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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1530 by

Chapter 1530

Contained more than three hundred photos. There were selfies of Avery during her pregnancy, as well as photos of the baby when she was born.

These photos were never seen before by Elliot.

He starts with the first photo at the bottom.

The first photo was of her and Laura when they were waiting in the waiting area of ​​the hospital.

In the photo, Avery caressed her bulging belly with one hand and smiled well, and Laura also showed a kind smile.

Elliot’s eyes suddenly became sour.

As long as he remembered that he had not given her and the child any care when she was Layla and Hayden. He would blame himself.

Pregnancy with twins was much more difficult than pregnancy with singles. At that time, Avery was also very poor financially, and she had to take care of her studies. She don’t know how much she suffered.

He turned the photos back –

there were landscape photos of her school, photos of her and her classmates, and photos of her and Professor James Hough.

His finger continued to slide left on the screen, and suddenly, a black-and-white B-ultrasound shot into his eyes.

He zoomed in on the photo and could clearly see two children inside.

This was just an ordinary B-ultrasound photo, and the child’s facial features cannot be seen.

He carefully read the diagnostic analysis below the photo. There are many professional words in it, which he does not understand, but looking at the diagnosis results, the development of both fetuses was normal.

Even though the child was born normally, he was still relieved.

Avery even took ordinary B-ultrasound photos and saved them, maybe the 4D color ultrasound photos were also saved.

His fingers flicked through the album quickly.

Sure enough, she kept the four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound photos of her two children.

After taking a closer look at the two color Doppler photos, he quickly recognized Layla’s color Doppler photo.

He saves the photo to his phone, and then finds the color Doppler photo sent by Rebecca.

After comparing the two photos together, his body suddenly became cold.

The chill came from the heart.

Why is he and Rebecca’s daughter so similar to Layla.

Before there was no photo comparison, hr just thought it was a bit similar. After comparing the two thinking color ultrasound photos together, he found that the two children were simply copy and paste.

Elliot was completely sleepless. He’s not in the mood to look at the other photos in the album either.

Holding the phone, he wanted to call Rebecca and ask why this happened.

But after calming down a little, he controlled the impulse in his body.

How could Rebecca know why this happened.

If he contacts Rebecca now, Rebecca will only be more confused.

His mind was very messed up.

This little baby, who looks very much like Layla, is like a hook, hooking his heart.

Reason tells him not to be curious and not to get close to everything related to Rebecca, because doing so will definitely make him lose his current peaceful and stable life.

But this little baby made him go crazy.

In the morning.

Avery woke up, stretched, and got out of bed to go to the bathroom.

After washing her face, she went back to the bed and picked up her phone. She originally wanted to check the time, but was attracted by the message sent by Elliot at night.

15 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1530 by”

    1. Elliott has never been a stupid man I hope it doesn’t start now. He should have killed Wanda when he had the chance

  1. Wow it’s getting closer that the baby parents
    Will be discovered. But how are the going to get the little girl from Rebecca?
    Please post more can’t wait!!!

  2. Omg I wish Avery and Elliot would find out about how Rebecca got Averys baby sooner than later can’t wait to read more ty

  3. Elliott has never been a stupid man I hope it doesn’t start now. He should have killed Wanda when he had the chance

  4. Jennifer Valdez

    He’ll get a clue if he think about Xander’s death, Avery’s general anesthesia… or might as well discuss it with Avery!

  5. If Elliot discuss it with Avery I think they’ll have a clue because the nurse told Avery that Rebecca did a direct embryo transplant. And his bodyguard should also remember the questions Xander asked him about Avery. I hope Hayden will discuss it with his sister and the bodyguard will hear. I don’t want Rebecca to get away with this evil.

    1. I 100% agree with you Gracious!!! Once Elliot brings it up to Avery she should remember what the nurse said to her about how the embryo was a direct implant, not a ivf type of thing. And hopefully the bodyguard would remember something… Even though it was all just hypothetical questions… He does have a brain. This will 100% be figured out! Elliot and Avery are not stupid by any means.
      I just wonder how they will get the child back… hum!!

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