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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1524 by

Chapter 1524

In a flash, half a month has passed.

Soon, it will be New Year’s Eve.

In order to bring the relationship between Hayden and Elliot closer, Avery proposed that the family take a set of family photos with the theme of New Year.

After her proposal was made, Layla immediately agreed with joy, and Elliot also agreed.

Finally, the family’s eyes fell on Hayden.

Hayden was not interested in taking family portraits, mainly because he did not want to take pictures with Elliot.

Although he could accept living under the same roof as Elliot, he still felt a little bit different when he saw Elliot.

This kind of awkwardness seems to be an emotion etched in his bones.

“Brother! Let’s go take pictures together!” Layla grabbed Hayden’s arm and begged, “Just treat it as a New Year’s gift for me.”

Layla said, Hayden couldn’t refuse.

The family came to the studio. Because the temperature was relatively low recently, Avery chose three sets of themes for indoor shooting.

After the three sets of family portraits were taken, the photographer turned over the original retakes and asked, “Ms. Tate, do you want to take a set with your daughter? There are few photos of you and your daughter. There are also Mr. Foster and…”

Before the photographer finished speaking, Haydeninterrupted him immediately: “No.”

The photographer wanted him and Elliot to take a photo of father and son, but he didn’t want to.

Seeing the embarrassed look on the photographer’s face, Avery immediately said, “Let me take another set with my daughter. Everyone says that my daughter looks like me, but I think my daughter is much prettier than me.”

Layla merged Elliot and Avery have all the advantages, so they are slim, bright and moving.

“Ms. Tate, you are too modest. Your daughter is beautiful, and you are also very beautiful.” The photographer praised her and took them to the next photo scene.

Hayden didn’t follow him, and Elliot also stood still.

Elliot wanted to be alone with his son for a while, but looking at his son’s face, he seemed to be leaving at any moment.

“Aren’t you going to see them take pictures?” Elliot asked secretly. After asking this question, he quickly said, “If you are tired, just sit here for a while, and I’ll go see them take pictures.”

After Elliot walked away, Hayden sat down in the chair.

The staff brought a glass of water and put it in front of him.

“Hayden, do you want Auntie to take you to remove your makeup?”

“Wait a minute.” Hayden wanted to wait for her mother and sister to finish the filming, and then go to remove her makeup together.

After the staff walked away, Hayden turned on his phone and played a game.

He was not addicted to games, so when the screen of a mobile phone on the table lights up, his eyes are immediately attracted.

It was Elliot’s phone that lit up.

Elliot’s phone was right next to his arm, so he could see the content on his screen by looking slightly sideways.

–Elliot, I just found out today that you blocked me.

–I just want to show you the picture of the child, I will not disturb your life with Avery.

–It took me a long time to find out your new number, please don’t block me.

–I had a four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound today, and I guessed right, our child is really a daughter. Don’t you really want to see what she looks like?

Hayden was attracted by the second text message.

He put down his cell phone, picked up Elliot’s cell phone uncontrollably, and opened it.

Elliot’s mobile phone was set up with face recognition and password lock.

Probably because he and Elliot looked alike, so when he picked up Elliot’s phone, the screen lock turned on automatically.

He didn’t notice this detail and clicked on the text message directly.

This strange number did not say who that was, but Hayden guessed from the text message that the owner of the strange number was Rebecca.

  • Elliot, I know you can read my text messages, let me show you our daughter.


——I didn’t lie to you. Does she look a lot like Layla? She will surely be as cute and smart as Layla in the future.

Rebecca kept sending text messages.

Hayden’s eyes fell on the baby’s face on the 4D color Doppler ultrasound photo.

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  1. Jennifer Valdez

    I hope Hayden will find out the truth… His parents doesn’t use much of their brains… probably they’re too exhausted and just wanted to let go and move on…

  2. I don’t know if any of u have read the hollen series book 4.but in this novel zenia was pregnant with her daughter zenobia and she showed no signs of pregnancy .till she went to the hospital due to an accident and they ask her to push the baby out.she was full term .maybe this cud be Avery’s situations too. She has a surprise awaiting her.

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