little by little, as if her soul was out of her body.

Ten million, ten million, ten million!

She read it three times in her mind before realizing how much money it was.

Ben Schaffer saw her startled expression, afraid that she would not believe it, so he found out the transfer record to Zion.

Ben: “Gwen, I’m not as stingy as you think. You keep saying that I despise you, but I really don’t despise you. If we haven’t slept before…”

“Don’t say that.” Gwen said, interrupted, “Why are you giving my brother so much money? What are you doing with so much betrothal gifts?”

Gwen had planned to work hard to make money and return him the one million he gave.

But now 1 million has become 10 million, such a large debt, she is afraid that it will be difficult to repay in a short time.

Ben Schaffer took a deep breath: “This money is indeed not a small amount, but if it is a betrothal gift for a future wife, it is not too high. You were pregnant with my child at the time, how could I treat you badly?”

Gwen sighed, “Oh…it turned out to be given for the sake of the child. It’s a pity that the child is gone. If you didn’t have a child, it would be a million?”

Ben: “If you weren’t pregnant at the time, I don’t know how to talk about marriage.”

“Yes! It was your parents who wanted this child so much that they forced you to marry me.” After Gwen’s doubts were resolved, she still had a lump in her heart, “You gave my eldest brother so much money. Why didn’t you tell me the truth at the beginning?”

Ben: “I’m afraid that you have a burden in your heart, didn’t you say you would pay me back?”

Gwen: “Then you just don’t tell me.”

Ben: “I…”

“Don’t explain. If he comes to me later, I’ll ask him to pay him back.” Gwen leaned back on the sofa and looked at the back of his head lazily, “What are you doing here all of a sudden? It’s impossible to come here. Looking for me to play with? I don’t have time to accompany you.”

Ben picked up a beautiful shopping bag from the ground.

“Didn’t I say I was going to get you a sturdy box last time?” Ben took out a box…really a box.

She don’t know if it’s an iron box or a stainless steel box. At first glance, she can tell that it is a very sturdy box.

“Ben Schaffer… Are you lacking in your roots?” Gwen looked at the iron box inlaid with all kinds of diamond jewelry. She liked it very much, but she was too embarrassed to show it.

This box was definitely expensive.

“Didn’t you say that the box last time was too easy to break? I asked someone to customize this one, and it definitely won’t break.” Ben Schaffer opened the box, closed it, opened it again, and closed it again, “Look, how sturdy it is. Gwen’s cheeks flushed red. “

Gwen: “If you send a box, you can send a box, with so many gems inlaid on it, who would dare to accept it!”

Ben Schaffer said lightly, “This kind of colored gemstone is very cheap, but it looks good, but it’s not worth much, and it’s not worth collecting. You accept it. This is what I specially asked the designer to design. There are seven colored gemstones on it, which represent auspiciousness and good luck. If you accept this box, you will be able to get what you want in the model competition. The ranking you want.”

Gwen immediately showed a happy smile and accepted the gift.

“Actually, I lied to you last time.” Gwen held the box and said suddenly, “The box is not broken. I liked that bracelet very much, so I wore it.”

“Is that so.” Ben Schaffer scratched his head. He smiled, “Then why are you lying?”

“I’m afraid you will misunderstand. I like the bracelet you gave, but that doesn’t mean I like you. It’s two different things.” Gwen felt that the gem box in her hand was a little hot, “I won’t promise you. It doesn’t seem very good to receive your gift again.”

Seeing her troubled appearance, Ben Schaffer comforted: “The gift is not very valuable. It’s a small gift from my brother to my sister.”

“we are not brother and sister. After all, we both slept.” Gwen corrected embarrassedly.

“Oh…well…then you can treat me as your licking dog.” Ben Schaffer read a lot of jokes on the Internet recently. Among them, the joke about licking dogs penetrated into his heart.

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