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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1527 by

Chapter 1527

Elliot: “Think slowly, it’s not that day yet.”

Avery asked, “Well, will you attend my company’s party then? My company vice president told me that the employees below hope that the party will be organized. You can be present because you are our major shareholder now.”

“If you let me participate, I will participate, and if you don’t let me participate, I will stay at home.” Elliot doesn’t like crowded places, whether it’s his company or Avery’s. He is not very interested in the company’s party.

“What you mean is that you don’t want to participate! Then I will take the children to participate.” When avery finished speaking, Elliot immediately changed his words: “If you take the children, then come with me by the way.”

“Well. Look. I haven’t told the child yet.” Avery rubbed her stomach, “I still like summer, it’s not so dark at this time in summer. Not only is winter cold, but the days are very short. It feels like the day goes by in one fell swoop. “

In fact, every day goes by very fast. Sometimes when I look at Hayden and Layla, I can’t believe that this is my child.” Elliot sighed in his heart, “Have you recorded their growth?”

Avery: “What Records? Photos or text?”

Elliot: “It’s okay. Because I’ve lost the time before they were four years old, I’m curious about what they were like before.”

Avery nodded: “I remember I showed you them before. The photos when they were just born. There is an album at home, and there are photos of them when they were young. I’ll get it for you.”

Elliot: “Okay.”

Avery entered the room, took out the album, and handed it to him.

“After returning to Aryadelle, I didn’t print any photos. Another day, I’ll sort out the photos on my phone and print a photo album. It’s better to have a physical photo album. I used to save my baby’s photos on the Internet, and I saved a lot, as well as my pregnancy photos. All kinds of photos, and then the account suddenly couldn’t be logged in, and the password was always displayed. I couldn’t find it back.”

Avery regretted.

“I want to see the photos of Hayden and Layla when they were just born. Only this album has some photos.”

“Where do you exist? What is your account number? I’ll help you find them.” Elliot wanted to see those dusty photos.

After Avery answered his question, Layla’s voice came: “Mom! Come here! Come and see the castle that my brother helped me build.”

She bought her daughter a box of complicated building blocks a while ago.

It’s Layla’s to buy.

Because after this box of building blocks is assembled, it is a very beautiful castle.

Layla tried to build it a few times, but it was too complicated.

After Avery went to the children’s side, Elliot walked towards the study.

Avery stored the photos in an app of a domestic maternal and child community platform. Now this app was outdated and not as popular as in previous years.

Elliot called Chad and asked him to continue the boss of the company.

About an hour later, Chad contacted the boss of the company and sent the boss’s number to Elliot’s mobile phone.

Elliot dialed the number, and the other party answered in seconds.

“Hello, Mr. Foster, I don’t know what you have to do with me. As long as I can help you, I will be there.”

Elliot responded, “I have an account, but I forgot the password. You can let me know. Can your company’s technology help you retrieve it?”

“Where do you have an account? Is it a product of our company?”


The boss wiped his sweat: “There are three products in our company, I don’t know about you and which one are you talking about?”

Elliot: “Mom and baby.”

The boss listened to him saying these words seriously, and couldn’t help laughing: “I didn’t expect you to register the account of mother and baby.”

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