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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1508 by

Chapter 1508

“When did I say it to your face?” Elliot knew that he had said this, but he said it when he quarreled with Avery.

Chad saw that Elliot looked a little solemn, and suddenly realized that he had leaked.

If it’s in private, he’s fine with that.

The key is the people at the table now! He shrewdly told the boss’s private affairs, what was the boss’s face?

“Maybe I remembered wrong… Boss, you shouldn’t have said it.” Chad immediately tried to save this embarrassing situation.

Seeing that Chad was frightened, Avery said to save the scene: “He did say such things. And he said it more than once.”

With Avery coming out to support, Chad was not so panicked.

Elliot was actually not angry. He used to think that he had a serious physical or psychological disease, so he always felt that he was not worthy of Avery.

“Don’t laugh at Elliot, who never did impulsive things or said impulsive words when they were in love.” Ben Schaffer saved Elliot’s dignity, “But let me tell the truth, I think Gwen is better than Elliot. I’m more confident.”

Because there were too many people here, Gwen was embarrassed to confront Ben Schaffer in person.

But Gwen gave Ben Schaffer a cold look with her eyes.

Ben Schaffer immediately closed his mouth.

Avery answered, “It’s a good thing to have self-confidence. I think Gwen is pretty good. She’s not blindly confident. She has the capital of self-confidence.”

Gwen was embarrassed to be praised: “Where do I have the capital. Dare to slap Ben Schaffer. Who makes him always bother me.”

“Why does it bother you if I care about you?” Ben Schaffer said in his heart.

Gwen: “Who wants you to care? Do you care more about your parents, okay? You are already this age, and your parents are definitely not young.”

Ben: “My parents have a babysitter to take care of.”

“You are you, and the babysitter is a babysitter. If a babysitter can replace the function of a child, what’s the point of having a baby?” Gwen reasoned with him seriously.

Ben Schaffer was blocked by her words, and there was no room for him to retort.

“Gwen, you can really do it. Ben Schaffer was trained like a grandson by you. He didn’t dare to let a fart. He wanted to beat me just now.” Mike gloated.

Chad raised his eyebrows: “Why did Brother Ben beat you? You’re being cheap again?”

Mike: “…”

Ben Schaffer laughed and broke into a game.

At this time, Tammy came over and said goodbye to Avery: “Jun is drunk and crazy, I’ll take him back first. I’ll see if I can come over in the afternoon.”

Avery got up from the chair and sent them away.

“When he was drinking just now, I persuaded him to drink less, but he didn’t listen.” Avery called the security personnel, supported Jun, and continued to say to Tammy, “Ben Schaffer said that he was drinking for the sake of drumming. Get up the courage to find you.”

Tammy said calmly: “I know. He is outside and cowards to death in front of me.”

Avery: “Is he so afraid of you?”

Tammy explained, “It’s mainly because I have a bad temper. I’m angry, and I can’t help it. In addition, my dad is also violent, so he is not only afraid of me, but also of my dad.”

“It’s better that he doesn’t want to Break up with you. It’s so cruel that he wants to break up with you. He doesn’t have to be afraid of you and his uncle.” Avery looked back at Jun with a smile.

As a result, Jun smiled at her, and extended his hand to make an OK gesture.

Jun’s not that drunk, he’s pretending to be drunk.

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