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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1521 by

Chapter 1521

But the wrinkles on her face, she felt weathered and looked older than her actual age.

“After I gave birth, I had to go to work and couldn’t take care of the child. So after Elliot was born, it was Nathan’s mother who took care of me.” Sofia recalled the past, “After I have saved some money, I went and asked Nathan to see the child, but Nathan refused to show me. Later, Nathan changed his contact information, and I couldn’t find him. Fortunately, I knew his name.”

“This Nathan die, it’s so bad.” Avery is also a mother now, so after hearing what Sofia said, she was furious, “A person like him will die.”

Sofia’s eyes flickered and her lips moved, as if she wanted to pick her up In the end, nothing was said.

The atmosphere turned cold for a moment.

Elliot looked at Avery: “Would you like something else?”

Avery used a fork to fork the broccoli on the plate: “That’s enough. Ask Auntie if she want something else.”

Elliot was silent.

Sofia hurriedly said, “I can eat these.”

“Auntie, you don’t have to be polite to us. I don’t think you like steak very much. There are other main dishes on the menu. You can order whatever you want.” Avery handed the menu to Sofia.

Seeing Avery’s enthusiasm, Sofia took over the menu with a smile and ordered a plate of fried rice with eggs.

“Your taste is still a habit here.” Avery smiled.

“Yeah.” Sofia put down the menu, not wanting to talk more about her eating habits.

“Auntie, what’s your plan next? Do you work in Bridgedale?” Avery wanted to know more about her thoughts.

Sofia shook her head: “I mainly live on the savings my husband left behind.”

“Then do you plan to go back to Bridgedale, or stay here?” Avery continued to ask.

Sofia: “This… Of course I want to stay here, after all my husband is dead.”

Avery: “Do you and your husband have children?”

Sofia: “My husband and I have no children, But he and his ex-wife have a daughter. His daughter is already married.”

“Oh, if you want to stay in Aryadelle, you can.” Avery said in a relaxed tone, “If you have any difficulties in the future, you can tell us.”

“I , I don’t have any difficulties… The legacy my husband left me is enough for me to spend… As long as I can see you from time to time, I will be very satisfied.” A smile appeared on Sofia’s face.

It’s just this smile that looks a bit reluctant. She has something to say. But every time she felt that she was going to say something important next, what she said was nothing that hurt or itchy.

After lunch, Avery offered to take Sofia back to the hotel, but she refused.

After watching her get into a taxi, Avery looked up at Elliot and asked, “How do you feel?”

“How about you?” Elliot didn’t know how he felt.

Because he felt so weird.

Avery opened the door, got in the car, sat firmly, and answered his question: “I feel that Sofia has a lot of thoughts. She said that she had no problem and didn’t need our help, but she looked like she was in trouble.”

“It’s not the same bag as the bag three days ago.” Elliot expressed his doubts, “Today’s bag is also from Hermes. If it is genuine, the price is not cheap.”

“I finally understand that you were with her three days ago . What you said, you said her skin was not well maintained. She was only 53 years old, but she looked very older.”

“She and Nathan may not be as simple as she said.” Elliot pointed out another point of doubt, “She asked me three days ago why I didn’t save Nathan. It’s not like she shows us that she has no shortage of money.”

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