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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1503 by

Chapter 1503

Mike and Ben Schaffer looked towards the door –

Gwen was wearing a long white dress with her hair tied in a bun behind her head.

Her face was clean and light makeup, and she stepped on a pair of high-heeled shoes, which made her already tall and slender.

She came in with Elliot.

Ordinary people stand next to Elliot, and they will be a bit inferior. But Gwen seemed very harmonious when she was beside him.

Ben Schaffer strode over and said to Elliot, “You two brother and sister have known each other?”

Elliot was stunned for a moment, and their eyebrows knitted together: “What are you talking about?”

Ben Schaffer was also stunned, he said, “You and Gwen! I think you two came in together.”

Elliot seemed to realize that there was someone standing beside him.

He looked at Gwen, and his sharp eyes looked at her again.

A group of crows flew over Ben Schaffer’s head: “Elliot, you came in with Gwen, but you didn’t know who she was?”

“Did I have to know who she was?” Elliot took his eyes away from Gwen.

“Hahahaha! You hadn’t met Gwen, it’s not your fault.” Ben Schaffer said this and looked at Gwen, “Gwen, you didn’t call anyone when you saw your brother? You secretly followed him like this… “

“I didn’t follow my second brother secretly.” Gwen retorted Ben Schaffer’s words, “The banquet hall is so big and there are so many people and I want to find Avery and Hayden. If I follow him, I can find them quickly.”

Elliot couldn’t help but glance at Gwen again.

Gwen was taking him as a guide.

Elliot was very shocked when he finished talking on the phone just now, and after hanging up the phone, his mood didn’t come back to his senses for a long time.

So he didn’t notice that Gwen was following him.

“Where did Avery go?” Elliot asked Ben Schaffer.

“Hayden wanted to see Robert, so Avery took him to the rest room.” Ben Schaffer’s voice settled, and Elliot walked towards the rest room.

Gwen originally wanted to follow her, but Ben Schaffer grabbed her arm.

“Gwen, why didn’t you reply to my message? I sent you a message for a week, but you didn’t see a single one?” Ben Schaffer wasn’t particularly angry.

Because Ben changed another number to call her mobile phone, but he couldn’t get through. So Gwen shouldn’t have blocked him.

“Then don’t send me messages.” Gwen pushed his hand away, “Also, all you send me is nonsense.”

The messages Ben sent to Gwen were like ‘what are you doing?’ ‘Are you tired of training?’

Ben Schaffer was hit hard enough: “Isn’t life made up of countless nonsense? Do you think your brother and Avery don’t talk nonsense when they are in love?”

“I’m talking about you, what are you talking about when they are in love?” Gwen was inexplicable, “Do you think the two of us are in love?”

Ben Schaffer had something to say, but Gwen blocked him all back.

He had never met a woman with thorns like Gwen.

Chelsea had also rejected him before, but even if Chelsea rejected him, she would not speak to stab him, so his relationship with Chelsea has always been good.

But Gwen was obviously not such a person.

She didn’t fight Ben Schaffer to death, she seemed puzzled.

After Ben Schaffer took a deep breath, he glanced at the bracelet on her wrist.

This is what Ben sent her to Bridgedale last time.

“Gwen, although you always hate me, but you wear the bracelet I gave you. You don’t actually hate me that much.” Ben Schaffer squinted his fox eyes and caught the evidence that Gwen ‘cares’ about him.

Gwen raised her wrist and glanced at the bracelet casually: “The box of this bracelet is broken, I can’t store it, so I wear it. If you think wearing this bracelet is because I like you, I will take it off. “

Ben Schaffer: “….”

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  1. I could guess it was Rebecca that called Elliot. She’s so clingy and persistent. I hope Elliot and Avery will discover the truth about her pregnancy and wait when she delivers the baby they go and claim their child.

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