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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1498 by

Chapter 1498

Chad said, “Don’t help anyone. Let them both go tossing. Gwen and Hayden are together and you don’t have to worry about her suffering.”

“Hayden will be returning to Aryadelle soon. Gwen will be there alone by then. I’m still a little worried about her.” Avery replied.

Chad said, “Didn’t you say that the model company is managed by Gwen’s agent? Her agent will definitely take care of her.”

Avery: “Well. The identities of Gwen and Ben are quite different, so it’s really up to Gwen to decide.”

Avery clipped A piece of eggplant clip, took a bite. It was tender, crunchy, sweet, “The meat filling inside seems to be shrimp.”

Chad tasted a piece: “It seems to be a mixture of shrimp and pork.”

Avery: “Well, I’ll wait a moment. Bring one back for Layla to eat. Layla likes to eat this.”

Chad knew this was a trial dish, so he tasted every dish.

“Although the taste was not as good as the chef you invited at your wedding before, it was quite satisfactory.” Chad gave a pertinent evaluation.

Avery: “If you tell Elliot like this, he will definitely invite another chef to take charge.”

Chad sneered, “I won’t tell him. I don’t have to worry about it, it’s settled like this. Come down, you can take care of him at home with peace of mind.”

“We can invite the chef to make some dishes and put them in the buffet area. This way everyone can choose their own way of eating.” Avery suggested.

Chad: “Also. I’ll contact the previous chef later.”

Avery: “Okay. After you’ve negotiated the cost, give the bill to…”

“I’ll just give the bill directly to Brother Ben. My boss won’t let you pay.” Chad interrupted her, “When the invitation is printed, I will send someone to mail it out. As for the cake, it depends on which brand you want to order. I can accompany you to pick it up later.”

Chad said in an orderly manner.

“Chad, your ability to do things is really strong.”

“Not one-thousandth as good as my boss.” Chad said modestly, “If my boss hadn’t broken his leg, he could decide everything by himself, and I would only run errands for him. That’s good.”

“He wanted to do it himself, I let him rest well. Because he went to the hospital today.” Avery stopped the car immediately after saying this.

“He went to the hospital today? Isn’t it time for a re-examination?” Chad looked at her and continued, “Is there something wrong with my boss? Otherwise, why did he put you in charge of this birthday party?”

Chad asked a series of questions, and Avery’s thought of trying to make excuses disappeared all of a sudden.

Chad is the person next to Elliot. Even if his IQ is not as good as Elliot’s, he is definitely higher than ordinary people.

“Uh…he went to the hospital for a minor operation today.” Avery said hesitantly.

Chad: “What kind of minor surgery?”


Chad gasped: “This surgery is not in a hurry, why do you have to do it now? He has not recovered from his serious illness and is still very weak.”

Avery picked up the juice cup and drank Juice then said, “He’s in a hurry. He thinks he’s pretty much like a normal person. You know, he likes to show off.”

“Yes. But is ligation really a minor operation?” Chad asked curiously.

Avery pondered for a while: “That’s it. Don’t misunderstand me. I didn’t ask him to do this operation.”

“I didn’t misunderstand.” Chad froze for a moment, “I don’t know how to praise him for his moving spirit of sacrifice for love. It’s time to praise you.”

Avery: “You praise him, don’t praise me.”

“Oh… I’m full.” Chad ate two bites of each dish, and he couldn’t even eat the main food.

“I’m full, too.” Avery put down her chopsticks and glanced at the dishes on the table that were barely moving. “I’ll ask the waiter to pack.”

“You sit, I’ll do this kind of trivial matter.”

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