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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1507 by

Chapter 1507

Layla’s eyes lit up, and she laughed happily: “Okay! Let Robert have children in the future. Hehe! This way parents won’t force us.”

Robert seemed to hear her sister’s silver bell-like laughter, his eyes that were as dark as black gems immediately locked in the direction of Layla.

Robert didn’t know that at his first birthday party, his brother and sister even conspired to let him have a baby.

In the Lunch time.

Gwen accompanies Tammy to eat fruit in the fruit area.

Tammy said, “Gwen, you can eat light vegetables and boiled meat. I used to lose weight and asked a nutritionist for a recipe.”

Gwen explained, “Well, I usually eat vegetables and meat, but I have no appetite today. It’s probably because the jet lag hasn’t settled yet.”

Tammy: “Also, I heard that you came here soon after getting off the plane. Why didn’t you come back a day earlier?”

“Hayden doesn’t have time. After he came back this time, he won’t be there for the time being. I have returned to Bridgedale. So I was very busy a while ago.”

Tammy sighed, “Time flies so fast, in the blink of an eye, Robert is already one year old. Hayden also stayed abroad for a year. But my life is nothing to Change. It seems to be getting worse and worse.”

Gwen: “Tammy, now that you have a baby, it should be getting better and better.”

Tammy: “Hahaha, my child now is my only comfort.”

Gwen advised her, “It’s better to have comfort than nothing. I just want to stand out now, so that I can live on my own in the future. Instead of relying on Avery and Hayden to help.”

“You can do this. Thinking, it will definitely not be bad in the future.” Tammy rekindled her fighting spirit, “When I give birth to the child, I will also work hard.”

The voice settled, and out of the corner of her eyes, Tammy caught a familiar figure facing this direction.

Tammy looked up and saw that Jun was drunk and his eyes were scarlet.

Ben Schaffer supported him and walked towards Tammy.

Tammy immediately got up from the chair, her heart beating wildly uncontrollably.

“Tammy, ​​is that your husband?” Gwen asked gossip when she saw Tammy’s expression was wrong.

Tammy snorted.

Soon, Ben Schaffer helped the drunk Jun to walk in front of them.

Ben Schaffer pushed Jun into Tammy’s arms: “He drank too much and kept shouting at Tammy…you can do it.”

Gwen pulls away.

“Hey! Let go. What are you pulling me for?” Gwen said angrily.

“The two of you are together, is it appropriate for you to be a light bulb there?” Ben Schaffer pulled her to the table where he was eating.

At this table, there are Elliot, Avery, Shea, Wesley and Adrian.

But Ben Schaffer pressed her and sat down beside him, as if they knew each other well.

Gwen wanted to sit next to Avery, but unfortunately, Elliot was sitting on Avery’s left, and a beautiful young man was sitting on the right.

“You…” Gwen looked at Eric’s face and swallowed, “You are Eric.”

Eric smiled and nodded: “You are Elliot’s sister Gwen”

“I’m not his sister yet.” Gwen said with a smile, “I don’t deserve it.”

The people at the table looked at Elliot.

Chad couldn’t help laughing, he said, “Gwen and my boss are really similar. Before, my boss also said that he was not worthy of Avery.”

After one table glanced at Chad, they looked at Elliot again. .

——How could a man so high above say such humble words?

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