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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1516 by

Chapter 1516

Elliot met Sofia today, and the brief contact between the two was different from what he imagined.

Sofia was like a simple old woman, without so much scheming and shrewdness. She came to him, perhaps not for money, but for that affection.

She didn’t want him when she was young, maybe because Nathan forcibly took him away, or because she didn’t have the ability to support him.

If she wasn’t like Nathan, he wouldn’t have such strong malice towards her.

During lunch, Elliot didn’t talk to Avery about Sofia. There is no need to let the child know about this before the results come out.

After dinner, when they got home, and the two children went to take a nap, the two of them started chatting.(source:

“Do you have her photo? I’m curious, are you two really that similar?” Avery peeled an orange and divided him in half.

“There is no photo of her now.” Elliot showed her the photo of Sofia when he was young. “Actually, it is more obvious from the photo of her when she was young.”

Avery glanced at her and nodded immediately: “At a glance, it is true. Your eyes and nose are similar to hers.”

“Well.” Elliot put down the phone and ate the oranges she gave, “After taking the test sample today, she wanted to pay, but I stopped her.”

“Okay, it means that she probably didn’t meet you for your money.”

“I can’t tell. It takes a long time to know what kind of person the other party is.” Elliot ate the oranges.

“This orange is sweet and sour. If Sofia is really your mother, and she is a good person, you can actually recognize her. Although you don’t say it, I know that you yearn for family affection. You can be seen from the attitude towards Shea. Although Shea is not your sister, but because we grew up together and have feelings, this relationship is stronger than blood relationship. “(source:

“What I long for is not the relatives who came out halfway.” He wiped his hands with a wet tissue.

“Well, I understand your feelings. When the results come out, if she’s really your mother, let’s see what she wants! If she wants to meet you, you can give her a chance and you can get along more.” Avery said, “Anyway, you’re not busy right now.”

Elliot was thinking about other things.(source:

Avery took another orange from the fruit bowl and peeled it slowly: “Elliot, what are you thinking about?”

“She is carrying a Hermes bag. The clothes on her body are also very good.” Elliot expressed his doubts, “But her words and deeds are submissive, and the skin on her face is very loose, so she may not take care of it.”

Avery analyzed, “Oh…she is submissive, maybe she is a little afraid of you. Some people Pay attention to maintenance, some people don’t. Also, some people’s skin will be a little tighter, while some people’s skin is easy to loose no matter how well maintained.”


“Elliot, you are so cautious, it shows that you are right She had expectations. Unlike Nathan before, you were particularly annoyed with him. You didn’t care what clothes he wore or what his skin was like.”(source:

“Because Nathan came to me and asked me for money. Sofia didn’t.” Elliot smiled bitterly, “Although I’m not short of money, I don’t want to be used as an ATM.”

“Hahaha, don’t worry, no one can use you as an ATM.” Avery wanted to say that his strong personality and With a vigilant personality, ordinary people simply cannot take advantage of him.

Elliot looked at her with deep eyes: “you can be a child.”

Avery: “…”

She was a little confused by his sudden love words.

“Sleepy or not, do you want to take a nap?” Elliot saw that she was stunned, so he changed the subject.

Avery stuffed an orange into her mouth, “I’m not very sleepy, maybe I’ve had enough sleep recently. I want to go to work at the company next Monday.”

Ellio has no objection.

Avery has been with him at home for a long time.

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  1. Jennifer Valdez

    They’re not too cautious & suspicious… I’m afraid something bad will happen to them again. At least, Elliot could check his mother’s background. After all, she just showed up out of nowhere…

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