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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1496 by

Chapter 1496

Avery’s heart suddenly froze. Her fingers trembled, and she immediately looked for Rebecca’s account.

However, it was not found.

She searched for the word ‘Rebecca’ in his friend list, but no relevant results were found.

She was looking for one by one in his friend list again. In the end, there was no gain.

He added Rebecca, but deleted her again.

Only this was possible.

The friend verification sent by Rebecca wrote that the child in her belly looked like Layla. Elliot must be out of curiosity, so she passed her friend application.

After Elliot saw the photos Rebecca sent, he deleted her again.

Thinking of this, Avery felt better.

–Rebecca was so shameless.

If she didn’t mention Layla’s name in the verification information, Elliot would not necessarily agree to her friend request.

Otherwise, Elliot would not have deleted her so quickly.

Avery’s mood quickly calmed down.

Since Elliot dared to hand over the phone to her, it proves that he has no guilt in his heart.

After about half an hour, the operation was over.

Elliot walked out by himself.

Avery hurriedly stepped forward and supported him: “How do you feel? Does it hurt? Do you want to rest for a while and then go back?”

“It feels fine.” Although Elliot said it was fine, his face was a little cold.

It’s surgery after all, so it’s definitely not comfortable.

Avery: “Then let’s go back. You have a good rest these days.”

Elliot: “Well.”

When Elliot got home from the hospital, his complexion recovered a little.

“Aren’t you going to rest in your room?” Avery saw him sitting down on the sofa in the living room, so she sat down with him.

“I slept well last night, and I’m not sleepy now.” Elliot turned on his phone and said, “My son’s birthday banquet is about to start…”

“I’ll take care of this. You have a good rest at home, you don’t have to do anything and Don’t worry about it.” Avery looked at his pale face and explained, “You have surgery, don’t do heavy work, don’t hold the child for the next two days.”

“Holding a child is heavy work?” Elliot was surprised.

Avery said, “Don’t you think our child is quite heavy?”

Elliot shook his head: “It might be a little heavy to hold Layla, but it’s perfectly fine to hold Robert.”

“Well, pay attention to yourself, don’t get tired.” Avery said, looking eye time.

It’s still early for lunch, so Avery plans to go out and book a hotel.

“You don’t have to worry about the guest list. I’ll make the list on my side. You don’t have any relatives on your side. I’ll just ask Chad to help. When I’ve settled on the list and menu, I will send it to Look.” Avery was in good spirits today.

Elliot: “Okay. Wife, it’s been hard work for you.”

Avery: “What kind of hard work is it for me. I hope you’ll be in better health by the time of the child’s birthday party.”

Elliot: “Definitely.”

Avery: “Well, then I’ll go out first. “

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