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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1510 by

Chapter 1510

“Well, how was the result of your last prenatal checkup?” Jun helped her into the car.

Tammy: “The child is still too young to see anything. I saw a small dot on the color Doppler ultrasound.”

Jun: “What did the doctor say?”

“The doctor asked me to have a scheduled obstetric examination, and by the way reminded me to rest and maintain my mood. Stable.” Tammy glanced at him, “Jun, if Ben Schaffer doesn’t give you this idea, are you planning to never contact me?”

Jun looked embarrassed: “I’m not thinking about that. Is there a way? I can’t think of a good way, how dare I contact you? Even if I contact you, you will not give me a good face.”

“That’s true.” Tammy breathed a sigh of relief, “Husband, you really don’t care about the child’s surname and my surname. “

I care …” When Jun said this, Tammy’s face changed greatly. Jun held back a smile and finished what he said, “I care about you.”

“Husband, you deliberately tested me just now!” Tammy hugged his head and gave him a sharp kiss on the cheek, “Husband, thank you for being so tolerant of me. I will keep your kindness to me in my heart. Next time you make me angry, I try not to do it.”

Jun’s mouth twitched: “Thank you wife, you are so kind.”

Banquet hall, after lunch, Hayden wanted to go home to rest.

Layla was Hayden’s follower today, and she was going home with him.

So Avery simply sent the three children home together.

Elliot stayed in the banquet hall to accompany the guests.

“Elliot, did Hayden call you today?” Ben Schaffer asked.

Elliot: “He was about to call me, but a phone call happened to come in. He was interrupted.”

Ben Schaffer said enviously, “It’s a coincidence. But since he doesn’t hate you anymore, he will call you sooner or later. I didn’t envy you before, but now I see your son and daughter being so good, and suddenly I start to envy you.”

“It’s too early to be envious. Hayden didn’t say that he didn’t hate me. It was Avery who coaxed him in the middle.” Elliot knew very well that without Avery, Hayden would never give him a good face.

“With Avery to help you, it’s only a matter of time before your child likes you.” Ben Schaffer said, looking not far away.

Gwen somehow caught up with Eric.

After Eric had lunch, Gwen came up to him. The two were chatting, not knowing what they were talking about.

“I really envy Eric. He has a beautiful face. Every woman who sees him has eyes that glow.” Ben Schaffer’s expression was sour, and his tone was even more sour.

Elliot chuckled: “Now you want children and wife, and you don’t hide it at all.”

“Yeah, I’m excited by you. We are about the same age, but you have three children and your wife is young and beautiful.” Ben Schaffer said more and more sad, “Now I feel that time passes so fast, especially when I see young people like Eric and Gwen, I feel more and more uncomfortable. It seems to belong to my best era. , it has passed.”

Elliot: “You are too pessimistic.”

“Of course you are not pessimistic. Your wife and children are on the stove, and now you are the happiest person.” Ben Schaffer said that his head became more dizzy, “I’ll take a nap, or else I can’t hold it in the afternoon.”

After Ben Schaffer left, Chad came to accompany Elliot and said, “Boss, do you want to take a rest in the guest room?”

Elliot: “Can’t sleep.”

“Hayden returned to Aryadelle, are you too happy?” Chad asked, “You will have enough time to repair your relationship with Hayden.”

” No. ” Elliot really wanted to drink. When Avery was there, he didn’t dare to drink it, but now that she is home, he wants to drink some, “I want a glass of champagne.”

Chad: “Can you drink now? Probably not.”

Elliot: “It’s fine to drink less.”

“I’ll get it for you.” Chad went to the bar and brought him a glass of champagne, “You drink less, otherwise there will be wine Smell on you, Avery can smell it.”

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