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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1499 by

Chapter 1499

After leaving the hotel, Chad planned to accompany Avery to choose a cake.

As a result, as soon as Avery came out of the hotel, she met a familiar face.

Wanda didn’t expect to meet Avery here.

She’s here to meet two clients. she didn’t want to come here because it’s a bit far from her company. But after thinking about it, it’s still here.

Unexpectedly, Wanda ran into Avery.

“Avery, aren’t you at home with Elliot?” Wanda said, looking at Chad, “Are you here for the Sterling Group or the Tate Industries?”

“No matter what it is, This matter is none of your business.” Avery said coldly.

Wanda teased, “I really wanted to talk to you. Didn’t you plan to use your Tate Industries to break me up? You didn’t break me, but you sold the company to Elliot. How can we play our game? You asked me to fight with Elliot, I’m not a fool. In my eyes, you lost. You lost completely.”

Facing Wanda’s provocation, Avery’s face turned red.

Chad patted her arm, reminding her not to have the same knowledge as Wanda.

“Whether it’s you or my boss, as long as she can taste the evil, it’s the same.” Avery responded.

Wanda sneered, “Chad, you think I’m the air. I’m the boss of Wonder Technologies after all, do you despise me so much? I’m honestly running a business in Aryadelle, I don’t believe your boss can What about me?”

Chad said, “Then you’d better be honest, otherwise, my boss will never let you go. My boss would have wanted to deal with you a long time ago, if it weren’t for the twists and turns in his relationship with Avery. Do you think you can stand here and show off your power?”

“Haha! Then you’d better bless your boss that there will be no more troubles in the future.” After Wanda said this, she and her assistant strode into the hotel.

Chad looked at Avery and said, “Let’s go. If you are angry with her, you will be caught in her trap. She hates you and my boss the most. Don’t look at her smiling face, I wonder how scared she is!”

Avery said, “Every time I see her, it’s hard for me to keep calm. My mother could have lived in peace.”

Chad: “Don’t think about that. If Auntie is alive, I’d rather you look forward.”

Avery: “Well.”

After half a month.

At the airport.

Avery and Mike came to the airport to pick up Hayden and Gwen.

Today is Robert’s birthday. Avery planned to go to Bridgedale to pick up Hayden a week ago, but Hayden didn’t want her to pick him up.

And Hayden has been busy with his studies recently, so he didn’t come back until today.

Not only Hayden was busy, but Gwen was also very busy.

Soon, Gwen will participate in a model competition. If it goes well, she will make her debut through this competition.

In the past two weeks, her manager was afraid that she would be influenced by Ben Schaffer, so she took away her mobile phone and let her concentrate on training.

After Avery received them at the airport, she couldn’t help but sigh, “Hayden has grown taller, Gwen has lost weight, and lost a lot of weight.”

Gwen: “It’s okay! I lost about ten pounds.”

Avery: “Will your body not be able to take it?”

Gwen: “I couldn’t take it at first. Now I’m used to being hungry. By the way, am I going to see Elliot today?” Gwen was suddenly a little nervous.

From the airport, they will go directly to the hotel ballroom.

Avery nodded: “Yes. He originally wanted to pick you up together, but I let him stay in the hotel.”

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