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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1529 by

Chapter 1529

Elliot clicked on a financial app and watched the news to pass the time.

Suddenly, his eyes widened.

He saw a familiar company name – Wonder Technologies.

According to the news, they got the gossip that Wonder Technologies will go public in Bridgedale soon.

The news content was very short, but if this news was true, then Wanda’s layout was really a bit big. It should be said that she and the capital behind her had great ambitions!

If a company in Aryadelle went to list in Bridgedale, it was impossible for them to do so if there was not enough huge interest to seduce them.

Elliot suddenly didn’t understand why Wanda dared to do this.

was she sure she could pass the scrutiny of going abroad for listing?

Or had she found a strong backer who could ignore his presence?

Elliot didn’t know if the news was true or not, but he had to find out if it was true. He took a screenshot of the news and sent it to Ben Schaffer.

Ben Schaffer saw the screenshot and called him immediately.

Ben Schaffer: “Wonder Technologies is going to go public in Bridgedale?”

“How about you go to Bridgedale and investigate.” Elliot said.

“Okay! Going to Bridgedale… I’m very happy.” Ben Schaffer’s tone was relaxed, and he didn’t hide his happiness at all, “It just so happens that I have a gift to take to Bridgedale for Gwen. And she’s going to be a model soon. The game is over, I will stop by to watch her play before returning to Aryadelle after the game.”

Elliot teased: “Dating at public expense?”

Ben Schaffer laughed at himself: “Thank you for looking down on me so much. Gwen is not willing to fall in love with me at all. When I asked her why she didn’t want to fall in love with me, she said that apart from me being too old, she wanted to do a good job in her career first, and after she had a successful career, had seen a wider world, and met more excellent handsome guys, she would then decide to have a good career and don’t fall in love with me.”

Elliot: “Why is Gwen suddenly so smart?”

Elliot felt that Gwen’s choice was wise. Although he has a good relationship with Ben Schaffer, he cannot force Gwen and Ben Schaffer to be together with his conscience.

Whether two people are suitable or not requires constant trial and error to understand what they want before deciding.

“Your son has done a good job.” Ben Schaffer couldn’t help laughing and crying, “He is not only a strong supporter of Gwen, but also Gwen’s spiritual mentor and emotional mentor. Your son is simply a talent.”

“It seems that my son does not like me, it is not his wrong.” Elliot was a little worried, “He has a good relationship with everyone, but I can’t get along.”

“Take your time! There will be more days in the future!” Ben Schaffer was originally a violent temper, but now Half of the edges and corners have been smoothed by Gwen.

After the two chatted for a while, Avery came out of the shower.

Elliot hung up immediately.

“Who are you talking on the phone with.” Avery heard him talking on the phone in the bathroom, but she couldn’t really hear it.

“Ben Schaffer. He said that he bought a gift for Gwen, and he was going to Bridgedale to give it to her. By the way, Gwen would return home after the competition.” Elliot put down his phone.

“Gwen? You are calling her so affectionate now. Hahaha!” Avery rubbed some cream and walked to the bed, turning off the light, “Actually, I also want to watch Gwen’s game live, but you don’t have enough legs. It’s convenient, forget it.”

“Well. Go to sleep.”

“Husband, I haven’t heard you say you love me for a long time.” Avery put her arms around his waist after laying down, buried her head in his neck, and took a shallow breath.

Elliot: “I love you.”

Avery was startled, raised her head, and smiled warmly, “Uh? Why are you so good?”

Elliot: “Because I love you.”

Listening to his low-pitched and powerful love words, her heart continued to accelerate, as if it was about to jump out.

At 3 o’clock in the night, Elliot’s cell phone suddenly lit up.

The owner of the Mom and Baby app retrieved Avery’s account password and sent it to his mobile phone.

He immediately logged in to the app and saw Avery’s photos that existed in it before.

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