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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1509 by

Chapter 1509

Avery understood what Jun meant, and immediately said to Tammy: “Don’t come here in the afternoon. You bring Jun back to rest, and when he wakes up, you can have a good talk. It’s not only bad for you to continue the cold war like this and it is not good for the children. I still think of ways to solve the problems you are facing.”

“Simply put, it can be solved by solving it.” Tammy said without restraint, “unless my mother-in-law dies.”

Afterwards, Jun coughed violently.

Tammy immediately looked at him.

Jun immediately leaned his head on the shoulder of the security guard, looking like he wanted to die.

“Ha! Even if you’re drunk, you know I’m talking sh*t. What a good son!” Tammy sneered.

Avery knew that she had always been stubborn, so she continued to explain: “If Jun is not filial, you will not look down on him. There must be a solution. You go back first and calm down.”

Tammy: “Where are you going? I don’t want to go to his house!”

Avery said, “Didn’t Jun come to you on his own initiative? Then go back to your house. When the two of you have sorted out the problems, I will solve the problems between you and your mother-in-law.”

“Okay. Jun looks so drunk, I cann’t ignore him.” Tammy said with a look of disgust, and pressed the elevator button, “Avery, don’t send him off. With the help of security, I have no problem here.”

Avery: “Well Let me know when you get home.”

Tammy: “Okay.”

After Tammy and Jun entered the elevator, the elevator door slowly closed.

Tammy changed her face in a second, stretched out her hand and pinched it hard on Jun’s arm: “Drunk?”

Jun gasped in pain, “Hey! It hurts! Stop pinching! What are you doing? When did you see it?”

“You drank a total of two glasses of wine… Can you get drunk with two glasses of wine? You can deceive outsiders. Can you deceive me?” Tammy said to the bewildered security guard.

She said, “Thank you!”

The security guard: “It’s alright.”

The elevator reached the first floor, and the two walked out to the parking lot.

“Tammy, ​​have you been watching me secretly?” Jun’s cheeks were slightly red, and he was secretly delighted.

“I’m watching you a-s-s. You came to me within 20 minutes of lunch, how much can you drink in 20 minutes?” Tammy glared at him and continued, “Why are you looking for me? You are shameless and skinless. You can’t solve your mother’s problem, so don’t look for me.”

“Brother Ben gave me a solution, and I think it’s not bad.” Jun leaned into her ear and said the solution.

Tammy’s eyes suddenly brightened.

“This method is not bad.” Tammy smiled and looked at his face, how she looked pleasing to the eye, “Husband, did I beat you last time? Hey, I came back from the hospital last time, and my hands were numb for a long time.”

Jun remembered his experience of being slapped in public in the hospital, and the smile on his face instantly solidified.

“Tammy, are you violent? I said I didn’t have a blind date with that woman, why don’t you believe me? If you don’t believe me, forget about it, you beat me in front of outsiders, you thought about me Do you feel that way?”

Tammy immediately lowered her head and admitted her mistake: “I can’t be angry with that girl staring at me.”

Jun: “You can’t be angry with that girl. What are you hitting me for?”

“That girl’s mother is so strong that I can’t beat her.” Tammy looked cowardly, “If you are really dating that girl, and you won’t help me, wouldn’t I have to suffer a big loss?”

Jun’s temples jumped up suddenly. Originally, he was very angry, but after listening to her explanation, he became angry and laughed angrily.

Jun: “You dare to stand in front of me.”

“Who told you to be my husband, you can bear it.” Tammy took his arm and yawned, “I’m a little sleepy, come back to my house with me. “

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