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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1506 by

Chapter 1506

Elliot’s mood was very messy, he hasn’t figured out how to tell Avery that his biological mother is still alive, and he has contacted him through various channels.

From Elliot’s cold and warm attitude towards Gwen, it can be guessed that Elliot has no expectations for this biological mother.

When Elliot needed mother’s love the most, this woman didn’t give him any warmth, and now he is strong enough to not need this woman to play the role of a loving mother.

Avery saw that his expression was a little unnatural, so she followed his words and asked, “What are you selling?”

Elliot replied without thinking, “House.”

Avery: “Haha, what did you say.”

Elliot said lightly, “I said I wanted to buy the house where I live in now. The other party was stunned and then I hung up the call.”

Avery: “Didn’t he hear your voice?”

Elliot: “I’m not a big star.”

“Well, for me, you are more radiant than a big star.” Avery looked at Elliot tenderly, and boasted, “You are looking very handsome today.”

Avery complimented him so earnestly that Elliot couldn’t help blushing.

Elliot looked at her bright and moving face and whispered: “You are also exceptionally beautiful today.”

Avery: “Do you mean that I am not beautiful usually?”

“You are beautiful usually, you are beautiful every day.” Elliot praised as he touched her, her ears burned.

Hayden and Layla were eating not far from them, but when they heard the two of them were talking about love, the two children moved away immediately.

“Brother, did you hear Mom and Dad talking just now?” Layla said with a bright smile, “Since Mom and Dad came back from Yonroeville, the two of them have become more and more childish.”

This topic made Hayden at a loss.

“Why didn’t Uncle Eric come?” Hayden changed the subject.

“Uncle Eric will come later. He is very busy.” Layla looked sad, “I don’t know if I will be as busy as Uncle Eric when I grow up. If I am so busy in the future, then I can’t play with you at home a lot.”

“Layla, everyone has their own business to do when they grow up. When you get married, you won’t play with Robert and me. You will play with your husband.” Hayden found a chair in the corner and sat down.

Layla stood by his lap and looked at him with a puzzled expression: “My husband doesn’t know where to play in the mud. Mom and Dad said, don’t let me fall in love too early… Did they not I told you this? Brother, when are you going to fall in love? When are you going to get married? What kind of woman will you find as a wife? You have a wife, don’t you love me as much as you do now?”

Layla’s questions were endless, and Hayden’s mind was confused.

“I won’t get married in the future.” Hayden has no longing for marriage.

–After Hayden was born, he lived with his mother and grandmother. Elliot appeared after he had already understood some things.

–Moreover, after Elliot’s appearance, the originally peaceful life was thrown into waves again and again.

–Although Mom and Dad are sweet now, it’s also scary when the two of them fight.

Hayden felt that marriage was too exhausting of energy and emotions, so he decided not to get married in the future. Of course, it’s too early for him to think about it at his age.

“Are you going to become a monk if you don’t get married?” Layla looked at him incomprehensibly, “Even if I support you, your parents won’t support you. Do you know about the quarrel between Auntie Tammy and Uncle Jun? “

Layla told her brother all the gossip she knew.

“Mom and dad will definitely let you have a child and inherit their property in the future.”

Hayden looked at Layla: “You like to have your child. You have a child, and let your child inherit their property.”

Layla blinked her big black and shiny eyes: “But I will become a big star in the future, and I can make a lot of money by myself. I don’t want to have children.” Mrs. Cooper hugged Robert and chatted with others not far away.

Hayden: “Then let Robert be born.”

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  1. Jennifer Valdez

    Poor Hayden, got a trauma from dad & mom’s marriage… This kids talking about their future…😂

  2. I believe that this mother who appeared now must’ve been in hiding and receiving compensation just like Nathan. Nathan appeared only after the source of his income ended with the death of the Foster mother. Nathan must’ve threatened her never to show her face but with the death of Nathan she’s free to come out and make the claim. If she’s a true mother with that motherly love she’ll not allow Wanda to use her against Elliot except she’s also as greedy as Nathan although Nathan must’ve realised the mistake he made when Henry and his son came out publicly to talk about Elliot’s identity and also said that he killed their father and were aiming to destroy Elliot and take everything he worked for, that’s why Nathan came out and confessed that he is the one who killed Henry’s father and not Elliot even though he knew the consequences.

    1. Gracious, I’m not sure if I missed a chapter or what. Maybe you can help me to understand, I’m confused why it was said that Elliot and his mom looked alike and Shea looked like the dad and that Elliot and Cole had a 50 percent relation with the DNA test. But now they are saying Elliot’s not a Foster? How is it possible? Doesn’t make sense? There’s no doubt Hayden looks identical to Elliot (and is his son) so how can Elliot have the same DNA as Cole without being a biological Foster? It’s so confusing 🤔

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